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For other uses of Mirror Master, see Mirror Master (disambiguation).
For the founder of McCulloch Technologies on Earth-Prime, see Eva McCulloch (Earth-Prime). For her mirror duplicate, see Eva McCulloch.

"Thank you, we had a Mirror Master on our Earth, Evan McCulloch. Wasn't a meta, though. He had some kind of mirror gun that he used."
Harry Wells[src]

Evan McCulloch is a citizen of Earth-2 who operates under the alias of Mirror Master.


Evan operated as Mirror Master on Earth-2, and became known for using a mirror gun to transform things into portals that led into the two-dimensional world.[1]


  • Mirror gun: McCulloch used a dimension-warping mirror gun that transformed things into two dimensions.[1]


The Flash[]

Season 3[]

Behind the Scenes[]

  • In DC Comics, Evan McCulloch was the second Mirror Master in the New Earth continuity. Originally a mob hitman, and a professional assassin from Scotland, he was recruited by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, who wanted to hire him as a mercenary. The FBI outfitted him with the technology of the first Mirror Master, Sam Scudder, so he could take out government targets while posing as a super-villain. McCulloch then went rogue, and did a series of crimes under the effects of heroin, the most heinous of which being the murder of Hartley Rathaway's parents, which he set Hartley himself up for. McCulloch eventually joined the Rogues and, after a degree of positive influence from Leonard Snart, somewhat reformed, proving himself to be a worthy successor to Sam Scudder, although Hartley never forgave him for the murders he committed.