"Good PR is worth literally its weight in gold."
—Evan Wender to Oliver Queen[src]

Evan Wender is the Vice President of AmerTek Industries.


In October 2016, Evan Wender and CEO Janet Carroll agreed to have AmerTek Industries foot the bill for a free medical clinical event organized by Mayor Oliver Queen. They hoped this act of generosity would boost AmerTek's stock prices, which had been plummeting following the revelation that a subsidiary of the company manufactured the KN-08 missile which destroyed Havenrock on Genesis Day.

That night, Evan spoke with a friend on the phone, explaining the clinical event. He then encountered Ragman and offered him some money, mistaking him for a homeless individual. Suddenly, Ragman attacked Evan and suffocated him with his rags. Evan managed to survive the encounter and was eventually taken to the ICU at the hospital.[1]



Season 5


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