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Captain "Eve Baxter" is the alias of a member of the Time Masters. She pilots the timeship Acheron.


The Acheron, her ship

As an unwanted orphan from an unspecified time era in history, she got recruited as a Time Master since she was the perfect candidate and was sent to the Refuge. There, the orphanage's supervisor, Mary Xavier, cared for her. Eventually she joined the Time Masters taking up the alias "Eve Baxter" to avoid any enemies from targeting Eve's ancestors and thus erasing her existence. She eventually became captain of her own ship with an A.I system, Gilbert. When Rip Hunter and his team saved her from time pirates, she gave them gratitude for saving her.[1]


At first Eve wasn't fond of Rip Hunter, despite being contemporaries since she shared the view among the rest of the Time Masters, as he was an "oathbreaker", however, she wasn't involved with Vandal Savage like her higher ups were, showing that Eve is the known moral member of the Time Masters since Rip deflected. She softened up towards Rip and his team when they saved her from time pirates on her ship, earning them an ally in her.


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