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"You will not regret this, Ms. Luthor. You can count on me, for real this time."
—Eve Teschmacher to Lena Luthor[src]

Eve Teschmacher is a former assassin and spy of the shadow organization Leviathan, an employee of Obsidian North, and the loyal henchwoman of Lex Luthor, with whom she was madly in love. Following Lex's manipulations, Eve sabotaged Obsidian Platinum from the inside and murdered Jeremiah Danvers.[1] However, after realizing she was deceived by Lex, Eve revealed the truth about Obsidian VR's machinations to Supergirl, helping her thwart Leviathan's plans.[2]

In the original Earth-38 timeline, Eve posed as Lex's obsessive fan and girlfriend wannabe, working for him as a double agent. She first went undercover as the personal assistant of Cat Grant and James Olsen at CatCo Worldwide Media, and later as the research assistant of Lena Luthor for her experiments on Lex's behalf. Eve later revealed her true alliance and betrayed Lena, giving Lex a cure for his disease and aiding his attempt to take over the United States. After Lex's defeat and death, Eve went into hiding fearing Leviathan, for whom she worked as a triple agent, and adopted the identity of Sophie. Months later, she was found and captured by Lena. In retaliation for her betrayal, Lena had Eve's mind and body taken over by her artificial intelligence (A.I.), Hope, to aid in and take the fall for Project Non Nocere. However, this was all rewritten by the Crisis.[1]


Original multiverse[]

Early life[]

Eve Teschmacher was born to an unnamed man and an unnamed woman in North Carolina. She is implied to have had a strained relationship with her family,[3] except for her parents, older cousin Bitsie,[4] and elderly aunt Mary.[5] Eve took part in several beauty pageants in her early teenhood, once becoming Junior Miss North Carolina.[6] During her high school years, Eve spent a summer working at a children's theme park as a bunny mascot. She also grew familiar with how the park's theatrical machines operated.[7]

A woman of prodigious intellect, Eve went to college early and studied at Yale University.[8] However, when she was 16, both of her parents died, leaving her depressed, desperate, and piled with debt. At this time, Eve was recruited by the mysterious organization known as Leviathan, who promised to fix all of her problems if she joined them.[9]

Later at Yale, Eve studied nuclear physics with Jen Steinmetz-O'Grady.[10] She graduated at the top of her class,[8][11] majoring in physics and literature.[6]

At some point in her life, Leviathan ordered Eve to get close to Lex Luthor so he could "move the needle."[12]

Working for Lex Luthor[]

Meeting Lex[]
Eve is recruited by Otis

Eve is recruited by Otis.

Following Leviathan's orders, Eve pretended to be a huge fan of Lex and eventually developed a crush on him, writing him various letters. While Lex was being taken away from court after his trial, Eve waited among the crowd, calling out to him, which prompted Lex to have Otis Graves recruit her.

Eve meets Lex

Eve meets Lex Luthor.

Eve visited Lex at Stryker's Island Penitentiary, revealing her will to help his anti-alien crusade. She subsequently began to work for Lex, becoming one of his most faithful assistants, and he sent her to infiltrate CatCo Worldwide Media to spy on Superman's friend, James Olsen.[6][13]

After moving to National City in order to carry out her mission, Eve maintained a secret lab in National City University.[5]

Working for CatCo[]
Eve is scolded by Cat

New assistant to Cat Grant.

Having sent her curriculum to CatCo,[6] Eve was personally recommended to be her replacement as Cat's assistant by Kara Danvers herself after the latter was promoted. Cat found Eve inadequate, particularly compared to Kara, and often screamed at her. She was apparently reduced to tears on more than one occasion because of this.[8] At one point, Eve forgot Cat's coffee, and as a punishment, Cat made her call the dean of Yale and admonish him for having given her a diploma.[11]

Mon-El and Eve make out

Kara caught Mon-El and Eve make out in the copy room.

Eve became James Olsen's assistant after Cat decided to take a leave of absence from CatCo. She was instantly infatuated with "Mike Matthews" (the fake identity of Mon-El) on his first day at work, and willingly helped him with his files. She and Mon-El were later caught having sexual relations in a copy room by Kara. Later on, Eve let Mon-El use her credit card to buy a suit to wear to go to Lena Luthor's charity event.[14]

Some days later while working one night, Eve witnessed Vibe and Gypsy duel. As the two jumped into another universe, Eve questioned to herself in the background why National City was getting "weirder" every day.[15]

Mon-El went on a date with Eve

Mon-El went on a date with Eve.

After Kara rejected Mon-El, he decided to move on and went on a date with Eve,[16] but it ended badly for her as he could only talk about Kara the whole time. Eve told Mon-El that he needed to get over his ex if he ever wanted to date anyone else, to which he quickly responded that he and Kara hadn't dated. A few days later, When Kara bumped into Eve, she asked how things were going with "Mike" as she thought they were dating. Eve told her the truth of what happened. Kara told Eve that she and "Mike" hadn't dated, to which Eve slyly replied that this was what he had said, too.[11]

Eve brings James and Marcus some snacks

Eve brings James and Marcus some snacks.

When James chose to take a little Phorian named Marcus under his care, bringing him to his office, Eve cheerfully greeted the child, bringing him and James some snacks from Noonan's. Later, she was caught in the powerful telekinetic destruction that Marcus caused in the building due to his powers' involuntary reaction with the energy released from Rhea's Transmatter portal.[17]

During the Daxamite invasion, Eve was among the CatCo employees who managed to escape when the building was attacked by the Daxamite army, thus saving herself.[18]

Eve introduces Lockwood to James

Eve introduces Lockwood to James.

After CatCo reopened following the Daxamite invasion, Eve accompanied Professor Ben Lockwood to a meeting with James. The man tried to convince the media conglomerate's CEO that the invasion had deprived many people of their work and possessions and to also tell their story to the public. However, Eve interrupted their speech to inform James that CatCo's new owner, Lena Luthor, wanted him on the phone, prompting Lockwood to storm off.[19]

Eve meets Lena

Eve meets Lena.

During Lena Luthor's first day as the owner of CatCo, Eve was thrilled to meet her up-close and warmly greeted her. As she went to get Lena some coffee, Lena suggested that Eve use the private elevator as it would be faster to traverse up and down the establishment that way. Eve initially shied away from the suggestion as that particular elevator was reserved only for those at the top of CatCo's hierarchy. However, Lena stated that starting from that day on, anyone could use the elevator at their discretion, much to Eve's delight. Later that night, Eve was seen leaving the office with Lena.[20]

A few weeks later, Morgan Edge accused Lena of being responsible for many children in the city suffering from lead poisoning due to the lead bomb she created to counter the Daxamite invasion. When Lena returned to CatCo, she requested Eve bring her the CDC's reports on the lead poisoning, the victims' medical reports, and the statistics Edge was using. Eve agreed, also expressing to Lena her sympathies over the situation.[21]

Eve and Lena confronts Luke's father

Eve and Lena confront Luke's father.

Shortly after, the father of a boy who lay comatose at Luthor Family Children Hospital due to lead poisoning stormed into CatCo, demanding to see Lena. Eve tried to calm him down, but Lena agreed to see him. The man accused Lena of carelessly putting his son and many other children at risk, vowing she would pay as security escorted him out.[21]

Eve being questioned by James

Eve being questioned by James.

Eve was at a staff meeting in CatCo when Morgan Edge, having survived an assassination attempt, stormed into the room blaming Lena of having tried to kill him. Afterwards, Eve brought Lena a coffee, which ended up poisoning the latter. As Kara took care of Lena, James asked Eve where she got the coffee, to which Eve indicated the cart in front of the building, right at the moment where Morgan's assassin was fleeing the scene.[22]

When the Cult of Yuda Kal attacked CatCo to capture Tanya Spears, Eve screamed in terror as Olivia pulled a gun on James, kneeling and covering her head. James briefly checked on Eve after the group left.[23]

Becoming Lena's assistant[]
Eve reveals she studied nuclear physics

Eve reveals she studied nuclear physics.

After Lena brought James an overabundance of pizzas, he told Eve they would need her stomach for at least two of them. She joyfully agreed and asked the pair if they'd need anything else, to which Lena requested a cup of coffee due to reading a "seriously dry" article. Eve promptly asked if it was the one written by Forrester from Scientific Universe Journal and recommended that Lena read Jen Steinmetz-O'Grady's work, whom she studied with at Yale. After Eve left, Lena was surprised that Eve had studied nuclear physics, to which James answered that nothing of Eve could surprise him anymore.[10]

Eve working as Lena's assistant

Eve working as Lena's assistant.

Later, Lena offered Eve the position of her research assistant as the former was studying the Harun-El. While working in Lena's lab, an overjoyed Eve thanked her boss for bringing her on, showing enthusiasm at the prospect of working on a project for Supergirl. Lena then explained to her what the Harun-El is and what could be its potential.[10]

Eve working with Lena to find a cure for Sam

Eve working with Lena to find a cure for Samantha.

When the Children of Juru attacked the D.E.O., Lena received a phone call from Alex Danvers and informed Eve of what happened, reporting that Samantha Arias's condition wasn't improving. Eve revealed that she didn't have good news either as she was working on getting the Harun-El to heal Samantha's blood cells but instead of responding, they were getting weaker. As Lena and Eve observed a sample of Samantha's blood, Lena suddenly got an idea on how to permanently separate Samantha from Reign.[24]

After Reign and the Children of Juru were finally defeated, Lena, having secretly synthesized a portion of the Harun-El for her own experiments, called Eve to inform her that the second phase of their Harun-El trials were ready to began.[25]

Eve, Lena and Kara team-ups against Mercy

Eve, Lena, and Kara team-up against Mercy.

Several months later when Mercy Graves broke into L-Corp building in order to destroy for good the image inducers used by National City's aliens to pass as humans, an alarmed Eve entered Lena's office to inform her that the building was lockdown. Eve received some special earplugs to resist the super-sonic sound waves Mercy was using to incapacitate everyone in L-Corp, including the security team. Realizing the woman's intentions, Kara, Lena, and Eve decided to stand against her and rushed to the server room in order to carry out the only counterattack to Mercy's plan: a manual override. The three managed to evade Mercy's men and got into one of the elevators, though Mercy mocked the women all the time through various monitors.

Eve activating the watertight bulkheads manually

Eve activating the watertight bulkheads manually.

While in the East wing on third floor at corridor B, Mercy tried to block them by remotely activating the watertight bulkheads but Kara (secretly using her Kryptonian powers) stopped them. Then, before Mercy's men could reach them, Eve closed the bulkheads by activating their hidden quick-release using her hairpin, much to her companions' surprise. Lena then sent Eve to the control room in order to take back the building's security system from Mercy, a task that Eve managed to accomplish.[7]

Lex, Eve and Otis in Kaznia

Eve, Lex, and Otis in Kaznia.

Eve, alongside Lex and Otis, went to Kaznia after the Minister of Defense informed Lex of the existence of the copy of Supergirl; they eventually found the girl in a cabin in the woods after she saved a young boy from some thieves. After Lex accepted the offer of the Kaznian government to condition the copy in order to make her a weapon, Eve recognized a soldier who had made the copy "uncomfortable" so, Lex ordered for him to be executed and later scolded Eve for flinching during this.

As Lex was about to came back to prison due to his seventy two free hours being nearly expired, he asked Eve how the copy's existence could be possible, to which she replied revealing him about the Harun-El and her experiments with Lena. Lex complimented Eve and ordered her to ensure she got results with her research, then explained his plan to force a war between United States and Kaznia to foil it and become a hero in the eyes of public opinion.[6]

Eve and Lena experiments on some tumorous hearts

Eve and Lena experiments on some tumorous hearts.

Lena and Eve began testing the healing capabilities of Harun-El radiation on several samples of tumorous hearts. One day, Eve arrived late to work because of the wet leaflets spread on her car by the Children of Liberty. She apologized to Lena, who told her not to worry and that she hoped James would denounce the group's actions on Sean Chiu's TV show, "The Counterpoint Daily", which Eve proclaimed to love. Just then, one of the heart samples started to collapse. They attempted to get the heart to beat again with electric shocks, but the sample died. After finding that the tumors were still growing at the time of collapse, a despondent Lena ordered Eve to perform a biopsy before destroying the sample. Eve tried to cheer up her boss by pointing out that they still had two protocols left, and since Lena was trying to cure cancer, time would definitely be needed.

Eve and Lena discovers the Harun-El has made an heart invincible

Eve and Lena discovers the Harun-El has made a heart invincible.

Later that day, after more hearts "died", Eve and Lena noticed that instead of shrinking, the tumors keep getting bigger. Eve suggested to spend the night adjusting the protocol, but Lena told her to go home to her family for Thanksgiving. Eve protested that she didn't even wish to spend time with them, but Lena insisted they take a break from the experiments until the following day and told Eve to incinerate the heart. However, as she set the heart sample on fire, Eve discovered that the organ had become fireproof, shocking both women.

The next day, Eve was concerned over Lena's disposition. Realizing the Harun-El could potentially give humans superpowers, Lena stated that the world is on the verge of a civil war between humans and aliens and that the people they love would need their protection. Lena decided to move forward with the "Harun-El Protocol" and asked Eve to find a human subject for their next set of trials.[3]

Sometime after this, Eve performed the "Metallo Procedure" over various subjects in her secret lab, before she finally managed to revive Otis Graves, who was previously killed in action by a Hellgrammite.[5]

Eve talks to Lena abaut their human subject

Eve talks to Lena about their human subject.

The following morning, Eve entered Lena's office, informing her that their first human subject has arrived early. She began to describe him as a "really nice guy" with bright green eyes like Lena's, but the latter cut her speech short; Lena explained that performing experiments on a human is an extremely serious task and it would be more difficult if Eve made her empathize with the subject. Eve sincerely apologized, telling Lena how much she admired the former for all the good her experiments would bring for humanity, citing her cousin, who was diagnosed with metastasized cancer. Lena then asked for the subject's folder, telling Eve that they would refer to him only as "Subject 0331".[4]

Eve scolds Supergirl's copy

Eve scolds Supergirl's copy.

When Lex took Supergirl's copy to National City under the alias of "Linda Lee", in order to let her see how dissolute it's inhabitants lives are and she decided to stay a little longer, even approaching Lena at CatCo, Eve confronted the copy in an elevator scolding her behavior and later informed Lex that the copy "has a conscience" and it could be a problem for their project, being then instructed to infiltrate an American aircraft carrier and stage the bombardment of the house of the child that the copy saved months prior, in order to strengthen her resentment towards the Americans.[6]

Eve tries unsuccessfully to talk Lex out of the idea to getting himself a cancer

Eve tries unsuccessfully to talk Lex out of the idea to getting himself a cancer.

A couple of months later, when the copy had a shock while training for no apparent reason and entered a coma for some sort of disease, Lex decided to enter a radioactive chamber in order to developed an inoperable cancer, so that he could obtain Lena's assistance, Eve advised him not to do it, but to no avail and watched helplessly as he proceed poisoning himself with radiation.[6]

Eve at the D.E

Eve at the D.E.O.

After Lena accepted Colonel Lauren Haley's offer to share with the government her research over the possibility to give superpowers to humans, she and Eve moved into the D.E.O. headquarter's laboratory in order to continue their experiments with the organization's resources for a couple of weeks. The move upset a lot Eve, who was very busy trying to find the gel electrophoresis apparatus when Director Alex Danvers came to visit her and Lena to ask if they needed something.

Alex warns Lena and Eve about the government

Alex warns Lena and Eve about the government.

Alex told Eve where she used to keep hers when that was her laboratory before watching Lena's research deducing what she was doing and prompting the woman to ask her not to divulge the procedure with the government, since she had only agreed on giving them the finished product. Few days later, while Eve was reading the results of some new tests, she stumbled upon Alex, who entered the lab, deactivated the cameras and told both her and Lena that there was something wrong with the government and that she wanted to help their research.[26]

Eve has a meeting with James regarding L-Corp's black budget

Eve has a meeting with James regarding L-Corp's black budget.

Some days later, James called Eve to his office, telling her that one of his reporter had found a lead regarding a black budget used by L-Corp, knowing James and Lena had recently broke-up and supposing hat they were still in a "rough patch", Eve spoke kindly telling him that she needed to ask Lena before to comment anything regarding it, but assured him that it would probably be because of some kind of measure to prevent industrial espionage, and that they're on the part of the "good guys". Then, Eve leave, promising to ask Lena and clear the situation as soon as she can, but right after she enter the lab and tried to talk with her, Lena quickly told her it was not the right moment as she wanted to concentrate only on the project due to the pressures she received from Colonel Haley.

Eve commented that Tomorrow is another day

Eve tries to assure Lena.

After the aliens' peaceful protest on National City, Colonel Haley told Lena that there could still be hope for the country and granted her a free day telling that, for now, time was on their side. Eve cheerfully commented that "tomorrow is another day" but Lena pointed out that it could still be too late.[27]

Later as per Lex's orders, Eve snuck into James' office at CatCo and shot him in the back. She then used his signal watch to call Supergirl onto the scene as part of a larger plan.[5][27]

Betraying Lena[]

After Lex Luthor obtained to serve the rest of his sentence under house arrest and was transported to his mansion, while he was talking to Lena regarding the Harun-El experiment he secretly financed, Eve interrupted them entering the room in panic and was mocked by Lex who asked for a macchiato, telling her to call him "Lex" as it was easy to write; Eve ignored the latter's comment and informed Lena about James being shot and currently fighting for his life.

Eve express her concerns to Lena

Eve express her concerns to Lena.

Later, when Lena started to work alongside Lex in order to finish the Harun-El drug and save both James and Lex's lives, Eve reached for her in the mansion's garden while she was calling Alex to check on James' condition, and told her about her concern on giving her brother full access to all their research, to which Lena replied that despite knowing what Lex was capable of, she thought his main goal at the time was simply to live. Entering back into the mansion, the two women helped Lex after he was assaulted by an utterly indifferent government agent and unhooked his handcuffs.

Eve gives a sample of the Harun-El drug to Alex and Kelly

Eve gives a sample of the Harun-El drug to Alex and Kelly.

When Alex informed them that James was about to undergo a surgical operation with high risk of death, Eve and Lena went to National City General Hospital, meeting with her and Kara to wait until the operation is over. However, after the power outage caused by Manchester Black, Eve eavesdropped the conversation between Alex and Kelly Olsen about using the Harun-El drug on James and, having a sample of it with her propose them to let Lena use it, eventually saving him.

Eve reveals her true colors

Eve reveals her true colors.

The next day, Lena realized that Lex was responsible of both the cut off of the backup power and James' assassination attempt, in order to give her the incentive and the subject on which she could test the drug to guarantee its safety to be used as a healing agent, the woman replied that she would never gave him the cure and Lex, not being surprised at all, revealed that he already had someone administered it to him. In that moment, the FBI agent in the room revealed to be Otis Graves disguised by an image inducer, and while he was bonding Lena to Lex's wheelchair, Eve entered, revealing her true colors to an astonished Lena and killing an FBI agent in front of her before to reveal that she had always worked for Lex. Then, after Lena was chloroformed by Otis, Eve was instructed by Lex to "take care of her", before he left the mansion.[13]

Eve leaves an handcuffed Lena at her office

Eve leaves an handcuffed Lena at her office.

Then, Eve brought the handcuffed Lena back into her office and sneaked away leaving behind a letter on her former boss' desk[6] with a confession from Lex in which he stated that what he had done to her was in fact personal. Exposed as Lex's accomplice, Eve became a fugitive and risked her freedom to visit her cousin Bitsie to administer her the Harun-El cure saving her life.[5]

Attacking the White House[]
Eve at the White House

Eve at the White House.

The following day, she went to Washington, D.C. alongside the Red Daughter and instructed her regarding her role during that evening's operation while inspecting the sewers under the White House; after Red Daughter protested for being treated like she doesn't understand English stating that she knew it better than Eve herself, the latter smirked and commented that she looked exactly like Supergirl.

Later that evening Eve, disguised by an image inducer as Chief of Staff Sarah Walker, infiltrated the White House and blackmailed senator Granberry in order to vote in favor for the official repeal of the Alien Amnesty Act.

Eve confronts Supergirl

Eve confronts Supergirl.

Due to a (likely voluntary) glitch in the inducer, Supergirl managed to find her position and patrolled Washington to find her, finally locating an car clocked by a device that shields the x-ray vision; after Supergirl swallowed the car's doors, Eve asked her how she had found her, to which the super-heroine answered but, as she tried to grab her, Eve turned out to be just a remotely controlled hologram and, proving she had outsmarted her, she blocked Supergirl against a wall by enclosing her in a Lexosuit alimented via Kryptonite, from which the Girl of Steel managed to free herself only after Red Daughter, posing as her, had killed all the congressmen in the Oval Office and Eve had managed to escape.[5]

Eve bring Otis back to life for the second time

Eve bring Otis back to life for the second time.

Few days later, after Otis confronted Supergirl at Stryker's Island Penitentiary and Lex detonated him to destroy all the evidence in his cell, Eve was ordered to rebuild him and resurrect him a second time, which she does gleefully informing Otis of what happened after he regains consciousness.[28]

Fighting Supergirl and Lena in Kaznia[]

Eventually Eve went back to Lex's missile base in Kaznia, where she produced more Harun-El and experimented on several abducted aliens, including Kopy, until she managed to inject herself with a mixture of Harun-El drug and the aforementioned alien's DNA, obtaining self-replication powers. Then she sabotage the flight of Lena's and Kara's jet as soon as it arrived, and leave the structure only leaving some of her clones behind her.

Eve's clone handcuffed

Eve's clone handcuffed.

After some research, the two women found her laboratory and notes, as well as the list of aliens Lex abduced, while doing this they also found one of Eve clones into the closet and, believing it was the real one, started to threaten her that she would spend the rest of her life in prison, in order to force her to reveal where Lex was and what he had in mind. The clone was unable to answer them as the mental deterioration caused from the prolonged separation from the core body has made her only able to repeat sentences as a parrot and use monosyllabic words.

Kara and Lena meets two clones of Eve

Kara and Lena meets two clones of Eve.

While Lena suggested Lex must have done something to Eve's mind, like some sort of brainwashing, they continue their investigation eventually discovering proof of Red Daughter's existence and Lex's plot on use her to invade America. As they were looking at some monitors with archive footage of Red Daughter, another clone of Eve appeared and recalled the first one into herself revealing her newfound powers, then knock the two women down activating the base's self-destruction (thus unlocking a briefcase containing Kryptonite). Before leaving she told them that they shouldn't be there, but they could stay as long as they wanted.

Eve's clone stabs Lena

Eve's clone stabs Lena.

Minutes later, while Lena and Kara were trying to escape the structure, one of Eve's clones appeared in front of them in order to be followed by them and split the two women, attracting Lena on her jet and Kara (as Supergirl) in a huge warehouse. Then, as one clone engage Lena in a fight, a massive group of others attacked the Kryptonian superheroine with taser sticks, briefly bring her down to her knees.

Eve's clone disappears

Eve's clone disappears.

Then, while the Kryptonian managed to defeat all of Eve's clones by whirling on herself and generating a typhoon, the other clone managed to get the upper hand on Lena stabbing her in the chest, prompting the clone to stare at her shockingly, revealing that she doesn't meant to do it and hesitating the time necessary for Lena to knock her down revealing that she was saved by Kara's recorder she was wearing under her blouse. Later, as Kara arrived on the jet, the clone disappeared revealing that the real Eve Teschmacher was never there.[29]

Lockwood's assassination attempt[]
Lex and Eve experiments on a Lexosuit's gautlet

Lex and Eve experiments on a Lexosuit's gauntlet.

After Lex created a compact version of the Claymore satellite for his Lexosuit powering it with the energy extracted by the powers of all the aliens he has kidnapped, he experimented with it alongside Eve, ordering to a random security officer to "stand very still" and then kill him by firing to him an energy blast from his gauntlet to test his function. Due to having flinched, Eve was scolded again by Lex, however she reassured it was not because of the murder but for Otis, who was killed again by Ben Lockwood; Lex ordered Eve to kill the man and then asked her if she realized that the World was about to be theirs, prompting the girl to answer that she knew it from the very first time they met, they shared a kiss before Eve departed.

Eve's clones attacks Ben Lockwood

Eve's clones attacks Ben Lockwood.

Later, a handful of Eve's clones in military suits approached Lockwood at his family's sawmill in order to assassinate him, but were taken by surprise because of his powers and defeated. The only remaining clone, in a confused state due to prolonged separation, was then questioned by the furious man.[12]

Lex's endgame[]
Lex and Eve at the White House

Lex and Eve at the White House.

When Lex settled at the Oval Office and summoned his mother and half-sister for a private tea party, Eve was at Lex's side welcoming them both and was insulted by Lena, still bitter because of her betrayal.

Lex confronts Eve over his plan to destroy Argo City and Superman

Lex confronts Eve over his plan to destroy Argo City and Superman.

After Lex exposed his plans to revolutionize energy worldwide using aliens as batteries, stating that he would use the first batch of depleted aliens to charged the satellite weapon he intended to use to destroyed both Argo City and Superman, Eve asked him to speak privately and expressed her concern about wasting an amount of energy that should have lasted for decades because of his obsession on defeating Superman, however Lex reminded that they weren't partners due to him being the boss and that all victories needs fireworks.

Eve holds Lena at gunpoint

Eve holds Lena at gunpoint.

Following Lex's toast to victory, he turned on a monitor and tried to activate the satellite but it doesn't fire, so Eve informed him of the Superfriends having attacked Shelley Island and he immediately donned his Lexosuit to take care of the matter personally. After he left the Oval Office, Eve held Lena and Lillian at gunpoint, but was taken by surprise and knocked out by her former boss, who then managed to escape.[12]

Going underground[]

Leviathan rises[]
Eve is approached by a Leviathan operative as she tries to leave National City

Eve is approached by a Leviathan operative as she tries to leave National City.

After Lex Luthor's death, Eve went into hiding and tried to leave National City but, after arriving at the bus station, she was approached by an elderly member of Leviathan, who told her that Leviathan would have always find her. Despite her pleas, the woman informed Eve that her work on behalf of the organization was not yet finished and warned her that Leviathan was everything and everyone, and that Leviathan was coming.[12]


Eve Teschmacher as Sophie

Eve Teschmacher as "Sophie".

In October 2019, Eve, under a new identity as an ordinary employee named Sophie, was leaving work and was about to open her car, when someone put a bag over her head and kidnapped her.[30]

Eve in Lena's captivity

Eve in Lena's captivity.

The person who kidnapped Eve turned out to be Lena Luthor, who was performing experiments to "fix humanity" at the time. When Eve begged to be let free, Lena asked her why she betrayed her, to which Eve replied that she didn't want to, explaining that "they" (referring to the Leviathan) made her do it. She spent some time in Lena's lab, repeatedly assuring Lena that she can trust her, however Lena doesn't gave any response to her.

Hope as Eve Teschmacher

Eve's body getting taken over by Hope.

After this, Lena let her out of her testing room and said that she and Eve would be working closely together. When Lena said that she needed to evolve Eve, the latter realized that Lena was mapping her brain to find the portions relating to honesty and loyalty. At once Eve was surrounded by the silver dots-like nanites which compose Hope, that entered her head and took over her mind. Later, Eve, controlled by Hope, was seen wearing a new white outfit while speaking to Lena.[9]

Taken over by Hope[]
Hope in Eve Teschmacher's body as Lena's lab assistant

Hope in Eve Teschmacher's body as Lena's lab assistant.

Using Eve's body as a vessel, Hope began helping Lena in her project to "reprogram humanity" with Project Non Nocere. After accessing her host's memories, Hope suggested that Lena read Lex's journals to find his research into mind control using Q-Waves, which she did.[31] Hope also helped Lena form an alliance with Malefic J'onzz in order to replicate his powers,[32] eventually succeeding.[33]

After Lena gained the Medallion of Acrata and ordered Hope to analyze it, the AI discovered that its mystical properties were gone and the medallion's hieroglyphs translated to "Leviathan". Lena then ordered the AI to access Eve's memories to discover all she knew about said term.[34]

Hope in Eve Teschmacher's body is arrested

Hope in Eve Teschmacher's body is arrested.

After doing so, Hope revealed to Lena that Leviathan was an ancient global secret terrorist organization. She advised Lena to search for the secret fortress of Superman in which Lex theorized that the superhero to have hidden all the weapon used against him so they could take Myriad and use it to ultimate Project Non Nocere.[35] Hope also helped Lena launch the program. However once Lena's plans were discovered, the A.I. took the fall as "Eve Teschmacher" and was arrested.[36]

Anti-Monitor Crisis[]

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, both Eve and Hope, as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, were killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[37] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and the Spectre created a new universe.[38]

New multiverse[]

As a result from the merging of their universe Earth-38 with Earth-1 and Earth-TUD5, the timeline was slightly altered, resulting in massive changes to Eve's life.[1]

Early life[]

"In this world, there is no record of Eve being anything but perfect."
Kelly Olsen[src]

Due to her academic brilliance, Eve was approached as a teenager by Leviathan to become an assassin and spy of theirs. She initially refused, prompting one of their agents to murder her father in response. The organization then threatened to kill Eve's mother as well if she didn't join them. Eve then reluctantly started working as an agent of Leviathan, eventually becoming one of its top assassins. As a result, she was never affiliated with the Luthor family, nor taken over by Hope.[1]

"Meeting" Lex Luthor[]

Lex and Eve meets for the first time on Earth-Prime

Lex and Eve meets for the first time on Earth-Prime.

One night in mid January, 2020, Eve was about to kill Niles Jarrod when she was approached by Lex Luthor, who called her by name revealing to her that he knew her story and wanted to help her, setting her free from Leviathan because he knew she was a brilliant woman and a good person. Eve broke down in tears and admitted that she had enough of killing, to which Lex replied that she wouldn't be forced to do it anymore, killing her target in her place, making her his double agent and slowly starting to seduce her.[1]

Lex reassures Eve about her mother's well being

Lex reassures Eve about her mother's well being.

On February 13, 2020, Eve went to Lex's laboratory telling him she failed in infiltrating Gamemnae's ship as he requested her, since she was scared that Leviathan would have harmed her mother. Lex quickly reassured her saying that he hired a team of Mossad agents to guard her mother 24/7, that the two of them were a team, and that she could call him "Lex" instead of "Mr. Luthor".[1]

Eve tells Lex about her new role inside Obsidian Platinum project

Eve tells Lex about her new role inside Obsidian Platinum project.

Pleased, Eve informed him that she convinced Gamemnae to place her inside Obsidian North at the new Obsidian Platinum project, where she found a glitch in the system. Lex instructed the girl that her role is to prevent Leviathan from fixing the glitch so they would need help in covering it up and he would gain their trust by doing it.[1]

Infiltrating Obsidian North and murdering Jeremiah Danvers[]

Lex and Eve conspires to help Amy Sapphire

Lex and Eve conspire to help Amy Sapphire.

Thirteen days later, Eve thanked Lex after he bought her a new apartment, telling him that nobody ever treated her like that, to which he replied that she should start to acknowledge how wonderful she was. Then he informed her on their mission's following step, helping Amy Sapphire into getting the technology necessary to blow up Obsidian and letting her attack Andrea in order to offer them Supergirl's protection, thus gaining "Gemma Cooper"'s trust.

Eve discloses her feelings to Lex

Eve reveals her feelings for Lex.

Hearing this, Eve commented on Lex's brilliance and confessed that she was starting to feel something for him; he then lied, replying that he felt the same, but that is better to wait until their enemy is defeated. Then she assisted as he performed an experiment with two mice and Q-waves, disintegrating one of them.[1]

Eve and Lex in Leviathan's warehouse

Eve and Lex in Leviathan's warehouse.

On March 14, 2020, the day before he left the US in order to begin his Obsidian Platinum world tour, Lex was informed by Eve that people were starting to remain trapped in the VR as he predicted and took him to the warehouse where they were kept, explaining that Margot Morrison, one of her superiors, was put in charge of them. Lex replied by giving Eve a backdoor to allow Richard Bates to hack Obsidian to get revenge on his wife's lover prompting the heroes to start investigating the VR; also he gave her a vial of poison.

Lex asks Eve to kill Jeremiah Danvers

Lex orders Eve to kill Jeremiah Danvers.

Eve asked him if he was requesting her to kill again and why. Lex explained that he found her father's killer in Peru and that his name is Jeremiah Danvers, so he demand her to kill him to avenge her father, to which she was happy to comply,[1] killing the man and making it look like it was a heart attack.[39]

Eve Teschmacher working inside Obsidian

Eve working inside Obsidian.

One night, while at Obsidian, after the Richard Bates and a related incident with the VR was reported to her, Andrea Rojas went to Eve asking her to do a full diagnostic to the system and to suspend every other operation of the company until the problem was solved; Eve answered positively.[40]

Discovering Lex's manipulations[]

Eve oversees the meeting at Kara Danvers' apartment

Eve oversees the meeting at Kara Danvers' apartment.

On April 11, 2020, after Lex's return from Obsidian's world tour, Eve received a call from him, asking her to ensure William Dey would get the information he asked to his contact regarding one of the missing persons kidnapped by Leviathan after they were trapped in VR. Eve then recorded the reporter's meeting at Kara Danvers' apartment with the latter, Alex Danvers, and Kelly Olsen in order to show it to "Gemma Cooper". Lex would use this to set in motion a plan to frame Supergirl and drift her apart from his sister, Lena, once and for all.

Eve prepares a romantic dinner for Lex

Eve prepares a romantic dinner for Lex.

That night, after the success of their plan, Eve went to Lex's mansion, where she put on a heart-pattern apron and prepared a romantic dinner for them. When Lex arrived, Eve expressed how happy she was that they could finally spend a quiet night together as a couple. Lex replied that in "another time and another world", they were together but it made him weak so it won't happen again, much to Eve's confusion.

Eve discovers to having been manipulated by Lex

Eve learns she was manipulated by Lex.

Lex then explained how he had always manipulated her, and Mossad agents were waiting for his order to kill Eve's mother if she ever betrayed him. Lex also revealed that the man Eve killed was not only completely innocent of her father's murder, but actually Supergirl's father, much to her horror. As a result, she couldn't go to the superheroine for help since Lex recorded the murder, leaving her trapped working for him. Disgusted, Eve declared that he was worse than Leviathan, to which Lex corrected her by claiming he was better.[1]

Eve is followed by William Dey

Eve followed by William Dey.

The following evening, while walking down the street through National City's Chinese district, Eve noticed she was being followed by William, so she quickly went into an alley and hid. After William ventured into the alley too, Eve snuck up behind him, placed a bag over William's head, and captured him.[41]

Downfall of Leviathan[]

Eve let William know that she had no problem killing him because she will do whatever is necessary to keep her mother alive. William attempted to calm Eve down, but she was scared. She shot him and the bullet went through his shoulder. Suddenly, Supergirl and Lena arrived and Eve was knocked unconscious.

Eve reunited with her mom

Eve reunites with her mother

At Luthor Corp, Eve was given the opportunity to explain herself; she told all present everything that she knew about Leviathan, Lex Luthor, and their relationship with Obsidian Platinum, providing the information that Supergirl needed to stop the Worldwide Unity Festival and Leviathan's plans, specifically, that Gamemnae planned to kill four billion people at the festival. Eve also told Supergirl that her mother was in danger.

Later, Supergirl and Lena watched as Eve and her mother hugged upon being reunited.[2]

Eve agreed to give William an exclusive interview about all she knew about Lex's plans. While at CatCo, Eve was affected by Lex's satellites but returned to normal after they were destroyed by J'onn and M'gann.[42]

Trial of Lex Luthor[]

After enough time passed that a jury was gathered to try Lex for his crimes against humanity, Eve was asked to be the key witness against Lex. During the trial, she recounted events including Lex's killing of Niles Jarrod. When Lex asked her questions on the stand, while reminding her that she was under oath, he had her remember that she was in love with him at the time she made him dinner; he also reminded her that he spurned her advances. Lex reminded her that she used an image inducer during her masquerades. All of this destroyed her credibility and made the jury wonder if she was just a jilted lover and a criminal herself.[43]


Sweet, kind, timid Eve

Eve's sweet, kind and timid façade.

"She cries more than Halle Berry at award shows."
Cat Grant about Eve Teschmacher's façade.[src]

Initially, Eve appeared to be a kind, caring, selfless, and intelligent individual, who has a sense of justice, honor, and good morals, considering the anti-alien extremists as "creeps"[3] and being praised by Kara Danvers herself for her sweetness and smartness.[8] However, she was also very sensitive and prone to crying,[8][11] to the point to being described as a "weeper" by Cat Grant.[8] Nevertheless, Eve is an extremely hard-working woman dedicated to her job.[3][10][14][20] She also has the habit of apologizing even when it's not necessary,[3][20][22] and it's extremely rare to see her mad at someone or something.[26]

Despite appearing to be an airhead and klutz, Eve is actually quite smart, intuitive, and seemingly empathic, always proving to be supportive of and attentive to her friends and co-workers; Eve realized Kara and Mon-El's feelings for one another before they did,[11] tried to comfort Lena Luthor over the time needed for their experiments[3][27] and their importance for the world,[4] and talked with James Olsen about his break-up with Lena.[27]

Although usually pretty mild-mannered and somewhat cowardly,[23] Eve proved to be very brave if necessary, facing with absolutely no qualm the siege of L-Corp at the hands of Mercy Graves and the Children of Liberty.[7]

It seems that Eve has developed some sort of fear for Cat.[8][11][27]

The real Eve

The real Eve.

"Sorry, not sorry."
"How long?
"Forever. It's nothing personal."
—Eve Teschmacher and Lena Luthor[src]

However, Eve's kind and timid traits are nothing more than a façade. In truth, she is a cold-blooded murderer and traitorous sociopath who's been working as Lex Luthor's loyal double-agent for years.[13] Eve considers Lex the brightest mind on Earth, as well as the only one who could really protect humanity from destruction, having proven to be willing to do literally anything for him no matter how catastrophic Lex's plans are.[6] Eve has a twisted, dark, and witty sense of humor, as demonstrated while mocking Lena after revealing her betrayal, claiming it was "nothing personal",[13] or while making fun of the Americans' lifestyle,[6] and her accent[5] when she scolded Red Daughter.

In stark contrast with her façade, Eve is incredibly brave and nearly fearless, not hesitating to infiltrate an American aircraft carrier, directly confront both Red Daughter[6] and Supergirl herself, threaten a U.S. senator,[5] or engage in a fight in a facility that was about to self-destruct.[29]

Eve is also quite scrupulous, as she meticulously reported every detail of her work, including notes, on ordered files.[29]

However, Eve has shown to not be completely immoral or without a conscience as she might seem, being genuinely worried when Lex voluntarily poisoned himself with radiation, as well as disturbed by the sight of the execution of a Kaznian soldier she recognized as the one who had made Red Daughter "uncomfortable".[6] Eve even risked her freedom in order to save her cousin Bitsie's life.[5] Eve also proclaimed that she really did love both Kara and Lena, just not as much as Lex; she seemed sincerely apologetic after stabbing Lena in the chest during their fight.[29]

Eve is madly in love with Lex, which isn't reciprocated.[6]

Following the revelation that Eve is a triple agent working for Leviathan, it is unclear how much (if any) of these personality traits are true. However, she was clearly shown to be terrified of Leviathan.[12]

When captured by Lena, Eve revealed that she only joined Leviathan out of desperation due to the many debts her parents left her with. It was hinted Eve had since become disillusioned with the organization's amoral nature, as she chose to become "Sophie" and start a new, normal life rather than continue her association with them. Eve also admitted that despite her past actions, she genuinely cared for Lena, being visibly hurt and remorseful when her former friend didn't believe her. Notably, Eve refused to reveal the Leviathan's existence to Lena, not wanting to make the latter a target.[9]

Eve holds William Dey at gunpoint

Eve turned into a reluctant assassin on Earth-Prime.

"I'm a journalist, okay? I can read people. You're a good person who looks trapped. It's clear you're not a killer."
William Dey to Eve Teschmacher[src]

After her personal history was altered due to the creation of the new universe, Eve's personality was changed as well. Having been blackmailed from a young age to be an assassin for Leviathan, she appears as a professional, stoic, cold-blooded and ruthless murderer. However, as noted by both Lex Luthor[1] and William Dey[2], Eve is still a good person at heart and doesn't enjoy killing, only doing so to protect her mother from being harmed by her superiors.

Eve retained her twisted, dark, and witty sense of humor, mostly with her enemies, as demonstrated while mocking Margot Morrison after Lex killed her or making fun of Gamemnae behind her back.[1] Out of her role as Leviathan's assassin, Eve displays a genuine hard-working,[40] kind, caring, selfless, and sweet personality with a streak of sillyness, as shown while cooking dinner for Lex wearing a heart-patterned apron, or jiggling like a little girl while telling him how she succeeded in infiltrating the Obsidian Platinum project.[1]

Nevertheless of what she was forced to do for Leviathan, Eve has good morals and her greatest desire would be not to kill anyone anymore. She's also very sensitive and prone to crying, as well as empathizing for her own targets as after kidnapping William, when the Superfriends rescued him and knocked her out, the first thing Eve asked after she awake was if the reporter was alright.[2] However, she didn't hesitate into killing Jeremiah Danvers thinking he was responsible for the death of her father, albeit she was devastated when discovering he was actually innocent.[1]

Despite madly falling in love with Lex all over again and being charmed by his intellect and brilliance, in stark contrast with the loyalty she displayed on Earth-38 even when his obsession led him to perform immoral actions, right at the moment Eve realized that Lex has always manipulated her, she became disgusted and called him "worse than Leviathan".[1]

Powers and abilities[]

Former powers[]

Eve Teschmacher's clones

Eve's self-replication powers.

  • Harun-El mutation (presumed): It is implied that Eve was injected with a mixture of Harun-El and the DNA of Kopy, allowing her to acquire powers similar to those of said alien.[29] After the Crisis, due to her life having been rewritten, she never experimented on herself and therefore never acquired alien powers.[1]
    • Cellular replication: Eve can replicate her cells at superhuman speeds, allowing her to create life-sized clones of herself. The clones are capable of operating independently of one another, as Supergirl fought many Eve clones at the same time as Lena fought a single one. Eve can also recall her clones into herself.[29]
    • Molecular replication: Eve can also replicate the molecules of anything she was wearing or carrying, even complex tools or weapons.[29]


  • Peak of human physical condition: Eve is in exceptional physical form, having an athletic and well-muscled conditioned physique, with heightened strength, durability, reflexes, and stamina. She is proven to be strong enough to knock out a grown man with a single punch.[6] As a former assassin of Leviathan Eve has been trained hard for years and regularly engages in intense exercises to maintain her conditioning.[5] Her durability and resilience are remarkable as she was able to withstand a shockwave caused by Rama Khan, Tezumak, and Sela's attack, regaining consciousness in a few minutes and recovering back to full health in less than a day. Her conditioning lets her recover from most injuries very quickly, though not superhumanly.[2]
    • Honed senses: Eve has sharp senses and acute observation skills. She is able to pick up incoming danger and react quickly,[5] to the point that it's almost impossible to remain unnoticed while trying to follow her.[41]
  • Bowling: Eve is very good at bowling, with Bitsie Teschmacher describing her as "the family's bowling champion".[5]
  • Genius-level intellect/Expert tactician/Leader: Despite Eve's apparent scatterbrained demeanor, she is an extremely intelligent and savvy woman, to the point that Kara Danvers praised her intellect to Cat Grant. Eve graduated at the top of her class from Yale University,[8] where she extensively studied nuclear physics.[10] Eve proved to be a valuable asset to Lena Luthor, helping the latter with her experiments on the Harun-El. She was also able to act as a spy inside both CatCo and L-Corp while remaining unnoticed and unsuspected by anyone, programmed some Metallo-like cyborg of her own creation to protect her secret lab, and managed to orchestrate a terroristic attack at the White House following Lex's orders, leading Red Daughter, and outsmarting Supergirl herself.[5]
    • Expert of deception/Manipulator: Eve is very skilled in the art of deception; as she managed to successfully portray herself as a normal, kind and timid individual for two years with no one, including James Olsen, suspecting otherwise. Eve also managed to keep her alliance with Lex Luthor a secret for two years, even from Lena Luthor, a genius in her own right.[13]
      • Voice mimicry: Eve can mimic other people's voices flawlessly. When impersonating Margot Morrison, she initially used an image inducer but later demonstrated to be able to recreate the woman's voice without any kind of tech support.[1]
    • Master scientist: Eve is extremely proficient in the fields of genetics and bioengineering, as she was able to help Lena study Samantha Arias' condition[24] as well as carry out Harun-El experiments for the goal of human empowerment.[3] After receiving data on the Metallo Protocol, Eve was able to reproduce it on numerous subjects and use it to resurrect Otis Graves[5] twice.[28]
    • Expert engineer: Eve has displayed familiarity with many different forms of technology;[26] for example, she used a bobby pin to trigger a hidden quick-release in the circuitry of an L-Corp bulkhead in order to close it.[7] Eve managed to build and maintain a secret laboratory at National City University.[5]
    • Computer specialist/Expert computer hacker: Eve is a highly skilled computer specialist, as she was able to monitor the security system of the L-Corp building from a laptop and later take control of it from its own designer, Mercy Graves.[7] She was also able to remotely activate a hologram of herself and even a Lexosuit.[5]
  • Master hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As an agent of Leviathan, Eve is a highly proficient hand-to-hand combatant and martial artist. She has proven to be skilled enough to easily defeat a U.S. Navy soldier[6] and managed to gain the upper hand on Lena in a confrontation.[29] After the Crisis, due to her life having been rewritten into making her a trained assassin, Eve's combat skills have been greatly advanced, as she was able to beat up and severely wound a man with ease using a few accurate punches.[1]
    • Master markswoman: Eve is an expert in the use of firearms; as she effortlessly killed a federal agent when she revealed that she was working for Lex Luthor all along[13] and was later revealed to be the sniper who shot James Olsen.[5] After the Crisis, due to her life having been rewritten into making her a trained assassin, Eve's marksmanship's ability became even greater.[1]
    • Expert stick-fighter: Eve is a highly accomplished stick-fighter, able to fend off Lena using a taser stick.
  • Stealth/Infiltration: Eve is quite elusive, as she was able to infiltrate a U.S. Navy aircraft carrier undetected and without any assistance,[6] as well as evade the police to visit her cousin and sneak into the White House.[5] Eve can also vanish from sight in the blink of an eye.[41]

Former weaknesses[]

  • Prolonged separation: Eve's clones progressively decrease in intelligence (mostly in rationality) the longer they are away from the real Eve Teschmacher.[29] After losing her powers, she lost this weakness too.[1]


Original multiverse[]

  • Guns/Firearms: Eve primarily makes use of pistols, wielding them quite effectively.[5][13] Se also is proficient in using a sub-machine gun.[12]
  • Image inducer: Eve used an image inducer to disguise herself as a White House staff member.[5]
  • Lexosuit: Despite not wearing it, Eve maneuvered a portable Lexosuit in order to pin Supergirl against a wall.[5]
  • Watch: Eve carries with her a special watch similar to the one Lex Luthor's, allowing her to remotely control various devices.[29]
  • Taser stick: Eve had carried a taser stick while battling Supergirl and Lena Luthor in Kaznia.[29]
  • Brown wig: Eve has worn a short dark brunette wig while on the run.[12]

New multiverse[]



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