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An unnamed woman is the mother of Eve Teschmacher and the wife of a late unnamed man.


Original multiverse

The woman married to a man and had a daughter, Eve, whom the couple raised in North Carolina. When she was 16, both the woman and her husband died in an accident, leaving Eve depressed, desperate, and piled with debt.[1]

New multiverse

Instead of dying in an accident, while her husband was killed by Leviathan to force her daughter into becoming an assassin and spy of theirs, she was spared in order to ensure her obedience.[2]

In 2020, after Eve started to work with Lex Luthor as a double agent, he hired a team of Mossad agents to guard her mother 24/7; however he later revealed to Eve that they actually wait for his order to kill her mother if she ever betrays him.[2]

The woman was freed and reunited with her daughter, Eve by Supergirl after Leviathan was defeated. She hugged Eve, and laughed as Supergirl and Lena Luthor watched.[3]

She was also affected by Lex's satellites but returned to normal after they were destroyed by J'onn J'onzz and M'gann M'orzz.[4]



Season 5

Season 6


Video footage of Eve's mother.

  • In the footage shown in "Deus Lex Machina", the woman is evidently older and slightly skinnier than when shown in person during her brief cameo in "Immortal Kombat", where she is portrayed by Lynda Boyd.
  • In her only spoken line upon reuniting with her daughter, the woman commented on how pretty Eve was. In "The House of L" Eve revealed that she had been a pageant queen in her early teens, implying it was her mother who supported her.

Behind the scenes

  • In the 1978 film Superman, Eve Teschmacher mentions that her mother lives in Hackensack, New Jersey, and frees Superman from his Kryptonite confines in order to save her since Lex's plan puts the woman's life in danger.