Evelyn Dent is the mother of Duela Dent and the sister of Harvey.


Early life

Evelyn Dent was born in Gotham City and had a brother, Harvey. Around 1995, she gave birth to a daughter, Duela, to an unknown man, and apparently raised the girl herself.

Evelyn was close to one of her daughter's high school friends, Myrtis Dinker, and often told Duela to try to be more like her.[1]

Duela's rampage

Evelyn finds her daughter cutting her face.

In 2011, Duela began having psychiatric problems regarding her appearance. One day as they were preparing for an outing, Evelyn was annoyed when her daughter took too long in the bathroom and walked in on Duela cutting her face with a mirror shard, much to her horror. She brought Duela to Dr. "Ethan Campbell", who treated her with plastic surgery. Sometime afterwards, Evelyn had her daughter admitted to a mental health facility.

Duela about to slit her mother's throat.

Eight years later, after Duela was released from the facility, she held Evelyn captive in their home, bound to a chair. Resenting her mother for having her undergo cosmetic surgery without her consent, Duela slashed a smile onto Evelyn's face with a knife, after which she went on a rampage in Gotham, slashing influencers' faces. When Batwoman broke into the Dent house looking for Duela, she came upon Evelyn, whose throat was slit by Duela to cover her escape. The vigilante immediately tended to Evelyn's wounds, presumably calling for an ambulance. Evelyn's fate is unknown.[1]



Season 1

Behind the scenes

  • In DC Comics, Evelyn "Eve" Dent, also known as Three-Face, is a native of Earth-3 and a vigilante with dissociative identity disorder. She is the mother of Duela Dent, aka the Joker's Daughter, the ex-wife of Jokester (Joker’s Earth-3 heroic counterpart), and the current wife of Earth-3’s Riddler.
    • Evelyn is considered to be the Earth-3 counterpart of Harvey Dent aka Two-Face. In the show, she is depicted as Harvey’s sister.


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