Dr. Evelyn Rhyme, also known as Enigma, was a hypnotist working for Safiyah Sohail and Roman Sionis. She was killed by Ocean to prevent her from helping Alice restore Kate's memories.


Early life

Evelyn has a doctorate in psychology, from Paul Revere University,[1] specializing in the brain's reaction to addictive substances.[2]

Working for Safiyah

At some point, Evelyn started working for Safiyah Sohail.

When Ocean was caught stealing a Desert Rose and Beth Kane agreed to join him in his efforts to leave Coryana, she wiped their memories of each other at the request of Safiyah, along with reprogramming Beth into the psychopathic "Alice".[3]

Erasing Julia's memories

As Julia Pennyworth researched information about the explosion of the private jet of Kate Kane, Evelyn caused Julia to forget her trips to Monaco, Valencia, and Madrid.[2]

Working for Roman Sionis

In 2021, Evelyn was hired by Roman Sionis to alter Kate Kane's mind. She expressed sympathy for Kate's condition and asked if she could be alone with her. After Roman obliged, she introduced herself to Kate as Enigma, and vowed that she will help her forget being Kate Kane.[4] After six weeks of therapy and hypnotizing, Enigma was successful in replacing the memories of Kate with those of Circe Sionis.[5]

Working for the Crows

In the meantime, Dr. Rhymes was called by Jacob Kane to help him after he had been dosed with Snakebite, as she was hired by Crows Security as its expert on the drug and placed on the task force towards its elimination. She advised Jacob in a private session in her office that Jacob should seek to be closer with Mary Hamilton, since Mary is the only family Jacob acknowledges, though he admits that he misses Beth so much that, when he gets high, he creates scenarios where he saved her from captivity.

Later, Julia asked Evelyn into an interrogation room where Julia called her "Enigma" and confronted her about her missing memories; cornered, Evelyn stabbed Julia with the sword that she kept within her walking cane. Evelyn then hypnotized Julia to transfer to a division of the Crows based in Berlin.[2]

Confronted by Alice

Dr. Rhyme went to her office because she had an appointment with a client; she watches as Alice, who pretended to be Dr. Rhyme, kills the client, so the two women can talk privately. Alice requested that Enigma hypnotize her to have her forget Kate Kane. Enigma is reluctant because Kate may represent Alice's only morality; also there is a difficulty in removing from memory her twin sister as they were together from before her birth. Alice is threatening and continues to insist, so Enigma tries, but fails. Suddenly, Ocean enters the office and fights Alice. To escape possible harm, Enigma speaks a catchphrase which paralyzes both combatants and gives them their original memories from their time in Coryana.[1]


A week later, Evelyn hung from the ceiling of her office, hoisted there by Alice, as the doctor was asked questions about her relationship with Roman Sionis and the hypnosis of Kate Kane; Alice had just discovered fully that "Circe Sionis" was Kate. Evelyn told Alice the story of the new "Circe" and said that she feared Roman so she stayed silent. Alice continuously threatened Evelyn until Evelyn revealed that she needed a physical keepsake from Kate's past to return Kate's memories.

Later, Evelyn was lowered from the ceiling by Ocean and Alice, who had the keys to Kate's motorcycle. Alice listed, as Evelyn listened, how the motorcycle gave Kate a sense of freedom and the keys represented the freedom. Evelyn explained that she needed the keys and to say a password phrase to restore Kate's memories. Just as Alice was about to learn the phrase, Ocean twisted Dr. Rhyme's head until her neck snapped.[6]


Ocean told Alice that he killed Evelyn because he did not want Alice and Kate Kane reunited because their relationship was toxic and only brought Alice sorrow since Kate never chose Alice when faced with another choice.[6]


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"Enigma did this? She's a hypnotist who owned Safiyah a favor."
  • Master hypnotist: Enigma is a highly skilled hypnotist; as she is able to erase or alter other individuals' memories, just like she did with Beth Kane and Ocean. Her hypnotic prowess is such that victims not only completely forget what Enigma enthralls them to forget, but also seem to be unaware that they are acting out on her imperatives when performing what seems to be their own volition. Even individuals with great mental conviction and fortitude are not exempt from the entrancement. Her abilities are so powerful that they can also graft memories onto a target that the target never knew such as with Kate Kane who Enigma made think she was Circe Sionis. To the point of being completely unaware of her friends and family and remembering her life as only being Roman's daughter.



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