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"When all this is over, you'll be dead!"
—Evelyn Sharp's last words to Oliver Queen[src]

Evelyn Crawford "Evie" Sharp (born c. 1999)[1][2] is the daughter of the late John Sharp and the late Mary Sharp, as well as a former student of Star City High School and one of H.I.V.E.'s unwilling test subjects. After the death of Laurel Lance, she started imitating her idol's alter-ego, Black Canary, in a crusade against H.I.V.E. and Damien Darhk as revenge for them killing her parents in their experiments.

Evelyn was later recruited by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow into Team Arrow under the code-name Artemis and was one of its most promising new members. However, upon learning that Oliver was also "The Hood", whom she had previously considered a serial killer, Evelyn came to resent Oliver and believed him a false hero. Following this revelation, she betrayed Team Arrow and allied with Adrian Chase/Prometheus, determined to take down Oliver and eventually watch him die.

During the final battle on Lian Yu, Evelyn was caught in the explosions while trapped in a cage, leaving her fate unknown.

If still alive, Evelyn was killed in an antimatter wave along with the rest of Earth-1 during the Anti-Monitor Crisis. However, her true fate remains unclear even after the creation of Earth-Prime.


Early life

Evelyn's profile.

Evelyn Sharp was born in 1999 to John and Mary Sharp in Star City.

As a teenager, Evelyn grew up to become an excellent student and a top gymnast at Star City High School, never so much as missing a single day of school. By her junior year, she was also elected to be class president and captain of the academic decathlon team.[1]

Evelyn and her family knew several unnamed individuals from The List who were killed by The Hood, and she came to despise the vigilante for it.[2]

Unwilling test subject

Around Christmas 2015, Evelyn and her parents were among the Star City citizens who got involved in the following of Damien Darhk, and were heavily implied to have been drugged into submission with suggestion pills. The family then became test subjects for H.I.V.E., who imprisoned them at Reddington Industrial. Shortly after, Team Arrow arrived at the facility to battle Darhk, but were unable to free the prisoners. As a result, John and Mary were gassed to death in H.I.V.E.'s testing chambers. During the chaos, Evelyn witnessed the Black Canary's attempt to rescue the former and her family, much to her awe. When Malcolm Merlyn destroyed Reddington Industrial, she managed to escape.[3][1]

Afterwards, Evelyn continued to stay under the radar, officially remaining missing. She blamed not only Darhk for her parents' murders, but also Green Arrow for abandoning them, since he assumed all of the candidates were at Reddington Industrial voluntarily. However, Evelyn came to idolize Black Canary, believing she was the only one who even tried to help them. Over the next few months, Evelyn began training and preparing herself to get revenge on H.I.V.E. for what happened to her parents. Knowing she couldn't take on Darhk by herself, Evelyn plotted to kill his wife, Ruvé Adams (having presumably learned her identity while with the organization), and anyone else associated with them.

During this period, Evelyn somehow became a "frequent flyer" at Starling General Hospital, having been treated in the E.R. several times. Likely due to her connections there, Evelyn discovered on April 6, 2016 that Laurel Lance was the Black Canary and learned about her signature weapon, the Canary Cry.[1]

Imitating the Black Canary

Evelyn after stealing the Canary Cry.

After Laurel died at Starling General of injuries afflicted by Darhk, Evelyn snuck into her hospital room and stole the Canary Cry. On her way out, Evelyn passed by a mourning Team Arrow, whom she briefly spared a glance before swiftly exiting Starling General.

After successfully altering the Canary Cry so she could use it, Evelyn donned a suit identical to that of the Black Canary in order to take up Laurel's mantle. Later, she attacked a gun ring and stole their weaponry.

Evelyn confronted by Green Arrow.

Afterwards, Evelyn attacked Alex Davis in a restaurant while he was dining with Thea Queen due to his association with Ruvé. Using the Canary Cry to shatter the windows, she accused Alex of working for H.I.V.E. and attacked him. After knocking Alex unconscious, Evelyn prepared to execute him with a gun but was disarmed by Thea, who removed her mask. Evelyn used the Canary Cry to push Thea back and fled. While running, she was pursued by Green Arrow through an alley. As he cornered her, Evelyn furiously confronted Green Arrow over leaving her, John, and Mary behind at Reddington Industrial to die and then subdued him long enough with the Canary Cry to escape.

Evelyn is talked down from killing Ruvé by Green Arrow.

The next night, Evelyn prepared to kill Ruvé at a gala in the Star City Plaza Hotel. She shot two bodyguards at the entrance to the ballroom but was then stopped by Green Arrow. He apologized for not saving her parents and tried to explain this wasn't the way to get justice done, but Evelyn simply declared, "it's the only way [she] [had] left". She continued and scattered the crowd with her Canary Cry before holding Ruvé at gunpoint. Green Arrow tried to talk to her again but Evelyn refused to listen and wounded the vigilante with a gunshot so he couldn't physically interfere. As Evelyn prepared to shoot Ruvé though, Green Arrow reminded her how the real Black Canary was a hero and asked what she would want Evelyn to do. After some hesitation, Evelyn dropped the gun, wishing to stay true to her heroine, and took off as the police moved in.

Evelyn secretly attends Laurel's funeral.

Later, Evelyn attended Laurel's funeral from afar. She watched with both wistfulness and approval as Oliver Queen gave Laurel's eulogy and revealed her identity as Black Canary.[1]

Joining Team Arrow

Following Darhk's death, Evelyn continued acting as a vigilante in Star City.[4] Five months later, she was approached by Green Arrow, who offered her the opportunity to join his team if she could prove herself capable enough. Evelyn accepted and went to H.I.V.E.'s former base, where she met the other recruits, Curtis Holt and Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog, and was formally introduced to Felicity Smoak as "Overwatch", Green Arrow's tech-support. When Green Arrow arrived, he tasked the three to get past him and ring a bell. Green Arrow frequently beat the trio and they were ordered to return to the start line and try again. However, his brutal methods began to cause resentment from Evelyn, Curtis, and Rene. Later when AmerTek Industries was funding a medical clinical event held by Mayor Queen, Green Arrow ordered Evelyn, Rene, and Curtis to attend and be ready to respond as their CEO was being targeted. When the attacker, Rory Regan/Ragman, battled Green Arrow, Rene impulsively attacked Ragman, allowing him the chance to escape. Green Arrow scolded the three of them for insubordination and they left the team, fed up with his attitude.

Evelyn finds out Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.

Later though, Green Arrow called the recruits back and revealed his identity as Oliver Queen, apologizing for the harsh training and asking for a second chance. The three of them agreed and Evelyn was given the codename "Artemis".[5]

After training for another week, Felicity began showing Evelyn, Curtis, Rene, and Rory (who Oliver convinced to join them) Green Arrow pursuing criminals through surveillance cameras to demonstrate how he gets results. They watched Green Arrow chase a street dealer distributing a new drug, Stardust, and learned that the supplier was Derek Sampson. The team still wasn't participating in missions, since Oliver wanted them to keep training until he felt they were ready to help in the field. Rene went out to find Sampson on his own and persuaded Evelyn to tag along, though she believed it was simply recon. Rene instead attacked Sampson, forcing Evelyn to fight back against his men. Rene caused Sampson to fall into a pool of chemicals used to create Stardust, presumably killing him. Sampson survived though, and became stronger, unable to feel pain. Green Arrow later brought Artemis, Wild Dog, Ragman, and Mr. Terrific to stop Sampson. The recruits handled Sampson's men and sabotaged his equipment needed to replicate more of the chemicals that made him invincible while Green Arrow confronted him.

Evelyn arrives at the Arrowcave for the first time.

After succeeding in apprehending Sampson, Oliver brought Evelyn, Curtis, Rory, and Rene to the Arrowcave, where the recruits found the display cases for Oliver's suit and the former members of Team Arrow.[6]

Becoming Artemis

As the new team was finally allowed to become known to the public, Artemis officially replaced Speedy as the second archer. However, when taking down a delivery man associated with Tobias Church, whom Evelyn was initially ordered to shoot with her arrows, there was difficultly due to Rene's continued impulsiveness, which almost resulted in the target escaping. The team had trouble getting along but knew they had to pull it together.

Later after failing to stop Green Arrow from leaving to break John Diggle/Spartan out of a military prison, Evelyn and her teammates returned to the Arrowcave, where they got news of Church's latest criminal actions. Felicity was reluctant to send them out against Church, but Rory's return to Team Arrow ultimately convinced her to allow the mission. The team engaged in battle, saving some ACU members, but was forced to retreat when Church threw a knife into Curtis' back. Evelyn and Rory took Curtis to the getaway car driven by Quentin while Rene stayed behind to engage Church and buy them time. Shortly after, Oliver returned from rescuing Diggle, who personally met the new recruits, and assured the team they would find Rene.[7]

For the next week, Evelyn, Rory, and Oliver interrogated various street thugs, trying to get info on Tobias Church in order to find Rene. After rescuing Rene, Oliver faked his death (with the help of Human Target) to draw out Church. The team discovered that Church wanted to head up a drug-smuggling ring in five cities. Evelyn and the team were able to beat Church and his gang and have them arrested.[8]

Evelyn confronts Oliver over being The Hood.

After Church's death, a mysterious archer named Prometheus began a killing spree of various individuals whose names formed anagrams of those on The List. This forced Oliver to reveal to his new team his past actions as The Hood/Arrow. Evelyn felt betrayed and angered, as she knew several names from The List and believed Oliver to be a hypocrite for not allowing her to commit similar acts of vengeance against her parents' murderers. As Evelyn, Curtis, Rene, and Rory discussed being kept out of the loop and not trusted like Diggle and Felicity, she expressed her doubts on continuing to believe in Oliver's crusade. Despite this, Evelyn did not leave Team Arrow, declaring that she was doing it for herself and so was not beholden to Oliver.

Artemis guarded one of Prometheus's potential targets, a train driver. Felicity tried to talk to her about her feelings regarding Oliver's secret but Artemis switched her comm off, annoyed. Suddenly, Prometheus appeared. Determined to protect her assignment, Artemis fought with Prometheus, managing to cut his arm, but was swiftly defeated. Green Arrow then arrived and fired an explosive arrow at Prometheus, who redirected it to the ceiling and escaped. Upon discovering a bomb Prometheus left behind, Green Arrow, Artemis, and the driver escaped the train using a parachute arrow before it exploded.

Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver patched up Evelyn and the two seemingly made amends. Evelyn was later seen at the "Star City Nights" festival at the Rockets Arena accessing the backstage of a concert with Thea, Curtis, Rene, and Rory, thanks to Oliver's connections.[2]

Allying with Prometheus

Despite appearing to make amends, Evelyn still resented Oliver. Some time later, she was approached by Prometheus, who offered her the chance to watch Oliver die in exchange for aiding him against Team Arrow. Evelyn accepted and began acting as a double agent for Prometheus, providing him with information on the team's members and their loved ones.

Evelyn secretly meets with Prometheus.

After Team Arrow clashed against Vigilante, Evelyn went on a rooftop to meet with Prometheus. Once he arrived, Evelyn assured Prometheus that no one followed her, as Team Arrow did not suspect a thing about her current alliance to the enemy.[9]

A few weeks later, Evelyn met with Prometheus in an abandoned building to give him photos and addresses of Felicity and Rory, the last of her intel on Team Arrow. When he didn't acknowledge this, Evelyn reminded Prometheus of their deal: in exchange for her help, she would get to watch him take down Oliver. However, Prometheus reminded her that he is not going to kill Oliver, but make him wish he was dead.

On Christmas Eve, Evelyn arrived at the Arrowcave for a Christmas dinner with Diggle, Curtis, Rene, and Rory, along with Diggle's wife, Lyla Michaels, and son, JJ. She also gifted the team Christmas stockings with their names printed on them.

Later, Evelyn and the team learned that Prometheus attacked Curtis outside City Hall and is possibly Justin Claybourne's illegitimate son. The team tracked down Prometheus and as Rene attempted to shoot the archer, Evelyn disarmed him, revealing her alliance with Prometheus. Furious, Oliver asked why she would betray them. Evelyn responded that Oliver is a fraud and that "this city needs to be saved from [him]." Prometheus then used a smoke bomb to escape with Evelyn.[10]

Evelyn reveals her and Chase's deception to Oliver.

When Adrian kidnapped and tortured Oliver from March 15–22, he set about breaking his victim psychologically. One of Adrian's methods was "revealing" that he had been keeping Evelyn in the same prison as Oliver. Evelyn tearfully apologized to Oliver for siding with Prometheus, claiming she couldn't handle being his captive anymore. Adrian placed a knife in the cell and left, stating that whoever kills the other can go free. Oliver tried to convince Evelyn to help him escape but she attacked him out of fear, though he disarmed her. When Adrian returned, he pretended to snap Evelyn's neck, attempting to show Oliver once again that everyone around him is in danger. After Oliver finally proclaimed to have enjoyed murdering his victims during his past crusades, Evelyn stood back up and revealed her ruse. Gloating how she knew that he would soon break, Evelyn reassured her hatred for Oliver and left him in the prison with Adrian.[11]

Battle on Lian Yu

Evelyn and Black Siren unload the captive Thea and Quentin.

After Adrian was arrested, Evelyn blackmailed an A.R.G.U.S. guard into releasing Black Siren. The two of them, working with Talia al Ghul, kidnapped Dinah Drake, Rene, and Curtis. Evelyn and Black Siren then infiltrated the A.R.G.U.S. safe house where Thea and Quentin were hiding out in. They took out all the guards before ambushing and kidnapping Thea and Quentin, whom they transported to a shipping yard. Evelyn handled Thea while Black Siren managed Quentin as they imprisoned the two in shipping vessels. They then blackmailed Oliver into letting Adrian go by threatening his son, William. Evelyn and Black Siren met with Talia and her cult, who had captured Felicity and Diggle. They brought the prisoners to Lian Yu to lure Oliver there for a final confrontation.[12]

Evelyn and Talia threaten Oliver and his allies.

On the island, Evelyn and Talia were responsible for guarding cages which held Thea, Felicity, Curtis, and William's mother, Samantha Clayton, captive. Once Oliver, Slade Wilson, and Digger Harkness arrived, Evelyn and Talia ambushed them, with Digger revealing his true allegiance to Prometheus. As Evelyn held Oliver at gunpoint, Slade pretended to join them, only to suddenly attack Digger, distracting her. Oliver quickly disarmed Evelyn and knocked her unconscious.

Evelyn imprisoned by Slade after being abandoned.

When Evelyn woke up, she realized that Talia and Digger had left her behind and was forced into one of the cages by Slade, who coldly advised Evelyn to "choose [her] friends more wisely." When Oliver questioned her as to the whereabouts of the rest of his friends, Evelyn bitterly stated she wished she knew so she could tell him and everyone else "to go screw [themselves]." When asked why Adrian split up the hostages and what his endgame was, Evelyn just smugly pointed out that Adrian was always ahead of them and raised the possibility that leaving her behind was part of his plan. Despite everything Evelyn had done, Oliver promised to come back for her once this is all over. Evelyn instead declared that once this is all over, he would be dead. When Adrian killed himself to detonate the C4 explosives covering the island, Evelyn was still locked up in the cage.[13]

It is currently unknown what happened to Evelyn after the destruction of Lian Yu, as Slade told Oliver that "Ra's al Ghul's daughter" left to go find her.[14]


Evelyn in her civilian persona.

Evelyn was a passionately driven student and athlete who never missed a day of school, being described by Felicity Smoak as a "16-year-old badass in the making". Once a normal, carefree teenager with a bright future, she was greatly affected by her ordeal at the hands of H.I.V.E.; after her parents were murdered, Evelyn grew cold, merciless, and ruthless, determined to avenge her family by killing H.I.V.E.'s members and began utilizing her intellect to becoming a vigilante. Evelyn's only priority was her vengeance and she didn't hesitate to hurt anyone who got in her way. Additionally, Evelyn is shown to hate Green Arrow, believing he left her and her parents to die, and was even willing to shoot the archer to ensure that he wouldn't compromise her mission.

Evelyn highly idolized Laurel Lance/Black Canary. After Laurel's death, Evelyn used her as an example, donning an identical suit and using the Canary Cry to exact her revenge. However, she was not completely without empathy or reason; when Green Arrow reminded her what the real Black Canary stood for, Evelyn ultimately dropped her crusade to preserve her heroine's legacy.

Despite listening to Green Arrow, Evelyn admitted to still despising and blaming him for her parents' deaths. When Green Arrow approached her to join his team, Evelyn was level-headed enough to put her grudge aside and accept the offer, knowing she could help more people if she worked with the archer, though it was still very difficult for her to make this choice.

Evelyn as Artemis.

Since joining Team Arrow, Evelyn has been proven to be very observant, methodical and hardworking, listening to and noting Oliver's training, just like with her studies, she is driven to excel and prove her worth as a vigilante, Evelyn is light-hearted and sarcastic, yet protective and kind when it comes to her friends. She also has a spunky, feisty side much like her idol, acknowledged by John Diggle to be a "Laurel Lance wannabe". Evelyn's level-headedness caused her to often clash with Rene Ramirez due to his reckless and disobedient nature, though she developed a camaraderie with Rory Regan and Curtis Holt, whom she often sparred with. Evelyn briefly expressed an attraction to Rory and was pleased when he started to smile more often.

After learning that Oliver was also the "the Hood" and "the Arrow" respectively, Evelyn came to greatly resent him, having known several individuals from the List who he'd killed, and deemed Oliver a hypocrite and false hero. This new-found resentment, combined with her lingering hatred towards him for her parents' deaths, drove Evelyn to betray Oliver and ally with Adrian Chase. She even provided Adrian with showing on the other members of Team Arrow, which lead to Billy Malone's death, proving that Evelyn's obsession with taking Oliver down outweighed any regard for her teammates and their loved ones. Evelyn has become quite hypocritical and delusional, claiming that "this city needs to be saved from [Oliver]" when she is actually a villain herself in allying with Adrian, knowing full well that the latter is far more evil than Oliver ever was, having committed a killing spree just to make a point.

While Evelyn claims to be aligning with Adrian to avenge her family, she completely disregarded that Oliver got justice for her parents by killing Damien Darhk. Evelyn has lost any sense of morality and honor, becoming cruel and sadistic; in her desire to destroy Oliver, she didn't raise any objections to Adrian hurting more bystanders in his plan and continued recklessly supporting him. Evelyn went as far as to aid Adrian in psychologically torturing Oliver and callously taunted him when he finally broke. She even helped kidnap and was willing to personally kill all of Oliver's family and friends if required, including his young son, William, and William's mother, Samantha Clayton, becoming just as despicable as her parents' murderers.

Upon betraying Team Arrow, Evelyn seems to have lost all respect for her idol, Laurel, possibly due to the latter's connection to Oliver; she worked with Earth-2 Laurel Lance to emotionally taunt and capture Quentin Lance, Laurel's father.

Evelyn is easy to manipulate as Adrian claimed it was not difficult to pit her against Oliver.

Evelyn blindly trusted Prometheus's team and genuinely believed their actions were for the good of the city. She grew smug and arrogant towards Team Arrow, believing them to be inferior in comparison, despite being no match for them on her own. This arrogance, combined with her self-righteous grudge against Oliver, earned Evelyn no respect from Adrian or his allies, given how Talia al Ghul and Digger Harkness abandoned her at the first opportunity. Even after being abandoned and subsequently captured, Evelyn displayed no guilt or remorse for her actions, simply mocking Oliver and Team Arrow over their failure to defeat Adrian, proving just how far gone she is.


Evelyn training with Curtis.

  • Acrobatics/Free-running: As a former gymnast, Evelyn can move gracefully over obstacles and fluidly scale fences. She is also adept in parkour, capable of scaling her surroundings in battle[1][6] and even flipping off of moving vehicles without injuring herself.[9] Later, Evelyn was able to easily jump a great height from a tree to the ground.[13]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: Evelyn had some rudimentary hand-to-hand combat skills, able to beat up Alex Davis and knock him unconscious.[1] After being trained by Oliver Queen, she became skilled enough to easily defeat armed criminals without assistance. Evelyn was able to hold her own for a time against Prometheus and tag him during their encounter,[2] though it's heavily implied he purposefully held back.[10] Ultimately, Evelyn's skills are no match for Oliver's as she was easily beaten by him twice.[7][13]
    • Expert stick-fighter: Evelyn was trained in stick-fighting during her time with Team Arrow. Along with Curtis Holt, she could hold her own against the expert assassin Scimitar for a brief time. Also, like Oliver and his past protégés, Evelyn uses her bow as a blunt weapon in close combat, as shown during her fight with Prometheus.
    • Skilled markswoman: Evelyn is highly skilled in the use of firearms. She was able to shoot two bodyguards with a pistol before they could respond[1] and use a tranquilizer gun to subdue Thea Queen, Quentin Lance, and multiple A.R.G.U.S. guards.[12]
      • Expert archer: As "Artemis", Evelyn uses a green recurve bow and has been extensively trained by Oliver in archery. During her confrontation with Prometheus, Evelyn managed to hit him with an arrow, although it was ineffective. She was also able to disarm Rene Ramirez of his guns with a single shot.
  • High-level intellect/Skilled tactician: Evelyn was noted to be a star pupil at her high school, being excellent in her studies and never missing a day of school. Her status profile/missing persons report also showed her to be a regarded academic decathlete and a very well-read individual. Evelyn formulated a plan to take down H.I.V.E.'s members by using the knowledge she gained as their prisoner, all while avoiding both the organization and Team Arrow's surveillance.[1] Later, with the help of Black Siren, she attacked a heavily guarded A.R.G.U.S. safe house to capture Thea and Quentin.[12]
    • Expert of deception/Manipulator: Evelyn is incredibly manipulative and a convincing liar; after joining Prometheus's team, she was able to keep her betrayal hidden from Team Arrow for weeks whilst secretly spying on them for the enemy. Later while helping Prometheus torture Oliver, Evelyn was able to fool the latter into believing that Prometheus abused her and she regretted siding with him, going as far as to play dead for a while.
    • Expert engineer: Evelyn was knowledgeable enough in mechanics to further improve the Canary Cry, which was built by accomplished scientist and engineer Cisco Ramon. She was able to make the sonic weapon work with her vocal cords and produce screams at much higher decibels.[1]
  • Stealth: Evelyn snuck in and out of Laurel Lance's hospital room at Starling General undetected.[1] Later, working with Black Siren, she was able to infiltrate a safe house and systematically take out the guards. While Thea and Quentin were distracted by Black Siren, Evelyn silently approached and tranquilized them.[12] On Lian Yu, Evelyn was able to stay hidden with Talia al Ghul in a tree and ambush Oliver.[13]


  • Artemis suit: As "Artemis", Evelyn used a new suit as a part of her vigilante appearance. The Artemis suit consists of black and dark green clothing for camouflage, allowing Evelyn to pursue and stalk her enemies more effectively. She also wore a black mask to conceal her identity.
  • Customized recurve bow: As "Artemis", Evelyn used a green recurve bow for archery and as a melee weapon.
  • Guns: While masquerading as Black Canary, Evelyn stole firearms from a gun ring, which she used in her attacks against H.I.V.E.. After joining Prometheus's team, guns became Evelyn's primary weapon and she carried at least two sidearms on her person.

Former equipment

Evelyn as the Black Canary.

  • Black Canary suit: Evelyn produced a black leather suit of her own in order to imitate Laurel Lance/Black Canary. This suit appeared relatively identical to Laurel's, enough to convince most individuals who didn't know Black Canary personally of her deception. She also wore a black mask, different from Laurel's, to hide her identity. After dropping the moniker, Evelyn stopped using the suit.
  • Canary Cry: In her crusade as the Black Canary, Evelyn stole Laurel's Canary Cry to fight crime. However, she modified the device; its sonic waves have become so powerful, even Green Arrow's special earplugs couldn't protect his ears. After dropping the moniker of Black Canary, Evelyn continued to use the Canary Cry for her other vigilante activities in Star City. Upon taking on the mantle of "Artemis" though, she returned the sonic weapon to Team Arrow.
  • Baton: As the Black Canary, Evelyn carried a black baton, though she was never seen using it.
  • Blonde wig: Evelyn wore a dark blonde wig similar to Laurel's hair color to hide her identity as Black Canary.



Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7


Concept artwork


  • According to Evelyn's status profile/missing persons report from "Canary Cry", her two favorite quotes are:
    • "Don’t tell anybody anything. If you do, you start missing everybody." — J. D. Salinger and The Catcher in the Rye
    • "A dreamer is one who can only find his way by moonlight, and his punishment is that he sees the dawn before the rest of the world. "— Oscar Wilde
  • Evelyn turned 17 off-screen after the events of "Canary Cry", as noted by Curtis Holt in "So It Begins" when he made her decline an alcoholic beverage that Rory Regan initially offered.
    • This makes Evelyn the youngest member of Team Arrow.
  • Evelyn mentioned that she knows several names on The List, possibly implying that her family may have had criminal ties and/or an affluent background.[2]
  • Evelyn shares many similarities with Carrie Cutter/Cupid:
    • Both were top students and gymnasts at their respective schools.
    • Both are archers codenamed after Greek/Roman deities.
    • Both have a personal grudge of some sorts with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow.
    • Both joined a team of villains during Season 5.
  • After her former idol, Laurel Lance, Evelyn is the second person to bear the codename "Black Canary".
  • Evelyn is the only person present on Lian Yu during the explosions whose current fate and whereabouts remain unknown.
    • She is also the only known member/ally of Prometheus's team whose status remains unknown.
  • Evelyn is the only recruit from Season 5 who never reconciled with Oliver after betraying Team Arrow.

Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Evelyn Crawford starts out as an ally of Dinah Drake/Black Canary in the New 52 continuity, known under the vigilante alias Starling. She was the first to join Dinah's crimefighting group, the Birds of Prey. However, Evelyn later betrayed the Birds of Prey to Mr. Freeze.
    • On Arrow, "Crawford" is Evelyn's middle name rather than her surname.
    • Similarly to her comic counterpart's betrayal, Evelyn was one of the first new recruits of Team Arrow until she defected to Prometheus.
    • In the comics, Evelyn has red hair and green eyes while in the Arrowverse, she has brown hair and hazel eyes. Also, she is a teenager rather than Laurel's age.
  • Evelyn's identity as Artemis is the name of several characters in the DC canon. The Arrowverse version is based off Artemis Crock, the only one with a previous connection to Green Arrow, specifically the revamped version of the character from the TV series, Young Justice. However, while multiple people have donned the mantle of Artemis, Evelyn is not one of them.
  • The cast calling name for her was Rebecca.[15]
  • Madison McLaughlin was supposed to appear in the series finale ("Fadeout") of Arrow to reveal Evelyn's fate, but couldn't due to scheduling conflicts.[16]