An unnamed man (died December 2015) was a resident of Star City and an involuntary test subject of H.I.V.E.. He was the husband of a late unnamed woman and the father of Evelyn Sharp.


Around Christmas 2015, the man and his family got involved in the following of Damien Darhk and became test subjects for H.I.V.E., heavily implied to have been drugged into submission with suggestion pills. Team Arrow was later present at Reddington Industrial, where they were being held, but were unable to set the prisoners free from the grasp of H.I.V.E.. When Malcolm Merlyn destroyed the facility, the man and his wife were among the dead while their daughter, Evelyn Sharp, managed to escape.[1] Their bodies were recovered from the wreckage on December 27. According to their autopsies, the man and his wife died of hypoxia in H.I.V.E.'s gas chambers.[2]



Season 4

Season 5


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