Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson,[1] better known as Lady Eve, is the former owner of Blackbird Funeral Parlor and the former liaison between the A.S.A. and The 100 as well as a formal member of the Shadow Board. She now owns a brothel called The Ultimate O after being brought back to life.


At some point, she was a member of the A.S.A., and was taught by Peter Gambi.[2] She attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School on behalf of Blackbird Funeral Parlor.[3] She was later visited by Tobias Whale, who hoped to make amends for Lala by giving her cash. She informed him of Jeremiah Holt's intention to march against The 100, requesting he be taken out.[4] Soon following, Whale visited Lady Eve during an irregular biopsy. She reminded him that his reputation was built on the belief that he had killed Black Lightning, but with the vigilante roaming the streets, it was dwindling.[5]

Disappointed with Tobias, Lady Eve sent some ground up albino dust to him in an envelope.[6] She soon sent goons to raid Lynn Stewart's lab at Bowman College to find classified documents, unbeknownst to them that Lynn would still be there. Because of this, Lady Eve was visited by Peter Gambi, who reminded her that the Pierce family was off limits. She also questioned as to the metahuman that had attacked her crew, but he feigned ignorance.[2]

Lady Eve was visited by Gambi, who asked her to stop Tobias, as he was a problem. She refused, however, explaining that Tobias made her a lot of money, instead suggesting he kill Joey Toledo. Days later, as Eve went to leave her funeral parlor, flanked by security, she was ambushed by assailants with electrical guns. Though successfully taking all of them out, one emerged from a casket, killing her.[1]

Resurrection and back to business

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  • Business Management/Tactical Analysis/Expert Leader/Intimidation: Lady Eve is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.
  • Expert markswoman: As a crimelord, Evelyn is skilled in the use of firearms.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Lady Eve is an underling of the super-villain Kobra and a high-ranking member of the Kobra Cult.


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