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Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson,[1] better known as Lady Eve, (died 2018; resurrected 2020) is the leader of the Kobra Cartel, the former owner of Blackbird Funeral Parlor and the former liaison between the A.S.A. and The 100, as well a formal member of the Shadow Board. She now owns a brothel called The Ultimate O after being brought back to life.


Original multiverse

Early life

At some point, she joined the Shadow Board and A.S.A., and was taught by Peter Gambi.[2]

Lady Eve was an old friend of Lazarus Prime, who taught him some of her tricks.[3]


She attended a fundraiser at Garfield High School on behalf of Blackbird Funeral Parlor.[4]

Lady Eve in her hideout.

She was later visited by Tobias Whale, who hoped to make amends for Lala by giving her cash. She informed him of Jeremiah Holt's intention to march against The 100, requesting he be taken out.[5] Soon following, Whale visited Lady Eve during an irregular biopsy. She reminded him that his reputation was built on the belief that he had killed Black Lightning, but with the vigilante roaming the streets, it was dwindling.[6]

Disappointed with Tobias, Lady Eve sent some ground up albino dust to him in an envelope.[7] She soon sent goons to raid Lynn Stewart's lab at Bowman College to find classified documents, unbeknownst to them that Lynn would still be there. Because of this, Lady Eve was visited by Peter Gambi, who reminded her that the Pierce family was off limits. She also questioned as to the metahuman that had attacked her crew, but he feigned ignorance.[2]


Lady Eve was visited by Gambi, who asked her to stop Tobias, as he was a problem. She refused, however, explaining that Tobias made her a lot of money, instead suggesting he kill Joey Toledo. Days later, as Eve went to leave her funeral parlor, flanked by security, she was ambushed by assailants with lightning guns. Though successfully taking all of them out, one emerged from a casket, killing her.[1]

New multiverse

At some point in the history of Earth-Prime, Eve was killed by Tobias Whale because Peter Gambi killed Joey Toledo; blaming Gambi, Eve put a hit out on Gambi, though her assassins failed.[8]

Quest for dominance

Lady Eve makes a deal with Lala.

Lady Eve was resurrected by Lazarus Prime and she became the head of the Ultimate O, a club that serves as headquarters for Kobra Cartel, her new gang. When Devonte Jones visited the club he found out she was alive, recording a video and sending it to Lala. Devonte returns to Ultimate O with Lala, with the latter demanding to see Lady Eve, Destiny denies it and then Lala threatens her with a gun. Lady Eve just appears and saves her, inviting them to go to her office to make a deal. She starts to develop some competition with Lala and the remnants of the 100.[9]

Lady Eve laid her payment to Lala on her desk at the Ultimate O for Devonte to collect; he doubted that it was the full amount, but Lady Eve assured him that it was. As he counted, Lady Eve asked him to have some fun, but Devonte was there for business, not pleasure. Eve explained that, since Lala won't partake, it was the duty of a lieutenant to test the product that she delivers to Freeland. With a smile, Devonte was persuaded to go to the brothel and select a woman. Soon after, Destiny arrived and the two watched Devonte with Shalon as they discussed the briefcase Lala had that originally belonged to Tobias Whale. Lady Eve wanted a meeting with Lala.

At the meeting, Lady Eve asks for the briefcase, but Lala refuses, threatening to raise his fee; Lady Eve then reveals that she was the true leader of the Shadow Board and is his true master. To demonstrate her power, she takes control of Lala's body and has him sit quietly on the floor beneath her.

After the eye of one of her twin minions was ripped out by Peter Gambi, she meets with him. She gives him the briefcase that Lala planned to use to lure out Tobias Whale, telling Gambi that she will cancel her bounty.[8]

Lady Eve and Odell.

Lady Eve later meets with Agent Odell about getting her spot on the Shadow Board back in exchange for information on where the briefcase is. In their discussion, she mentioned to Odell that Lazarus Prime is still around. Later, Lady Eve met with Lala about whom he can ask about Tobias Whale's last known location.[10]

War for Freeland

She later meets with Major Sara Grey informing her that the briefcase is with Peter Gambi. Grey states that her reinstatement in the Shadow Board will happen and plans to have her relocated to Gotham City. Figuring out that the A.S.A. will nuke Freeland if the Markovians can't be defeated, Lady Eve and her men get into a shootout with Major Grey and those with her. A wounded Lady Eve gets away and contacts Destiny to have Lala and the remnants of the 100 fight the Markovian invaders.[11]

One year later

The 100 is in a bloody war with the Kobra Cartel,[12] led by Lady Eve and seconded by Destiny. Chief Ana Lopez of the Freeland Police Department made sure that her officers knew who the leaders were.[13]


Eve was cold and calculating, she was just as bad at manipulative.


  • Business Management/Tactical Analysis/Expert Leader/Intimidation: Lady Eve is a highly intelligent individual, an excellent tactician and leader.
  • Expert markswoman: As a crimelord, Evelyn is skilled in the use of firearms.


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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC Comics, Lady Eve is an underling of the super-villain Kobra and a high-ranking member of the Kobra Cult.
  • Darcel Danielle was a stunt double for Jill Scott in the role of Evelyn Stillwater-Ferguson.