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"The world is full of liars. People who hide things from us. People who manipulate and control us. I should know. Some of the best liars are people from my own family. But in my life, there was someone who reminded me that truth was always the better way. And she is the person we are here tonight to celebrate. Kara Danvers."
Lena Luthor's speech on Kara Danvers

"Event Horizon" is the first episode of the fifth season of Supergirl, and the eighty-eighth episode overall. It aired on October 6, 2019.



Obsidian North (Earth-38)

Obsidian North

The scene opens with a wild bus, however Supergirl makes all the difference. Lena appears and goes up against her, calling her by her civilian name and punches her into the school bus making it explode. In reality, this is a computer simulation. The AI running it discloses to her that it can help her to truly murder Supergirl - Lena tells the AI that she is not a villain and she really does not want to kill Supergirl, only make her hurt.

Noonan's is currently supported by Obsidian North tech and everybody is occupied with their own virtual reality because of tech in contacts made by Obsidian North. Kelly currently works there and is dating Alex. Brainy and Nia are additionally dating now. Kara is disappointed by all the tech and it's uncovered that she has won a Pulitzer Prize for her inclusion of Lex Luthor. She's additionally abstaining from coming clean with Lena. At CatCo, Andrea Rojas appears and Kara welcomes her and turns out that Lena sold CatCo to her and she's taking over as Editor in Chief.

At the National City gallery a gathering of children are visiting a show about Krypton and Superman when one of the children's eyes begins gleaming and rejuvenates a dinosaur sculpture. Lena and Kara meet with Lena uncovering that she sold CatCo. Kara is going to come clean with Lena when she gets the call about the dinosaur circumstance. At the gallery, Supergirl and J'onn attempt to battle the dinosaur yet battle and the dinosaur recoils down then takes off in Superman's unit. At the D.E.O. they make sense of the outsider is could be utilizing the unit to make a seriously amazing bomb and find Supergirl's cape is likewise destroyed.

Lena defies Andrea about the CatCo circumstance and it's reasonable they have a more profound relationship with Lena intending to convey Andrea a significant story. Somewhere else, the young lady from the historical center uses something from the unit to open an entry and out strolls Midnight. At CatCo, Andrea uncovers that there's another staff writer coming and they will be about content that promotes sale revenue now. They're additionally and unexpectedly on new three-year contracts and if they leave, they won't have the option to work somewhere else.

DEO finds the case and it is a Phantom Zone projector. It occurs to every one that this is a trap. Midnight appears and she's after J'onn. They all battle, yet Midnight escapes. Midnight once agreed with the White Martians and J'onn halted her; however he can't recall how.

James visits his sister and Kelly offers him guidance to consider what he truly needs. Andrea acquaints Kara with the new person, William Dey, and Andrea has given him Kara's story to rework. Kara faces Andrea. At the Pulitzer party, Brainy presents to Kara a minuscule gadget that contains her new suit and joins it to her glasses. Kara spots Lena and goes to converse with her, admitting her mystery character. Lena presents Kara for her honor and discloses to her that she will consistently be her closest companion. At that point, Midnight appears and Kara gets ready before Lena just because she has pants.



Midnight begins to make a black hole and J'onn gets kicked into it by Midnight before Alex dispatches her. Supergirl follows J'onn in the occasion skyline and utilizations her forces to wreck the dark opening while the shapeshifter kid watches. At CatCo, Andrea is going ballistic about not having the record Lena guaranteed when James strolls in and stops.

Brainy is as yet terrified of being a miscreant subsequent to having harmed Nia last season. She consoles him and they kiss. At J'onn's office, the shapeshifter uncovers himself to be J'onn's sibling however J'onn doesn't appear to know him. Supergirl goes to visit Lena and gives her one of the sign watches, yet secretly Lena hasn't excused her. She needs to utilize Supergirl. Somewhere else, Eve leaves a cafe where she works and is abducted by an inconspicuous aggressor.



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  • This episode takes place one month after "The Quest for Peace".
  • This is the first episode of Supergirl to feature Azie Tesfai (Kelly Olsen), Andrea Brooks (Eve Teschmacher), Julie Gonzalo (Andrea Rojas), and Staz Nair (William Dey) as series regulars.
  • In debating the greatest movie villain of all time, Nia suggests Hannibal Lecter (likely The Silence of the Lambs iteration), Brainy suggests Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, Kara suggests Voldemort from Harry Potter, and Alex suggests Hans Gruber from Die Hard. Kelly later suggests Hans Gruber, agreeing with Alex.
  • When the Superfriends fight Midnight, "Supermassive Black Hole" by Muse plays, which is subsequently followed by Midnight creating a black hole above them.
  • This episode markes the debut of Kara's new skirtless superhero suit. The costume's cape was the major reason for the re-design, as it was so heavy that Melissa Benoist needed to wear a corset to be able to fight in it.
  • The episodes logo materializing also foreshadows how Kara’s new suit materializes from her glasses.
  • The Phantom Zone Projector resembles the Phantom Zone Projector from The Lego Batman Movie
  • In the comics, M1dn1ght was computer code incarnate created by Lena Luthor and unintentionally brought to life by Superwoman. M1dn1ght was programmed to free Lena from her dimensional prison.
  • Brainiac mentions Takron-Galtos in a conversation with Supergirl. In the Legion of Super-Heroes continuity, by the 30th Century T-G serves as the "prison planet" for the United Planets. In comics dating to 2011, it was revealed that Takron-Galtos is actually the planet Earth after humanity has abandoned their home planet and moved to the artificially-constructed New Earth.
  • Andrea's plans for a "new CatCo" involve transforming it from an award-winning and trusted news magazine to a revenue-driven content farm focusing on "clicks" more than serious writing. Just days before the episode premiered, Sports Illustrated cut over 40 percent of its staffers and announced a plan much like Andrea's own.
  • Brainy had seen The Devil Wears Prada and considers Miranda Priestly to be the greatest villain of movies; due to how her heartless and logical choices remind Brainy of how he was after the reboot on Liberty Island.


  • Supergirl's cape is made of a durable Kryptonian material, having withstood worse than simply being tossed by a Martian into a banner.
  • Andrea announces she changed the CatCo contracts. However, she actually has to get the employees to willingly sign them since if Andrea brought in a new contract; it makes their previous agreements null and void.