"The Exchange Building is surrounded by three towers with eye lines into the building. Lawton can get his kill shot off from virtually anywhere, but I can't cover the area. I can't protect all of Deadshot's targets. I can't do this alone."
Oliver Queen[src]

The Exchange Building is a structure located in Star City. It is where the auction of Unidac Industries took place.


The Exchange full of people for the Undiac bid.

In October 2012, the Exchange Building was the host to an auction for Unidac Industries, a highly sought-after technology company that was secretly responsible for the creation of the Markov Device. Under orders from Warren Patel, one of the businessmen interested in purchasing Unidac, Floyd Lawton/Deadshot attacked the Exchange and the auction attendees inside, aiming to take out the other bidders. Lawton was soon incapacitated by the Hood, and Patel was arrested for facilitating the attack. Unidac was eventually sold to Walter Steele, the CEO of Queen Consolidated.[1]



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