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For the Black Lightningepisode, see "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus".
For the vehicle, see Exodus (spaceship).
"'A halb emes iz a gants lign', as my grandmother from the shtetl would say: A half-truth is a whole lie."
Snapper Carr

"Exodus" is the fifteenth episode of the second season of Supergirl, and the thirty-fifth episode overall. It aired on March 6, 2017.




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The scene opens with a family getting pulled over by a cop for a messed up tail light. The cop offers to help fix it, however it turns out it's a Cadmus snare. The family are outsiders and they end up in the rear of a Cadmus van.

Back at the DEO, Winn tells Supergirl and the remainder of the group about the most recent Cadmus kidnapping, which is the 26th in a week. Winn proposes that Jeremiah has shown Cadmus how to sneak by the DEO's radar, so J'onn proclaims Jeremiah an outsider warrior. In the interim, Supergirl needs to caution National City's outsider populace about Cadmus' danger, so she offers to compose an article for CatCo to get the word out.

Be that as it may, Snapper won't run Kara's article, as she just has one hotspot for the story. Kara recommends that, in lieu of a subsequent source, Snapper interviews Supergirl by and by.

At the outsider bar, Alex fixates on why her dad turned on the DEO. Alex is persuaded that Jeremiah has a ulterior thought process in favoring Cadmus and Maggie says that when the DEO discovers him, Alex will be there to secure him. In the mean time, Winn acquaints Jimmy with his better half Lyra. Cadmus out of nowhere assaults the bar and grabs Lyra and the remainder of the outsiders, despite the fact that Maggie, Alex, Jimmy, and Winn all set up a battle. On account of Guardian, they do figure out how to catch one of the Cadmus goons before they escape.

Back at the DEO, Winn goes nuts about losing Lyra. He even ventures to undermine Jeremiah, however Mon-El attempts to quiet him down. Alex in the mean time makes a beeline for the cells and fires thrashing the Cadmus goon to get him to talk. J'onn surges in and stops Alex before she executes him. A short time later, Alex says she's fine, yet J'onn looks a long way from persuaded.

Supergirl meets with Snapper to affirm Kara's story. Be that as it may, Snapper needs Supergirl's source, even in private. Since Supergirl won't uncover the DEO's presence, Snapper will not move.

Jeremiah appears at Alex's condo and says that Cadmus is set up to execute all the outsiders, yet that Alex can stop them by getting an attractive field disruptor from the DEO's vaults. When Alex consents to help, Jeremiah changes into J'onn and says that it was a test...a test she didn't pass. J'onn suspends Alex until the current emergency is finished.

The REAL Jeremiah discloses to Lillian that Exodus is practically prepared, as Cadmus drives the outsiders into an enormous looking spaceship.

Alex asks Kara to have J'onn returned working on this issue, yet Kara believes that Alex is undermined as well. Kara guarantees that nothing will happen to Jeremiah, yet she surges out before Alex can get a word in. While Kara won't help Alex, Maggie says she will and asks where they should begin.

Kara runs into Lena at CatCo (they should eat) and Kara vents to her about Snapper. Lena proposes that Kara just compose a blog cautioning the outsiders, in spite of the fact that Kara takes note of that Snapper would kill her. Kara likewise approaches Lena for help finding the missing outsiders, utilizing either L-Corp innovation or pieces of information abandoned by her mom.

Alex and Maggie snare the Cadmus trap group and take a GPS out of the Cadmus van. Alex says she can discover Cadmus now, yet she discloses to Maggie she needs to do this by itself.

While going through L-Corp's financials, Lena understands that an as far as anyone knows shut down maritime site her organization possesses was dynamic. Her aide (a Cadmus sleeper) contacts Lillian, who advises her to "divert" Lena away from their arrangements.

Alex discovers Cadmus' base, yet rapidly gets captured. Jeremiah strolls up and says that Alex is with her. Jeremiah clarifies that Cadmus isn't executing the outsiders: they're sending them once again into space. He additionally discloses that Cadmus took steps to murder Alex and Kara except if he consented to support them.

Mon-El advises Kara to distribute her article, since it's the best activity. Directly after she distributes it, Lena gets and says she made sense of where Cadmus is...right before some Cadmus goons assault her in her office. One of the goons coincidentally pushes Lena off her office's overhang, yet Supergirl dips in to make all the difference.

Back at Cadmus, Lillian pushes up the course of events for Exodus in the wake of perusing Kara's article. Alex uncovers that she planted bombs on the office and requests that her father stop the Exodus dispatch. Jeremiah concurs, however Lillian claims its absolutely impossible to stop the dispatch. Alex sheets the boat to attempt to prevent the dispatch from within, while Henshaw ambushes Jeremiah.

On the boat, Alex liberates the outsider detainees and advances toward the cockpit. Be that as it may, an optional door craps the detainees in as the spaceship takes off into the environment. Alex calls Winn for help to land the boat, while Supergirl flies in to help moderate the boat down.

Back at Cadmus, Henshaw beats Jeremiah by utilizing his laser vision.

The outsider boat's robotized protections begin discharging at Supergirl, yet she freezes the firearms and attempts to genuinely back the boat off from the front. Supergirl utilizes crude power to short the boat's motors directly before it dispatches into lightspeed.

Winn reunites with Lyra at the outsider bar, however Kara's arrival to CatCo isn't close to as fortunate. Snapper fires Kara for running the story, despite the fact that she wound up being correct.

Alex's gathering with her manager goes much more easily. J'onn apologizes to Alex and says he was just attempting to secure her. Alex gets formally restored.

Mon-El carries potstickers to Kara's loft to comfort her about losing her employment. Kara says she adored her activity, yet Mon-El says that she has such a great amount to offer the world. Kara says that perhaps simply being Supergirl and dating Mon-El is sufficient.

The scene closes with two hooded outsiders who look simply like Kevin Sorbo and Teri Hatcher showing up at Earth on their monster risky spaceship.





  • The Exodus is a star-ship, meaning it is designed to operate in space, where temperatures can approach absolute zero, so the hull is designed to withstand extreme cold; is highly unlikely that it would be affected by Supergirl's freeze breath.
  • Winn warned Alex that the ship would enter light speed and be across the universe 20 seconds later, but it took Supergirl more than a minute from that time to stop the ship before it made the hyperspace jump.