For the Supergirl episode, see "Exodus".
For the Black Lightningepisode, see "The Book of Rebellion: Chapter One: Exodus".

The Exodus is a spaceship who has the ability of interplanetary travel through light speed.


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  • Bridge: The bridge is where the ship is piloted, It has a dark interior, Multiple command stations, and a large panoramic view of the outside with a red HUD system that activated when it registered supergirl as a threat.
  • Boarding and Holding area: This is where all the aliens were held.
  • Engine room: The engine room is where Exodus engines are kept, little technical information is knowing however the exodus is a Hoshin Frigate, The best in the Kazark fleet. It can travel at light-speed and according to Winn it will jump to the other side of the universe when the countdown is complete after Lillian Luthor set its course for Takron-Galtos


  • Extendable energy cannon: This ship features a large extendable energy gun that appears to be motion-activated like when Supergirl flys by and registers her as a threat, however, It is no match for her while it can push her back and interrupt her comms she is easily able to destroy it with her freeze breath.

Known occupants


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