Fa'ra'too'rik, also called H'ronmeer's curse,[1] is a curse placed on the Green Martians to prevent brothers from fighting.


After Phobos and Deimos's rivalry led to a great deal of bloodshed on Mars, a curse, Fa'ra'too'rik, was placed upon Green Martians, that would cause any brothers that fought to be inflicted with a great deal of mental agony.[2]

After J'onn and Malefic J'onzz came into contact,[3] Fa'ra'too'rik took effect, causing a large amount of pain for both brothers, before J'onn was ultimately cured with Q-waves by Kelly Olsen, also curing Malefic as a result.[2]

Later, Malefic disguised himself as Pete Andrews to trick Kelly into reseting his brain so that his power of inception could be restored. When J'onn arrived to help Kelly, he went to attack Malefic, once again inflicting them with H'ronmeer's curse.[1]

J'onn later disguised himself as Kelly to lure out Malefic. When he revealed himself as J'onn, Malefic reminded him that J'onn could not hurt Malefic without hurting himself.[4]

Malefic offers to let Lena study his mind if she removes the barrier in his brain that prevents him from attacking J'onn, to which she accepts.[5]



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