Facet Jens is a former guard of Fort Rozz originated from Barrio Prime who worked to take down Supergirl.


Early life

A thousand years ago, she was formed on the planet Barrio Prime. At some point, Facet worked at Magin prison and during the Magin uprising, she was the only guard left standing due to her physiology which made her the "Hand of Krypton" thousands of years later, she was nominated leader of Fort Rozz by Alura Zor-El. All those years working in the penal system made her one of the reason why Fort Rozz was a prison that nobody dared to escape due to her ruthless direction. At some point, when Fort Rozz crashed on Earth, she made an underground base where she gathered information of Kara Zor-El so that one day, she would become a judge like her mother.[1]

Facing Kara Zor-El

In 2016, Facet has gathered enough information to execute her plan which was sending Caren Falqnerr/Rampage against Kara's sister,[2] sending Vril Dox against Winn Schott,[3] and Psi against Kara.[4] They still manage to track her to her base where a fight happened between them, but they escape.[5] Later, she had Vril Dox to hack the D.E.O. system and to announce a message about all agents upcoming death. Later, she broke into Eliza Danvers house to held her hostage.[6] An hour later, she kept Eliza hostage in order to negotiate a deal with Kara to force her to become a judge like her mother but Kara attacked her.[7] Kara brought her to space, there, she left her until she hurt the ground and had a brief fight with Kara until she realized that Psi betrayed her since Psi made her believe that Eliza was in the house. She discovered that the D.E.O. has prevented the breakout and her arm was ripped of by a weapon the D.E.O. designed to kill her. Defeated, she surrendered.[8]

Powers and abilities


  • Unknown physiology: Her physiology of being made essentially of diamonds made her one of the most persistent survivors.[1]
    • Natural regeneration: Naturally, with time, a broken part of her body could regenerate herself.[8]


  • Inertron: If bullets are made of Inertron, it could be deadly to her species.[8]



Adventures of Supergirl


  • Facet is from the same species of Chaselon (a.k.a. Alpha Lantern), a sphere shaped crystalline being, who is the Green Lantern of Sector 1416 in the comics.
  • Facet Jens served as the main antagonist of the Adventures of Supergirl comic series.


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