"Oh! I get it. You guys don't have facial transmogrification technology on this Earth."
"No. We certainly do not."
H.R. Wells and Caitlin Snow[src]

A facial transmogrification device is a device created on Earth-19 that allows people to take on the appearance of other people.


H.R. used one of these devices to disguise him as his partner Randolf Morgan as "Harrison Wells" was a known murderer on Earth-1.[1]

To extract a source of energy from A.R.G.U.S., Barry used the device to impersonate Lyla Michaels, the organization's director, since the real Lyla denied him the source of energy. "Lyla" brought Leonard Snart and claimed to be taking him in to lock-up. When "Lyla" could not answer a security question, Barry knocked out the agents, and revealed his true likeness.[2]

H.R. used the transmogrification device to save Iris West from Savitar by switching appearances with her and fooling Killer Frost (then-supporter of Savitar) to realize Iris as H.R.. When Savitar apparently killed Iris, the dying H.R. restored his and Iris' real appearances, thereby revealing to Barry and the rest of the team that he sacrificed his life.[3]

Following the incident with Barry and Snart, A.R.G.U.S. took additional security measures to identify impostors using this sort of device by requiring DNA tests. When Clifford DeVoe used Ralph Dibny's powers to impersonate Diggle, he was required to give his DNA, although, by using Matthew Kim's powers, he was able to convince the machine that he was Diggle. DeVoe subsequently killed the agents with all the other powers he'd stolen from other bus metas.[4]

Team Flash also has a few of these devices on hand, as they used them to get into a vault the Young Rogues tried breaking into, allowing them to get inside unnoticed and foil their plans.[5]


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  • The facial transmogrification device serves the same purpose as Earth-38's image inducers, though the purpose of the latter is more commonly to help mask an alien's true appearance to help them fit in with society.


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