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For the DC's Legends of Tomorrow episode, see "Fail-Safe".
For the eponymous project, see Project 7734.

"Fail Safe" is the thirteenth episode of the first season of Superman & Lois, and the thirteenth episode overall. It aired on July 20, 2021.



The scene opens with Tal-Rho conversing with his dad's multi dimensional image, being castigated and manhandled to demonstrate that he's "the one," and afterward slices to Superman cross examining him at the DoD, asking where The Eradicator and Leslie Larr have gone. Tal will not say, or doesn't have the foggiest idea, and clues that all he hears, is the thing that's to him. After a short to and fro, Superman discloses to Tal that on the off chance that he will not show him where Larr is, he'll discover her himself, and from that point onward, they won't ever see each other again. At the Kents' home, the young men attempt to miss out on school, where there will be a get together to give the authority line on what occurred with "Morgan Edge," however Clark and Lois aren't sold.

At the Cushing's home, the civic chairman is telling Kyle and Lana that he is attempting to take a portion of the warmth locally off Kyle, yet he needs time. At school, Sarah and Jordan escape the gathering, while the football crew attempts to siphon Jonathan for replies regarding what the DoD is doing. The lovely young lady he has had his eye on approaches him and offers to run out of the school with him, as well.

At the paper, Chrissy and Lois are attempting to sort out the thing they will expound on the circumstance, and Chrissy comes down on Lois to get her dad to say something.

At the Kent ranch, Clark brings John Henry breakfast. Clark attempts to urge him to go work at the DoD, given his refined framework to follow Kryptonians, however John Henry says that he thinks he'll be continuing on whenever they have discovered Larr. As Clark goes to go, the framework flies to life: Larr is going to assault the DoD. Superman takes off, and John Henry gets ready in his shield.

Not long before she can hit the DoD, Superman removes Larr from the sky, and afterward John Henry shoots her with a red sun weapon, taking her out. Back in the workplace, Sam says he needs to take the Kryptonite and all the Kryptonite weapons and sink them to the lower part of the sea. Sam guarantees Clark that he, Lois, and the young men will be protected.

Cruising all over with the young lady he's squashing on, Jon observes her to be really meddlesome. In the mean time, Jordan and Sarah are strolling through the forest together.

In the neighborhood burger joint, one of the firemen comes in, and Kyle goes to make proper acquaintance. Three of Kyle's group are at a table together, however they all fault him for one of Edge's Kryptonians lighting a fire that almost killed one of them.

At the DoD, Lois is irate that her dad isn't giving an assertion. She is attempting to convince him to give a full and legitimate assertion, however he doesn't think the town or the world will be protected in the event that he recognizes anything huge of what simply occurred.

In flashback, Tal Rho believe she's all set out into the world, yet his dad advises him to hang out until the Eradicator shows up and they can start their arrangement. At the DoD, Rho attempts to persuade Superman that he should favor Kryptonians, revealing to him that he realizes he needs to control himself consistently so he doesn't kill everybody around him, and inquires as to whether it felt great to lose that control when Zod was in charge of him. Superman leaves.

At the paper, Chrissy is irate that Sam didn't give a public assertion, and attempts to corner Lois into advising her more, however when Lois will not, she blames Lois for misleading cover for the DoD and advises her to leave.

Stopped by a lake, Tegan begins squeezing Jon for data. He sorts out that she couldn't care less with regards to him, and just needs to be well known for separating data from him for tattle, and he passes on to head back home. Back at the Cushing house, Kyle is getting progressively furious that the town he lives for has pretty much repudiated him for his help of Edge, and proposes possibly it's an ideal opportunity to move.

On a scaffold over a lake (a similar one?), Jordan and Sarah are having a second when they're halted by a cop.

At the DoD, Sam is strolling Superman through the 7734 ordnance, and Superman reveals to him he can't help contradicting disposing, all things considered,

In the Kent outbuilding, John Henry is chatting with his PC when Jon comes in to visit. John Henry begins conversing with him before Clark comes in to inquire as to why Jon isn't in school. In the town square, Sam calls Lois to say he's stressed over Clark. At the Cushing house, Lana is stressed over Kyle, who is watching frantically for work away. She gets a call that Sarah and Jordan have been captured.

Back at the Kent ranch, Clark is conversing with Jon about playing hooky when Lois returns home furious at Clark for advising Sam to keep 7734 going. He discloses to her that the world merits the resources to protect himself from the main thing he can't guard them from, which is himself. Lois gets the call to rescue Jordan of prison and drives off furious.

After Lois and Lana get the children from the police headquarters, Lana catches the city hall leader advising one of the cops that the entire Edge thing was Kyle's thought. She explodes at him for lying, and Lois pulls her to the side to attempt to support her. After Lois returns home, she sends Jordan to his room and goes to converse with Clark around 7734. She reveals to him that he's off-base, yet Clark is persuaded that they need an arrangement. He echoes Rho's remarks concerning how great it felt to give up and not keep down with his forces, and clarifies that is the reason he thinks there should be some affirmation of a likelihood that he's corruptible. Lois at long last yields, yet says it's absolutely impossible that she's confiding in the DoD with the tech.

In the horse shelter, Clark tries out the plan to John Henry Irons, who says he'll call Sam. At the paper, Lois presents to Chrissy an explanation that is for the most part evident, and apologizes to Chrissy.

In flashback, Rho has a showdown with his dad, saying that when he discovers the Eradicator, he will enlist Superman to help him. He says that he will not d othings his dad's way, separating the visualization and throwing it to the side. In the present, in his phone, Rho rubs his sanctuaries, hearing voices in his mind. He says, "your direction is the main way. Farewell, father," and shuts his eyes. At the point when he opens them, they sparkle blue.

Back at the homestead house, Lois and Clark are shouting at the children for playing hooky. The children hit the hay, and Clark and Lois begin snuggling. At the DoD, Rho stands up and blows the glass out of his cell. His fundamental signs are gone, yet that doesn't prevent him from just leaving, harming various fighters as he does, and taking off before Superman can arrive. Superman shows up, then, at that point, flies to the environment to scan the planet for Rho. At the point when he can't discover him, he gets back to the DoD - however Rho is close to the sun, retaining as much force as possible. He hears his dad's voice repeating in his ears: "Become the Eradicator."



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