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"I would never hurt Grace."
"Then you'd let her grow up in a world of fear. Where there's someone out there hurting people like her. The cure, it will heal Grace and you.
"And why should I believe you, Flash?"
"Because I'm a father, too. My daughter, I love her more than I ever thought possible. I would do anything to make the world a better place for her. I think you would, too. So do it.
Orlin Dwyer and The Flash

"Failure is an Orphan" is the sixteenth episode of the fifth season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-eighth episode overall. It aired on March 12, 2019.



Nora's driving everyone up the wall on Team Flash so Barry and Iris make up a plan that causes Nora to leave STAR Labs. Barry gets an authentic caution and speeds off a neighborhood school, where a nearby criminal is drinking hydrochloric corrosive, which powers his forces to expel the corrosive through his hands.

After the assault, Nora understands the corrosive meta is the last meta Cicada pursued before Barry halted him. In the wake of experiencing the circumstance, Cisco epithets the new meta Acid Master. Soon thereafter, Cicada finds Acid Master in a dull back street. While he's assaulting, Killer Frost and Barry show up and have a go at persuading Cicada to take the cure.

Dwyer cannot and he circumvents, uncovering to Nora that the timetable has changed.

Joe's examining Dwyer's case with Cecile and he makes the acknowledgment that someone must fix Cicada up, implying that they'll be investigating nearby medical clinics and facilities. They head to address Dr. Ambres and Cecile discovers she's lying about her contribution with Dwyer and Grace. Joe releases the specialist since he doesn't have the right "premonition" and the two battle. Later on, Joe takes Ambres in to be interrogated to apologize to Cecile. In the end, Ambres uncovers that Grace is a meta.

Barry's ready to find Dwyer again and educates him that Grace is a meta. After Cicada will not trust him, Barry evacuates his cowl and uncovers his way of life as a dad. Dwyer consents to take the fix on the off chance that they fix both him and Grace.

They're experiencing the way toward regulating the fix when the ability to STAR Labs is cut and someone else dressed like Cicada breaks in. The new Cicada makes snappy work of Team Flash before going into the drug sound and slaughtering Ambres. The new Cicada escapes with an oblivious Dwyer.

The scene closes by uncovering the new Cicada is a grown-up Grace.

Different goodies from the scene:

All through the entire scene, Iris continues attempting to get Nora to quit helping stop Cicada since she's tragic to see her little girl return to her own time.

Nora advises Thawne that the metahuman fix is finished, however the reprobate prods "a person or thing enormous is coming."

Sherloque is proceeding with the examination concerning Nora's diary.



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  • In this episode, it is confirmed that the Cicada who resurfaces in the future is actually Grace Gibbons, rather than Orlin Dwyer.
    • In "Memorabilia"​​, an adult version of Grace dressed as Cicada appeared in Grace's mind, hinting that she would take up the mantle.
  • Eobard Thawne mentions Anthro, the first boy on Earth and Kamandi, the last boy on Earth. Both of these characters are from the comics and appeared in Crisis on Infinite Earths.
  • Nora mentions Element X when asking about any new meta-human targets for Cicada.
  • The title is a reference to the phrase "Success has many fathers while failure is an orphan" which means everyone wants credit for good outcomes but avoids the blame for negatives. It is likely in reference to Grace; a neglected orphan whose future self turns bitter as a result and becomes the new big-bad in this episode.
  • When Nora lists off the villains that the Flash has faced, she mentions Bette Sans Souci, aka Plastique, whom Jessica Parker Kennedy played in Smallville (2001).
  • Grace is the third known version of Cicada on Earth-1. The first was David Hersch (in an erased timeline) and the second was her uncle, Orlin Dwyer.


  • When any dark matter-based meta-human is near Cicada's dagger, they lose their powers. Yet, the Flash was able to speed Cicada to S.T.A.R. Labs, even though the latter had the dagger with him.
    • Furthermore, when Team Flash cures Cicada, Barry's speed returns, yet Cecile's empathy powers (which, like Barry's powers, originate from dark matter) enable her to sense Dwyer's emotions before the cure strips Orlin of his powers; thereby also rendering the dagger's dampening effects inactive.