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"I couldn't get the Bat-Light, so I yanked the door."
"You set this off?"
"My brother left for school and he never showed up. He's been gone for 3 months and nobody cares. Do you care, Batwoman?
Kevin Johnson's brother and Batwoman

"Fair Skin, Blue Eyes" is the fourth episode of the second season of Batwoman, and the twenty-fourth episode overall. It aired on February 14, 2021.



Young Ryan Wilder and Angelique Martin

Ryan and Angelique at the orphanage

Years ago, around the time that Beth Kane disappeared, Ryan Wilder was abducted by a child trafficker known as the Candy Lady. She was saved by Angelique Martin, who had noticed that her new friend had disappeared from the orphanage.

Presently, Batwoman interrogates a person addicted to Snakebite to learn who his dealer is; when she does, she chases him with the Batmobile and captures him. Suddenly, the alarm of a jewelry store activates. It is Kevin Johnson's brother who made it ring to get Batwoman's attention so she can search for Kevin who has disappeared for weeks.

Meanwhile, Jacob Kane has announced a million-dollar reward for information leading to Kate's return.

Luke Fox and Mary Hamilton have different reactions to the announcement, so Luke leaves to be in the company of another who has faith that Kate is alive.

Candice Long

Candy Lady.

Mary and Ryan research the possible whereabouts of Kevin, including the comic book store from where Ryan was abducted years ago. Learning that Ryan lives in her van with her plant, Mary asks Ryan to live with her in Kate Kane's penthouse above The Hold Up. There, the two peruse old clippings saved by Kate from Beth's disappearance and pinpoint the location of the house of the Candy Lady.

At Sophie Moore's condo, Alice tells Sophie that they need to find Ocean for Safiyah Sohail to give Kate back. Luke arrives and helps by calling Julia who narrows Ocean's residence to four locations. When Sophie goes to the most-likely location, she fights a robber until Alice arrives and scares the thief. Alice further explains that she needs to kill Ocean to obtain her sister's freedom before kicking Sophie unconscious.

Jacob gets a lead about what happened to Kate and goes to meet the informant. Simultaneously, Ryan meets with the Candy Lady, but gets attacked and knocked out. When Ryan awakes and frees herself from bondage, she fights the Candy Lady and learns that Kevin has been given to the False Face Society. When Jacob meets Rudy, Jacob is tasered by Kevin; Rudy is training Kevin to earn his mask in the gang.

Angelique talks to Ryan

Angelique Martin.

Just as Kevin is to kill Jacob, Batwoman attacks and saves Jacob. The two fight the gang members. Batwoman talks to Kevin and convinces him to renounce his membership and to surrender to Jacob.

Dana Dewitt announces the arrest of the Candy Lady as Sophie meets with Jacob about the importance of finding Kate before Alice does.

Alice has a weird pain when she sees a picture of Ocean; Ryan's Kryptonite poisoning grows worse.

The robber who was in Ocean's residence was Angelique who chooses to meet with Ryan and to rekindle their friendship.



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  • The title is a reference to Beth Kane's description when she was declared missing, just like in the comics.
    • The term also applies to the episode's plot and Ryan's personal experience that unless a missing child has these characteristics, a thorough search by the police will not occur, a trend which has been reported in real life.
  • According to showrunner Caroline Dries, the idea for the Candy Lady had been batting around the writers' room since Season 1; "The idea of the Candy Lady came straight out of the warped mind of [episode writer] Ebony Gilbert", but they scrapped the plans for her to go against Kate Kane because they didn't come off as personal enough.[1]
  • This episode marks when the Bat Team learn about Safiyah Sohail and Coryana.


  • Ryan says that she was 12 when she was kidnapped. However, Ryan was born on May 30, 1995,[2] which would make her 8 at the time of her kidnapping.
  • According to Kate's voiceover in "The Rabbit Hole", after months of no luck, the authorities eventually stopped helping the Kane family look for Beth so there's no way the search party in Ryan's memory could still be operating in October 2003, almost nine months after Beth's disappearance.
    • However, it's possible that Crisis changed how long the search party was active for.
  • There appears to be more jelly beans in the jar instead of less by the time Ryan escaped from the Candy Lady.
  • Alice says that nobody on Coryana had a last name, specifically mentioning Tatiana, Ocean, and Safiyah. However, Safiyah does have a last name: Sohail.
    • It should be noted that Alice said that in a sarcastic tone.