Fairies are beings with natural magical aptitude, particularly with the ability to warp reality on a small scale.


Fairies are small flying magical beings. Witches who possess a magic wand can become a Fairy Godmother and use reality-scale magic, similarly to real fairies.


Fairies have only been seen on Earth-1.


Legends meet the Fairy Godmother

The Legends meet the Fairy Godmother.

At some point, Tabitha obtained a magical wand that grants her the limitless powers of a fairy.

Tabitha began on Earth, her original role being to grant wishes to children whom she had a contract with. She had no power without the will of her host. Over time, she began to view her "godchildren" as "pets", and became annoyed when the more vain of them would ask for useless things like trinkets, like glass shoes, rather than carefully wishing for something more worthwhile. In the end, she was imprisoned in Mallus's realm by the humans she once served, which Tabitha described as a "dreadful dimension".[1]

Eventually, Tabitha was released from the realm accidentally by the Legends, when Mallus escaped. The Fairy Godmother was transported to Salem during the witch trials, where she met the daughter of an accused witch, Prudence Hawthorne. More than eager to help Prudence get her revenge, she influenced Prudence with promises of power, such as raining down fire and brimstone on the Puritans in Salem.[1]

However, Prudence was ultimately convinced by Sara Lance and Zari Tarazi to end her contract with Tabitha, renouncing her vengeance, leaving the Fairy Godmother with no host for her magic. John Constantine was then able to cast her into Hell, but not before offering her a contract with him so he defeat Neron. Tabitha refused, not wanting to bother Neron, so Constantine sent her into Hell.[1]

Tabitha was later released from Hell by her lover, none other than the demon Neron. Forcing Constantine to make a two-way portal to the hellish domain, he summoned Tabitha from Hell and brought her to her new host, Gary Green.[2]

An actual fairy, in the appearance of a little orb of green magic, was discovered by Gideon at the behest of Gary Green. She was causing panic at a British baking competition. It was kept on the Waverider with the other magical fugitives while Neron was in control of the Time Bureau. Furthermore, Nora Darhk was transformed into another Fairy Godmother, due to Tabitha transferring her powers (and her curse) upon her.[3][4]

Powers and abilities


Fairies are magical beings, so as such are able to use magic, although in a slightly more unique way, in terms of a Fairy Godmother.

  • Magic via Fairy Godmother's wand: Ordinary humans who possess a magic wand can gain the abilities of a fairy, but the wand seems to be most compatible with witches, experienced practitioners of magic:
    • Wish bestowal: Fairy Godmother could grant her hosts wishes, usually with a mere flick of her wand. Tabitha had a tendency to speak in rhyming couplets whenever casting her spells.
    • Teleportation: She could appear or disappear in a swirl of light orbs.
    • Conjuration: She was able to create simple objects, such as a crystal ball, from thin air.
    • Scrying: She could spy on another person using a reflective surface, like a crystal ball. She used this to show Prudence Hawthorne how Sara Lance intended to allow her mother to die as history intended, in order to convince Prudence to stay on her side.
    • Transformation: Tabitha could transform humans into animals, like pigs.
    • Biokinesis: With a wand gesture, she was able to prevent John Constantine from speaking.
    • Telekinesis: With a hand gesture, she threw John Constantine away.
    • Apportation: She was able to teleport people from one location to another, as in the case of Jane Hawthorne, Zari and Reverend Parsons.
    • Pyrokinesis: She could summon fire from the pit of Hell to burn Salem people.
    • Reality warping: Tabitha was able to use some of her powers on the whim, like turning reality into a musical, similar to Music Meister.

Actual fairies have a completely energy form, making them beings of pure magic.

  • Flight: Fairies are capable of flying through the air, often in an erratic fashion.


  • Host dependence: For fairy godmothers, they require hosts and can only use their powers under the explicit consent of their charge. If the host breaks their bond or renounces them, the fairy will be unable to cast magic.[1]

Known fairies


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