Fairy Godmothers are witches who have taken the duty to grant the wishes of humans.


Becoming a Fairy Godmother

In order to become a Fairy Godmother, the person must be a witch and is willing to take over the wand. [1]


Once a Fairy Godmother has a host they are boudoir to that human until they are released. However, they have to grant every wish of the human in order to be released.

Acquiring a host

Fairy godmothers are near-powerless until they are bound to a host. However, they are able to use four methods to acquire one.

  • Summoning: If a person has a strong desire on a specific goal, a Fairy Godmother will be forcibly sent to the person and is unable to leave until she granted the wish of the person.[2]
  • Selection: If a Fairy Godmother is released, they have the right to select another host to use their powers. [citation needed]
  • Bargaining: If a Fairy Godmother is free they can bargain with a human to gain their service. [1]
  • Taking up the mantle: If a fairy godmother succeeded in transferring her powers, the current host automatically becomes the host of the new fairy godmother.


The reception to fairy godmothers vary upon person to person.

  • Tabitha hated her position as a Fairy Godmother because of the idiotic wishes of her charges. [1]
  • The Legends initially belittled and scoffed at the idea of Fairy Godmothers until Tabitha showed them how powerful she was.
  • John Constantine hates Fairy Godmothers as he views them as parasites. [1]
  • Nora Darhk initially hated her position because she viewed it as granting petty wishes to children; until she meet Freddy Meyers then she realized that she was helping children in need. She eventually came to love her job because she can help children unlike her and her upbringing. [2]
  • Many of the hosts loved it when they are granted the a Fairy Godmother.
  • Freddy Meyers thanked Nora for her help. [2]
  • Damien Darhk viewed being a fairy godmother is unbecoming of his daughter. [3]

Known Fairy Godmothers

Known hosts

Tabitha's hosts

Nora Darhk's hosts

  • Gary Green (released Nora once he became Constantine's apprentice)
  • Unnamed child
  • Freddy Meyers (released Nora once he impressed his date Tiffany)
  • Pippa (released Nora once she realized her family was more normal than the Legends)

Powers and abilities


  • Magic via Fairy Godmother's wand: With the Fairy Godmother's wand, they are able to perform impressive magical powers, along with its curse.
    • Wish bestowal: Fairy Godmothers has the ability to grant the wishes of her charge.
    • Teleportation: They could appear or disappear in a swirl of light orbs.
    • Conjuration: They are able to create simple objects, such as a crystal ball, from thin air.
    • Scrying: They could spy on another person using a reflective surface, like a crystal ball.
    • Transformation: They could transform humans into animals, like pigs.
    • Biokinesis: With a wand gesture, Tabitha was able to prevent John Constantine from speaking.
    • Telekinesis: With a hand gesture, Tabitha threw John Constantine away. Nora is able to control her surroundings remotely, as shown when she unlocked John's cuffs without touching them.
    • Apparition: Tabitha was able to teleport people from one location to another, as in the case of Jane Hawthorne, Zari and Reverend Parsons.
    • Pyrokinesis: Tabitha could summon fire from the pit of Hell to burn the people from Salem.
    • Reality warping: Tabitha was able to use some of her powers at whim, like turning reality into a musical, similar to Music Meister.
    • Teleportation/Portal creation: Whilst without her will, Nora was able to open a portal to Hell and teleported back from Hell to Earth.
    • Invisibility: Nora can become invisible, as shown when she did so in order to infiltrate Neron's vault in the Soul Exchange.
    • Wish Sensing: According to Nora, Fairy Godmothers have what she refers to as a "special radar that tunes into kid's wishes", which enables her to hear such wishes made within her vicinity.


  • Host dependence: Tabitha cannot use her powers on her own without the charge's consent. If the charge breaks their bond she is completely powerless. If renounced by the host, she will be unable to use magic. Since giving the Fairy Godmother's wand to Nora and being released from the curse, this is no longer a weakness for her.

Nora's weaknesses

  • Host dependence: Nora cannot use her Fairy Godmother powers on her own without the charge's consent. In addition, since she became a Fairy Godmother, she is seemingly unable to access her other magical powers.
    • Obligation: Since taking the Fairy Godmother's wand from Tabitha and getting it's curse, Nora has to grant her charge's wishes, without her own will.
  • Magical limitations: Every magic has it's own limits; while being able to grant most of the wishes, even Nora (with the Fairy Godmother's wand) couldn't retrieve Ray Palmer while Neron was using his body. She was also unable to prevent John Constantine from dying when one of her charges wished from him to stay alive, due to the fact that Astra accelerated his date of death from Hell.


Original multiverse

  • Fairy Godmother's wand: It grants impressive magical powers, being able to grant most wishes of its charge but not the hosts, unless the charge wishes to.
  • Fairy Godmothers dress: A blue dress that is worn when a fairy godmother is granted her title.
  • Tiara: It is a regular tiara.

New multiverse

  • Fairy Godmother's wand: It grants impressive magical powers, being able to grant most wishes of its charge but not the hosts, unless the charge wishes to.
  • Fairy Godmothers dress: A blue dress that is worn when a fairy godmother is granted her title.
  • Tiara: It is a regular tiara.

Host's powers and abilities

  • Wishing: A host can wish for almost anything and a fairy godmother can grant them it even when their fairy godmother is not there.
  • Summoning: A host can summon their fairy godmother anytime they wish.


  • Being silenced: A host must vocalize a wish for their fairy godmother to act.
  • Manipulation: A Fairy Godmother can manipulate their host into doing things they normally wouldn't do.


DC's Legends of Tomorrow


  • According to Nora Darhk, one of the first wishes a child makes is for a pony.


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