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"You and I walk between two worlds. But we can only do that for so long."
Slade Wilson to Oliver Queen

"Fallout" is the first episode of the sixth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-sixteenth episode overall. It aired on October 12, 2017.



Alex Faust

Alex Faust

Five months after the explosion on Lian Yu, Team Arrow are back in Star City, attempting to stop Alex Faust from launching a missile on the city. He manages to fire the missile, but thanks to Curtis, it is directed elsewhere and stopped. Faust is arrested. The team seems to be in good spirits and Oliver and Felicity are rekindling their relationship. However, Oliver has a new challenge in his life: to be a parent to his son, William.

Faust is kept in SCPD with Dinah now being the lieutenant. Faust demands a soda, which Dinah agrees to give him. She then gets a call from Quentin, and seems him in a bar, and he is struggling about Earth-2 Laurel. Meanwhile, Faust takes a small C4 out from his tooth and uses the soda to ignite it. With the blast, Black Siren arrives with mercenaries to free Faust and kill all the police in the building and blow up the precinct.

Oliver, Quentin and Rene, who is now Oliver's chief of staff, believe the attack was because of new police academy graduation is about to take place. Dinah brings in security footage she managed to obtain before anyone else could see it. Everyone are shocked to see Black Siren is still alive, as she was thought to have died in the Lian Yu explosion. Quentin believes her target was him, because he was supposed to be in the precinct last night. Oliver goes to see William, and he is being taken care by his old caretaker, Raisa. William has nightmares about his experience with Chase, but he consciously blames Oliver for it.

The following night, Oliver and the team, along with Quentin intercept Black Siren and Faust. Dinah takes Siren on, while the team handles the mercenaries. When one mercenary gets a drop on Rene, John attempts to shoot him, but he misses, nearly hitting Rene. Rene gets shot and falls. Oliver saves him, but he is injured. Siren gets away.

The team drops Rene at the hospital and wonder. Despite Dinah's plead, Quentin reveals what happened with Siren on Lian Yu. After the explosion, he and Dinah encountered her alive in the monastery. She nearly killed Dinah, but Quentin shot her and saved Dinah. They thought she died, and it had an emotional effect on Quentin. He tells Oliver in private that every time she sees her, she gets the instinct that it is his daughter; thus he finds himself struggling to understand that she is from different Earth. Dinah and John are sent to Siren's supposed hideout. The place is empty, and Dinah points to John she has never seen him miss before. John tells her to stay out of it. They find a blueprint, which indicates that Siren is going to hit the police academy graduation next.

Black Siren's group

Attack on the Arrowcave

At the graduation, Team Arrow aside from John, who stayed behind since Felicity had to be at the site, is there for protection, but things go peacefully. The team realizes that something is off. They realize too late that Siren's true target was the Arrowcave. John does what he can to fight back, but is about to be overwhelmed. Oliver and the team show up and defeat the attackers, but Siren escapes again. She runs to Quentin, but Quentin can't shoot her, due to obvious reasons.

The team check if anything is missing. Oliver goes to hospital to see Rene, who is already leaving and eager to get back in action. Oliver managed to give him a second chance for a hearing about his daughter, Zoe. Rene is overjoyed about it. As Oliver leaves, he goes to another room. In there lies Thea, in a coma. Slade Wilson comes in. He is going to Calgary in order to find his son, Joe. He and Oliver make peace with each other.

Only one thing was missing after Siren's attack: one of Curtis' T-balls. Unconcerned about it for now, the team heads home. Dinah approaches John, and berates him about his injury, which John attempts to hide. John was injured on Lian Yu in the explosion. Oliver tries to get closer with William, which seems to be working. Afterwards, Felicity calls Oliver and tells him to turn on Channel 52. A news report is going on, which shows a photo with Oliver as the Green Arrow.

Black Siren rescued

Black Siren rescued.

In the flashbacks, the immediate after-events from the Lian Yu explosion are shown. The team took cover inside a cargo plane from Slade's suggestion. However, William's mother Samantha went on to find William. Thea ran after her. The end result was that while the team survived relatively unscathed, Thea went into a coma and Samantha succumbed to her injuries and died in Oliver's arms. Her last wish was that for Oliver to be a parent to William. Finally, someone else arrived to the island via helicopter and rescued Black Siren.


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Preparation ran from June 27 until July 6, 2017. Shooting ran from July 7 until July 19, 2017.[1]