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"Fear can create monsters where none existed before. Remind the world that there is still goodness here. Be that beacon of hope that we still need."
Olivia Marsdin to Supergirl

"Fallout" is the second episode of the fourth season of Supergirl, and the sixty-seventh episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2018.




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"Fallout" begins with President Marsdin disregarding against outsider protestors from the Oval Office. Kara strolls in and it's uncovered that Marsdin will leave the Presidency. Kara consoles the President that she'll stop Mercy Graves.

At the DEO, operators are contending about the legislative issues behind Marsdin's abdication. Alex catches and advises them that they're to serve all Americans, paying little mind to race.

J'onn's despite everything attempting to discover the whereabouts of Fiona.

At CatCo, Nia defies James about a possible task.

Alex is cross examining Otis Graves, attempting to discover the area of his sister.

Leniency comes back to their fort and gives her chief — Agent of Liberty — what she recovered from L-Corp: a vial of kryptonite.

Kara carries lunch to Lena, who shares that deals of their picture inducer have soar after the current embarrassment including the President. Kara has a go at getting more data about Mercy from Lena without much of any result.

J'onn shows up at the DEO to perceive how Alex is getting along. Sooner rather than later, J'onn attempts to caution Alex to Fiona's vanishing yet he's hindered by Brainiac-5. J'onn sees himself out.

Lena begins letting Kara look once again the work force records including Mercy. Lena inevitably discloses to Kara that Mercy and Lex had a run in concerning how to manage Superman. The pair is talking when an associate surges in and illuminates them that the head engineer on the picture inducers has been killed — and it's uncovered that Mercy is behind the hack. Lena's in the long run ready to prevent Mercy from making any genuine mischief the picture initiating stage.

Brainy's on his way once again from getting pizza when he chances upon Nia.

J'onn shows up at Fiona's loft and when there's no answer, he stages in and signs into her PC to discover more leads.

Nia comes back to CatCo and approaches James about composing a piece on the moral treatment of outsiders. She takes a stab at persuading James to compose an opinion piece. Nia uncovers herself as a transgender lady to James, yet James despite everything will not editorialize an announcement.

At the DEO, Brainy and Alex understand that Mercy is more than likely on her approach to L-Corp to abrogate the counter hacking insurances Lena executed. L-Corp goes into lockdown as Mercy and her shooter storm the workplace. Kara, Lena, and Eve take a stab at getting to the server space to prevent Mercy from bringing down the firewall. They get into Lena's model stockpiling and are before long defied by Mercy.

Lena lets Kara departure to change into Supergirl. She rapidly flies back and stops Mercy. Kara takes Mercy to the DEO and secures her a cell.

At CatCo, one of the staff members gets tricked by a colleague for being an outsider. James catches the circumstance and addresses the whole distribution. He illuminates his staff members that detest isn't permitted in the dividers of CatCo and that numbness is their adversary. Nia expresses gratitude toward him for making some noise.

Specialist Jensen is doing his rounds close to the cells when Mercy greats him by names. She utilizes his enemy of outsider predisposition to take a stab at getting in his mind.

J'onn goes to a bar in Fiona's neighborhood and makes an inquiry or two for her. It's not possible for anyone to review anybody with her name ever being near.

Brainy and Alex are talking upstairs when Jensen strolls by and acts apprehensively.

Kara — dressed as Supergirl — is giving an announcement on the news and urges individuals to be increasingly kind. At the DEO, Jensen can be seen getting bothered at the location.

Kara consoles President Baker that she underpins him, paying little mind to her past relationship with Marsdin.

Brainy notification that Jensen's been restless and when at that point pull up the security film, they notice that the Graves' been discharged from their cells.

J'onn winds up going to an enemy of outsider meeting drove by Agent of Liberty.

Jensen joins the Graves at their safehouse and they continue put the taken kryptonite into a machine that pulverizes it and makes it airborne. We see Kara promptly respond to it and drop.




  • The title refers to the aftermath of the revelation that President Olivia Marsdin is an alien.
  • Marsdin says her presidency is in violation of Article 2 of the Constitution, referring to Article 2, section 1 paragraph: "No Person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President...".[1]
  • Cat Grant is still in Olivia's side as long as she's still a Democrat.
  • As a joke, Brainy notes that the solution to stress in the 21st century is junk food; hence why he goes to get pizza.
  • This episode marks the first appearance of Big Belly Burger on Supergirl, confirming that the fast food restaurant exists on Earth-38.
  • Mercy taunts, "The web is dark and full of fun things". This is a reference to the famous quote "The night is dark and full of terrors" from Game of Thrones, often chanted by the priestess Melisandre.


  • Brainy orders a dozen pizzas, but leaves the shop with only five boxes.
    • It is possible that Nia might have only paid for five pizzas or Brainy simply decided to only take five after experiencing the bigotry in the establishment.
  • Several times in the episode, L-Corp is referred to as "Luthor Corp", even though Lena had the company's name officially changed two years previously.
  • When Mercy is hacking the image inducers purchased from L-Corp, Brainy's is among those which malfunctioned. This is impossible since Brainy's image inducer is his own personal device from the 31st century.[2]
    • Furthermore, even if Brainy had purchased the image inducer from L-Corp during his time, the futuristic technology would've been too advanced for Mercy to hack using the present-day L-Corp program.