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"I believe in second chances. You'll get yours."
Martin Stein telling Barry Allen that he believes Barry can save his mother

"Fallout" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of The Flash, and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on February 17, 2015.

It acts as the second half of a two-part episode.



"Fallout" opens with The Flash and Caitlin outracing Ronnie Raymond/Professor Stein's atomic blast. Regardless of the atomic impact, Cisco enrolls no radiation. When they realize that they're sheltered, Flash and Caitlin race back to the explosion site, where they discover Ronnie alive and cognizant. In any case, more significantly, they additionally discover Professor Stein. The two have isolated, and appear to be fine.

Each of the four head back to STAR Labs, where the genuine Ronnie and Stein meet with the remainder of the gathering. It's an ardent gathering for Ronnie, however Stein—who's never met Wells or the gathering—needs to jump to business.

Somewhere else, a military fortification gets on Ronnie's blast. There, General Eiling is prepared to take care of business.

In STAR Labs, Harrison Wells verifies that since Ronnie and Stein have isolated, they're done crying the atomic intensity of Firestorm. Ronnie and Stein, who contend over their time spent in a similar body, couldn't be more joyful to escape from one another. Educator Stein requests to be brought home to his better half, while Ronnie needs to get pizza. After Barry returns Stein to his better half, Stein expresses gratitude toward Barry for his assistance.

Barry then goes to the Central City Police Department, where he meets with Joe. Joe says he has something to show Barry, and leads him to the area of his mom's homicide. Joe uncovers that he and Cisco did a criminological examination on the house, and found that there were two speedsters in the house the night Barry's mom kicked the bucket. He at that point gives the genuine news: The blood Joe found on the house's dividers have a place with a grown-up Barry Allen. As Joe and Barry finish up, the Flash was at the Allen's home the evening of Norah Allen's murder.

Barry and Joe return the news to Harrison Wells at STAR Labs. They inquire as to whether time travel would be conceivable. The group talk about the potential speculations on time travel, yet Wells derives that he has no away from of it (or so he lets on).

Across town, Iris and her colleague talk about STAR Lab's conceivable association with Firestorm and Ronnie Raymond. The kindred journalist imagines that Caitlin find out about the Particle Accelerator, Star Labs, and Ronnie Raymond than she's letting on.

That night, Barry visits Professor Stein to get some information about time travel. There, Professor Stein's wife says that Stein hasn't been acting such as himself of late—in particular, he's hankering pizza (a most loved of Ronnie's, recall). After Barry conveys Stein a pizza, Stein clarifies that it's experimentally conceivable to go through time, and to the past. Barry then discloses to Stein that 15 years prior, his mom was killed, and that he potentially made a trip so as to attempt to forestall it. Yet, Barry presumes that since went into the past, and his mom is still dead, it implies that the Flash more likely than not neglected to spare his mom.

Somewhere else Ronnie and Caitlin make up for lost time over pizza. Ronnie needs to leave town, however before the couple can discuss the issue, they're trapped by General Eiling. As the distressing episode unfurls, Professor Stein feels the nervousness that Ronnie is as of now encountering. He advises Barry to go help Ronnie. At the point when The Flash shows up, General Eiling stifles him with an exceptional weapon intended for Barry's smothered. It would appear that Eiling is going to take Ronnie and The Flash in, however Caitlin strips in with her vehicle at last and gives them a not really clean escape.

Back at STAR Labs, the gathering finds that General Eiling needs Ronnie's body for his FIRESTORM venture, which would make "a ultimate human weapon." Professor Stein appears and offers to enable the gathering to bring down the General. Until they devise an arrangement, Barry offers to let Ronnie remain at his and Joe's place. As Joe meets Ronnie, Iris enters. Barry, Caitlin, and Joe make a spread for Ronnie, not having any desire to blow his situation as half of the Firestorm network. Iris, who's as of now attempting to peg Ronnie to Caitlin and STAR Labs, is dubious.

Talking about Firestorm, Harrison Wells go to address General Eiling why he's chasing Ronnie and Dr. Stein in any case. Eiling says that the two, when combined into Firestorm, mark the fate of human fighting and weaponry. As Wells leaves, Eiling welcomes him to turn Ronnie and Stein over at whatever point he satisfies.

Over the city, Joe and Barry talk about the disclosure of Barry's endeavored mediation before. Barry asks Joe how he coordinated Barry's blood to the blood on the dividers, realizing that Joe was hoping to coordinate Wells' blood. He advises Joe not to question Wells, however Joe is unconvinced.



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Preparation began November 19 and ran until December 1, 2014. Shooting began December 2, 2014 and ran until December 12, 2014.[1]



  • When Ronnie and Professor Stein separate near the end of the episode, the Quantum splicer is missing from Ronnie's chest.
  • While Barry and Linda are on the phone, "Answer" and "Ignore" can be seen on Barry's screen, as if he had never picked up the phone on the first place.