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"I believe in second chances. You'll get yours."
Martin Stein telling Barry Allen that he believes Barry can save his mother

"Fallout" is the fourteenth episode of the first season of The Flash, and the fourteenth episode overall. It aired on February 17, 2015.

It acts as the second half of a two-part episode.



"Fallout" opens with The Flash and Caitlin outracing Ronnie Raymond/Professor Stein's atomic blast. Regardless of the atomic impact, Cisco reads no radiation. When they realize that they're safe, Flash and Caitlin race back to the explosion site where they discover Ronnie alive and cognizant. They also discover Professor Stein in his own body. The two have separated and appear to be fine.

The four head back to STAR Labs, where the Ronnie and Stein meet with the rest of the Team. It's a argumentative meeting for Ronnie, who is angry at Stein for making them both live under a bridge and avoid their loved ones.

A military group arrives at the site of Ronnie's blast. General Elling inspects the area with his team.

Barry takes Stein home to his wife, who is overjoyed to see him.

Barry then goes to the Central City Police Department, where he meets with Joe. Joe says he has something to show Barry, and leads him to the site of his mom's homicide. Joe uncovers that he and Cisco did a forensic examination on the house and found that there were two speedsters in the house the night Barry's mom was murdered. He at that point gives the real news: The blood Joe found on the house's wall came from a grown-up Barry Allen. They conclude that the Flash was at the Allen's home the evening of Norah Allen's murder.

Barry and Joe return the news to Harrison Wells at STAR Labs. They inquire as to whether time travel would be conceivable. The group talk about the potential speculations on time travel, yet Wells derives that he has no away from of it (or so he lets on).

Across town, Iris and her colleague talk about STAR Lab's conceivable association with Firestorm and Ronnie Raymond. The other journalist suggests that Caitlin investigate the Particle Accelerator, Star Labs, and Ronnie Raymond.

That night, Barry visits Professor Stein to get some information about a paper he wrote 25 years before about time travel. There, Professor Stein's wife says that Stein hasn't been acting such as himself of late—in particular, he's craving pizza (a favorite of Ronnie's). After Barry gets Stein a pizza, Stein explains that it's experimentally conceivable to go through time, and to the past. Barry then discloses to Stein that 15 years prior, his mom was killed, and that he potentially made a trip so as to attempt to stop it. Yet, even though he went into the past, his mom is still dead. Stein explains that with Barry's speed it is possible, but Barry wonders why he didn't save his mother.

Somewhere else Ronnie and Caitlin make up for lost time over dinner. Ronnie wants to leave town because he wants a fresh start, but Caitlin is enjoying working with Team Flash and helping people. Before the couple can discuss the issue more, they're trapped by General Eiling. As the attack goes down, Professor Stein feels the nervousness that Ronnie is feeling. He advises Barry to go help Ronnie. At the point when The Flash shows up, General Eiling stops him with a weapon that stabs Barry with many small needlesand stuns him. It would appear that Eiling is going to take Ronnie and the Flash in, but Caitlin drives in with her van at the last minute and gets them away.

Back at STAR Labs, the Team finds that General Eiling needs Ronnie's body for his FIRESTORM venture, which would make "a ultimate human weapon." Professor Stein appears and offers to help bring down the General. Until they come up witha plan, Barry offers to let Ronnie remain at his and Joe's place. As Joe meets Ronnie, Iris enters and Caitlin introduces him as her cousin. Barry, Caitlin, and Joe make a meal for Ronnie, not having any desire to reveal his identity as half of the Firestorm Matrix. Iris is suspicious.

Harrison Wells go to discuss with General Eiling why he's chasing Ronnie and Dr. Stein. Eiling says that the two, when combined into Firestorm, mark the pinnacle of human fighting and weaponry. As Wells leaves, Eiling urges him to turn Ronnie and Stein over.

Back at the West residence, Barry and Joe discuss how to move forward and Barry's blood to the blood on the walls. Barry asks if Joe was trying to find evidence against Dr. Wells. Barry insists that Wells is innocent.

At STAR Labs, Stein and Wells share a drink. Wells laments that the lab is just a shell of what it used to be. Stein says that he will be focusing on his wife and family just before he collapses. At the West residence, Ronnie stumbles. Wells watches as Eiling and his men come in and take Stein away.

At the newspaper, Mason approaches Iris with news of the Burning Man. He gives a her a picture and Iris recognizes Ronnie, on fire. At STAR Labs, the Team tries to figure out how to find Stein. Caitlin hooks Ronnie up to a machine that allows him to feel what Stein is feeling. Stein is in a very cold room and being held by Eiling. Eiling explains to Stein that Firestorm is the greatest threat to the world and that they must control it. Stein says he would rather die than have his research used as a weapon. Eilling has a soldier shock Stein and Ronnie feels it. Eiling then leaves Steinto reconsider his position.

Ronnie carves the word "WHERE" into his arm and it shows up on Stein's arm. Stein begins using Morse Code to communicate with Ronnie and they recognize it as the coordinates for a nearby military base. Ronnie wants to go to him immediately but Caitlyn is worried they will re-merge if they get too close. Ronnie admits to Caitlin that they will never get away like he wanted; this is their life now. She kisses him and Barry and Ronnie head to the base. Wells warns that they may not be able to separate Firestorm again if Stein and Ronnie merge.

The Flash runs into the base and grabs Stein just as Eiling is about to shoot him in head. As they leave the base, a soldier shoots Barry with a super-cold substance that covers his body, slowing him down. Ronnie and Stein decide to merge again, and Wells says they can find balance together if they accept each other, and possibly be able to separate again. Ronnie attaches the splicer and they merge evenly, with both of them conscious.

Ronnie fires up and takes out the soldiers chasing them, but Eiling activates a device that destabilizes the Firestorm Matrix. Eiling is about to shoot Firestorm but Barry knocks him down, having run off the cold substance. They head back STAR Labs, where Stein and Ronnie successfully split. Barry is wounded from having to run so fast that it burned up part of his suit. Caitlin and Ronnie share a moment and she tells him that she knows he as to go, now that he is a target for the military. Later, at the Stein residence, Stein says goodbye to his wife. Ronnie says Stein has a colleague in Pittsburg that maybe able to help them and they merge together once again into Firestorm, then fly away.

Caitlin and Cisco have coffee and she shares her feelings with him about Ronnie. Iris approaches them and asks where Caitlin's "cousin" is. Iris is suspicious of them and Caitlin is worried she is on to them. Back at the newspaper, Iris goes to Mason and says she is going to help him figure out what is going on in STAR Labs. Barry and Joe view the hologram of his mother's murder and Barry is determined to save his mother.

Later, Wells kidnaps Eiling as the Reverse Flash and takes him into sewers. Wells reveals his identity to Eiling just as Grodd enters and drags Eiling away.



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Preparation began November 19 and ran until December 1, 2014. Shooting began December 2, 2014 and ran until December 12, 2014.[1]



  • When Ronnie and Professor Stein separate near the end of the episode, the Quantum splicer is missing from Ronnie's chest.
  • While Barry and Linda are on the phone, "Answer" and "Ignore" can be seen on Barry's screen, as if he had never picked up the phone in the first place.