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"Every one of you signed up to protect this city with a noble purpose in your hearts, and what did you get in return? Your hands tied by corrupt politicians who care more about some criminal's rights than what is right, a system more concerned with the red tape than the red blood running through our streets. The people you're there to defend would rather defund. Well, I'm here to pick up the tab. I'm gonna give you the tools you need and the free rein to use them, so what do you say? Who wants to take off the gloves... and put on the mask?"
Roman Sionis[src]

The False Face Society, or simply False Face, was a gang in Gotham City. They were led by Roman Sionis, until he was arrested and incarcerated for the crimes he committed as Black Mask.

With the incarceration of Roman at Arkham Asylum, it is unclear what the status of the False Face Society is, although it is likely that they have been disbanded.


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When Ryan Wilder first donned the Batsuit, she encountered several members of the False Face Society with the Snakebite drug, theorizing that they had information on the whereabouts of Alice.

New to the workings of the suit, Ryan narrowly beat them in combat and gained information that Alice may be in the sewers, leading her to investigate.[1]

The gang drew the attention of Crows Security by selling the drug Snakebite in Gotham; research done by the Crows learned that the drug dealers are led by a man with a black mask.

Meanwhile, Batwoman stopped an addict of obtaining the drug from a gang member.[2]

Later, a child trafficker, Candice Long, kidnapped Kevin Johnson and sold him to the False Face Society.

Batwoman interrogated a boy addicted to Snakebite to find out who is his drug dealer; when she does, she chases him with the Batmobile and captures him. Ryan later defeated Candice and she was arrested by the cops.

Rudy, a member of the gang, used the announcement about Kate Kane's disappearance to lure her father, Jacob Kane, to him, later trying to incite newcomer Kevin Johnson to kill Jacob in order to prove himself to the gang. He failed when Batwoman came on the scene and defeated him along with the other members present, saving Jacob and Kevin.[3]

Gang members surround Batwoman.

Black Mask ordered the False Face Society to kill Commissioner Forbes and to kill those involved in the murder, including a witness, Jordan Moore. They followed Jordan and tried to kill her, but they were stopped by Batwoman, who let a member escape to tell Black Mask that she would not leave. Black Mask later ordered Angelique Martin to be captured, after learning that she wanted to leave the gang.

Later, the gang captured Angelique and took her to their hideout. Batwoman found them and faced them, but she was also captured and tied to a table, where she saw Black Mask kill the member she had let go. The Black Mask was going to kill her but Agent Sophie Moore arrived and saved her, making him run away.[4]

Black Mask was so irate that Batwoman was raiding supply warehouses that stored his diminishing amounts of Snakebite that he killed members in charge of distribution. A member of the gang reminded Black Mask that only Angelique Martin and Ocean knew the formula of the drug, causing Black Mask to order a prison break for Angelique.[5] The gang was then sent to retrieve ingredients so Angelique could make the drug. Both Sophie and Ryan tried to infiltrate the gang to free Angelique, but both failed when Black Mask had a gang member place her under gunpoint if he was not allowed to escape their custody.[6]

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