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"Don't push us away like you have with everyone else. You always wanted a real family? Give us a chance. We can be your family."
"There is no such thing. You don't know my pain."
"You're right, Bashir. They don't. But I do, because my past is just as dark as yours. I've been clean for five years. But when I was at my lowest, I drove away everyone I ever loved. My own parents won't even talk to me anymore. I know what real loneliness feels like. But at some point, the walls we build need to come down, or they will crush us. And when they do... the people who still want to be there for you, that's real family. That's us.
The Flash, Bashir Malik, and Alexa Rivera

"Family Matters, Part 1" is the tenth episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-third episode overall. It aired on May 18, 2021.



The scene opens with Deon and the Speed Force and Deon isn't scared by her. She discloses to him that they are associated yet he needs no piece of things. She then, at that point clarifies that she needs his assistance in light of the fact that Barry, their "father", is their shared adversary since he dismissed them. At STAR, Iris, Caitlin, and Barry disclose to Alexa the entire circumstance, including the "vast DNA" of things making the powers all associated. Cisco and Chester are searching for Deon while the Citizen group is attempting to discover who Psych truly is. Barry needs to prepare Alexa, however she's frightened.

At a sumptuous home in Central City, Psych assaults a man named Caleb Fairweather, uncovering his face and way of life as a man named Bashir. The two men know each other. The police react the following day and find that he's the fourth extremely rich person to be found in "mental pain" that day. Iris sorts out Psych is focusing on the individuals from a general public called the League of Lions.

Iris finds the previous leader of the League of Lions, Naomi. She gives them the name of someone else in the photograph yet Psych appears and she distinguishes him by voice. She discloses to him she realized he'd never fit in and furthermore that he was the least monetarily effective of the gathering. Iris attempts to step in, however he assaults Naomi at any rate. The Flash appears and attempts to caution Psych about the Speed Force, however he assaults him with what Barry later portrays as "appendages".

At CCPD, Kramer is back, asked by the lead representative to remain and sort out the wellspring of the metahuman wrongdoings. She needs to converse with Barry as he is the solitary individual still on the power who has managed a portion of the cases. Joe later tracks down an extraordinary weapon that Kramer has brought into the station that contains metahuman fix filled projectiles to use on metahumans. She's gone above him to the lead representative. Joe later attempts to get Cecile to explore her, yet she calls attention to that solitary Kramer can change her ways herself and he needs to sort out some way to assist her with getting place.

Alexa's preparation starts. Barry needs her to help battle Psych so he has the plan to compel Fuerza out. Caitlin believes it's a poorly conceived notion, however Alexa concurs after seeing how awful Psych is. They start the cycle, however it rapidly goes sideways. Fuerza is drawn out and harms Cisco. Alexa reestablishes control however is resentful about what occurred. She says she won't be his weapon and that she's finished with him. Caitlin attempts to talk some sense into Barry, advising him that even Thawne showed restraint toward him when he got his forces.

Caitlin chats with Alexa, enlightening her concerning Frost. Caitlin gives her the psychological movement dampener so she can converse with Fuerza and ideally figure out how to get her. Barry additionally advises Alexa to fail to remember the preparation, saying 'sorry' to her and advising her in the event that she needs additional time it's OK.

Iris and Allegra find Bashir's story, he was embraced by rich hoteliers who left him behind when they became penniless and afterward they kicked the bucket in a plane accident. They understand Psych feels deserted by everybody.

At STAR, they get the hint of the last individual Psych is following, Lucas. Psych stands up to him. The Flash and Alexa react with The Flash moving Lucas before Psych can assault him. Psych then, at that point assaults The Flash with his "appendages" and Alexa speaks with Fuerza and she comes out, the two cooperating to go head to head with Psych. When they get him quiet, The Flash can disclose to Bashir that his companions had really set up an asset to help him, uncovering that while Naomi turned her back, the others didn't. It's at last Alexa who breaks through to him by understanding his torment.

Bashir, Alexa, Iris, and Barry have a family meeting and conclude that they need to discover Deon at the earliest opportunity nonetheless, Deon and the Speed Force appear ok then, at that point. Deon freezes them set up and afterward permits the Speed Force to apparently execute Bashir, Alexa, and Iris.

Kamila and Cisco talk about where they will move once they leave Central City. Kamila is now work chasing, yet Cisco hasn't started. They additionally haven't told the group. Afterward, Cisco admits to Kamila that he does not understand what he should do now and that his most exceedingly awful dread was to in any case be working at STAR Labs a long time from now after every other person had effectively proceeded onward. She reveals to him the right work will discover him. Cisco later gets an email from ARGUS.

Joe meets with Kramer. He discloses to her that Central City needs more than her "by the book" approach and since they are not even distantly close in their philosophies, Joe stops. He discloses to her he is remaining on the right half of the line.



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  • The episode's title, and the following episode references the American sitcom Family Matters.
  • Alexa gains control of Fuerza and can change at will.
  • It's revealed that Fuerza's "wrestler suit" is created by Strength Force energy from her normal clothes to compensate for the increase of mass to Alexa's body upon transformation.
  • Cisco's fear from "Fear Me" is revealed: he saw himself as an old man in his 70s in the 2060s still working at S.T.A.R. Labs, but he was all alone since everyone had moved on; his tone implies even Kamilla left him.
  • Psych is revealed to have gone down his path of hating banking and rich people out of mistaken belief that one person rejecting him from his college group reflected how they all felt.
    • Pysch wanting to attack his former mates after thinking they had abandoned him after becoming rich from a former group is similar to the intentions that of Kilg%re, who's friends betrayed him using his work to become rich.
  • The Speed Force considers the other Forces, and their hosts by extension, to be her younger siblings.
  • The Speed Force teams up with Deon, whom it sees doesn't care about attacking it like Psych and Fuerza did.
  • Kramer brings up Roy Bivolo's arrest record; she notes that he simply disappeared (as this was before the meta wing was built at Iron Heights and Team Flash locked metas in the Pipeline). Meaning his escape from custody orchestrated by Leonard Snart in Season 1 is not known.
  • Patty Spivot and Julian Albert are mentioned in case files brought up by Kristen Kramer, with both having been reassigned.
    • Although in the season premiere of the fourth season, it's mentioned that Julian chose to return back to England by choice not by reassignment. This could be a Crisis change.
  • The scene on the I-95 where Barry and Alexa confront Bashir is filmed along the Sea to Sky Highway, a highway known for its scenic route.


  • The armament delivery form used by Kramer to acquire a sniper rifle was dated with May 18, 2021, the episode's original airdate. Given that this episode appears to take place very shortly after the events of "Timeless", which placed the rebirth of the speed force 17 days prior, this episode should take place in mid-to-late 2020.
  • Iris mentions Lucas Sharpe heading north on I-95. Later, a map is shown of I-95 with a body of water to the left, which is inaccurate. In real life, Interstate 95 runs along the east coast of the United States; therefore, heading north along the highway would not result in a body of water to one's left.
    • Furthermore, I-95 is shown to have two lanes with one heading north and the other heading south in a mountain chain, which is also inaccurate. No parts of I-95 in real life has this feature. However, this can be explained by the fact that The Flash films in Vancouver, Canada.
  • After Alexa Rivera transformed back from Fuerza, the mental activity dampener on her forehead had disappeared.