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"Sometimes it takes a family to protect a family."
Joe West

"Family Matters, Part 2" is the eleventh episode of the seventh season of The Flash, and the one-hundred-forty-fourth episode overall. It aired on May 25, 2021.



Barry remains over Bashir, Alexa, and Iris' bodies, however it ends up being only an illusion. Bashir made them appear dead even though they weren't. Iris sorts out that Nora/the Speed Force assaulted her since she considers her to be rivalry. Group Flash attempts to search for Nora, acknowledging they have restricted time before she understands that different Forces are alive. Barry understands that they need to take Bashir and Alexa to that spot in time when the Speed Force was dead to protect them. Iris stays with them in that space, however she has a gadget to get them home.

Barry gets back and discovers Nora - presently a lot hazier - sitting tight for him. She realizes that the others are alive. She requests that Barry carry them to her so she can stop them or she will obliterate Central City. She additionally needs him to bring her Deon. Barry hurries off to attempt to do exactly that.

Somewhere else, at home Joe is staring at the TV and sees that a tempest is causing significant issues, including a lightning strike that lets metahuman crooks out of Iron Heights. As Joe chats with Cecile, she's likewise struck by lightning. At STAR, Caitlin attempts to help Cecile, revealing to Joe that Nora is causing the tempest. They don't have the foggiest idea why Nora would target Cecile.

Secluded from everything, Iris educates Alexa concerning Barry's youth however Bashir is exhausted and attempts to persuade Alexa that they need to cooperate to battle Nora and that implies leaving. Alexa concurs. Alexa overwhelms Iris and attempts to get her to give her the gadget. Iris breaks the sphere but that also turned out to be an illusion. Alexa and Bashir get the sphere and leave.

Barry discovers Deon at a football arena. He reveals to Barry that he didn't need the others to kick the bucket and Barry tells him they're alright. Deon says he needed Barry to feel the very torment that he felt when Barry revealed to him he was an error. Barry apologizes and cautions him about Nora and says he needs to protect him. Deon says the best way to do that is murder Nora, and refuses to help Barry.

Chester and Cisco can't sort out some way to contain Nora so Barry goes to defy her. He attempts to engage her humanity however she attempts to cause him to comprehend that the things that have been going on are not her doing. Different powers are really liable for the tempest and different things occurring, not her. They've been the issue the entire time.

Iris comes to educate Barry regarding Bashir and Alexa. Cisco and Chester can affirm that what Nora is saying is valid. The Forces truly have been causing the tremors and abnormalities lately and are presently destroying the city. Barry and Iris are confused for what to do so Joe steps in with some caring counsel: now and again it takes a family to ensure a family. They understand they need to unite the powers.

Deon awakens and Bashir and Alexa show up. With the family together, they go to confront Nora. She is disappointed and says she will simply need to murder him, as well. Nora removes them all into the Speed Force. The Force battle is on, yet they are before long catapulted from the Speed Force however the battle isn't finished. A collider-type response begins framing once again Central City compromising a converse Big Bang. Barry runs up into the tempest, so to speak, leaving the three powers to confront Nora. The triplet cooperate and Nora is compelled to see a future totally void of others, something that to her is more terrible than death. She asks the others not to leave this alone her genuine destiny. Alexa connects with her and reveals to her it doesn't need to be that way since she's part of their family. Nora requests their pardoning.

With time expiring, the now joined powers go to Barry's guide, superpowering him so he is sufficiently quick to save the world by halting the tempest simply just in time.

With the world saved, they all go into the Speed Force. The four powers will extend that space to carry light to the universe. Barry is likewise quicker at this point. Back in Central City, Cecile awakens. She will be fine. At Jitters, Allegra, Chester, Kamila, and Cisco get espresso, however Kamila and Cisco make it off-kilter. Cisco gets a book from Chip Cooper disclosing to him they need an answer.

At home, Barry and Iris attempt to deal with everything. They choose to begin a family.

Frost is out of jail because of the tempest issue (she "got away" with the others) and is attempting to get Mark/Chillblaine so she can take him back to jail. He's more keen on playing with her and the two wind up battling. Eventually, she knocks him out.

Toward the finish of the scene, Frost appears at Caitlin's. She got probation for her endeavors during the tempest. She's out of jail now. She likewise reveals to Caitlin that she really likes somebody, a barkeep.



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  • The episode's title, and the previous episode references the American sitcom Family Matters.
  • When Barry and Iris decide on having a family, the former exclaims that he "loves her impulse", foreshadowing Bart West-Allen/Impulse, who is their grandson in the comics. Bart later appeared in "P.O.W." as their future son.
  • The time between "Death of the Speed Force" and "Mother" cannot be accessed by the Speed Force, as it didn't exist then. However, it can pull speedsters out of that time if it wishes to.
  • Chester quotes "She (Nora) probably out there somewhere, Sith-corrupting Deon", where the Sith are the main antagonists of many works in the Star Wars franchise.
  • The Speed Force remembers its death from being poisoned by the Spectre's energy, which is the cause of its violent behavior; it's experienced death once and wants the other Forces dead so they can't threaten its life.
  • It is revealed the other Forces are responsible for the chaos and the resulting storm; Cisco notes if the storm reached critical mass, it would cause a reverse Big Bang, effectively a new Crisis.
  • Frost is let out on probation; having earned it by using her escape from Iron Heights to capture the rest of the metas before willingly returning.
  • Frost admits her feelings for Chillblaine.
  • This episode whiplashes who's the real villain of this story arc a few times; but ultimately, it's still Barry's fault (yet again) for not going through with his plan back in "Timeless".
  • The Speed Force fears being alone; thanks to the humanity it absorbed from Barry and Iris.
  • When "Nora" brings Barry, Bashir, Alexa, and Deon into the Speed Force, it takes a swirling orange cloud form; with purple light flashing (much like it's true form). "Nora" implies that this actually a damaged state; since it normally creates illusions of Earth.
  • The exterior of the Force tornado looks similar to one of the twisters from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, which contain monsters called Unversed.
  • This is the second two-parter The Flash episode directed by Chad Lowe, the first being "The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Pt. 1"
  • Bashir compares the West house's interior during the time the Speed Force was dead to the Addams Family's mansion due to have dark, creepy and decrepit it is.