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"You have to believe me. Lenny would never work with him. He's a bad guy."
"You and your entire family are criminals. Why should we trust anything you say?
Lisa Snart and Caitlin Snow

"Family of Rogues" is the third episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-sixth episode overall. It aired on October 20, 2015.




Special guest stars[]

Guest starring[]



The scene began with a tranquil second in Barry's lab, hindered by a call from Iris, who clearly was getting shot at for reasons unknown. Barry advised her to leap out the window as two men took shots at her, and he ran up the structure to get her. He ran back up and dealt with the goons rapidly. Clearly she was following a hot lead on a land trick.

STAR Labs: Jay, Barry, Cisco, and Caitlin are taking a gander at the penetrate inside the lab, and Dr. Stein goes along with them. "This isn't only a wormhole, it's my way home," Jay said. They talk about the way that Zoom can utilize the penetrates to move things between the two universes. Barry has a go at running at it in superspeed, and gets skiped back. "Balance out the entryway, we balance out the lobby," Cisco stated, "It would fill in as a speedcannon!" Jay said. Cisco and Jay have a second.

Joe's in a bar, and his ex wife, who everybody believes is dead came up to him. He attempted to pay her to leave, however "no measure of cash will get me far from Iris." The pair contend about what's best for Iris in this circumstance. Momma West thinks Iris needs her as a result of her abrupt misfortune.

CC Jitters: Barry and Patty run into one another and have a little coquettish second. Iris, Cait, Cisco are having an espresso and a joke, and Lisa Snart tags along. "I need your assistance. I need the Flash's assistance as well. My sibling's been captured."

STAR: Lisa reveals to Team Flash about the issue. She, Lenny and Mick were hitting a race track, and she got took out while Leonard got taken in a van. "You owe Lenny some help for sparing your life. Time to follow through on that obligation, Flash." Cisco tracks the firearm, and Flash runs without hesitation.

He discovers Captain Cold, and he appears to be fine. "I should be here to save you..." Cold says he's fine, and a more seasoned man comes strolling up - gracious, it's Daddy Snart. Cold freezes Flash from the advantages through the middle, and Cisco turns on warm stringing in the suit to liquefy him out. "Lisa has a great deal of disclosing to do."

Back to STAR, and Flash reveals to Lisa that Cold was there with their father. "Lenny could never work with him. He's a trouble maker," she says out of frustration. She demonstrated a scar from his maltreatment of her to demonstrate she's coming clean. Cisco pursued her to visit. She recounted accounts of her father, Lewis, hitting her from age 7. She keeps on being resolute that "Lenny is in a difficult situation if he's with my father."

Focal City Picture News: Joe goes to visit Iris. Goodness, look, Linda Park is back! Iris' confession hit the first page, huzzah! Joe backs down of disclosing to her that her mom is alive.

Scummy bar, Barry and Leonard are having a visit. Barry inquires as to why he's working with his father. "Things are convoluted with family," is all Cold will let him know. "You live by a code and it seems like Lewis doesn't. That is the reason I can't disregard this." Cold leaves him with the bill.

The West home - Joe at any rate figures out how to come clean with Barry about Iris' mother, Francine. He clarified he lied since she was doing "pretty much everything incorrectly." Barry discloses to him he didn't do anything excessively off-base, yet he needs to come clean with Iris. "She's going to pardon you, you just gotta give her a possibility."

Lewis and Lenny are arranging an occupation, with a third, Rutenberg. They all contend somewhat about how to carry out the responsibility, and Lenny is attempting to persuade his father to take non-deadly courses. Rutenberg makes some noise agains Leonard, and Lewis Snart utilizes a gadget to explode his head.

Patty, Barry and Joe find dead Rutenberg’s body in crime scene. She's making adorable plays on words, and Barry's caring it. Barry goes to work doing his science thing - he's really CSI-ing! Woah! He makes sense of there's thermite in there, and he's concerned that Lewis has something hanging over Leonard.

STAR: Oh, time for some SnowJay? Is that what we're calling it? She brings him food while he's taking a shot at building something to balance out the break. He discusses missing his speed, and Caitlin lets him know, "Being a superhuman isn't generally about how quick you can run, it's tied in with aiding anyway you can." He requests her assistance, and there's a little tease. man, love is noticeable all around!

Cisco and Lisa are upstairs, and with assistance from Caitlin, they discover that there is a bomb in her mind. Her father really infused her with a bomb, taking injurious dad to an unheard of level.

Iris goes toward the West home, and Joe has her plunk down. He disclosed to her an anecdote about being a beat cop, and a young lady bringing in saying that her mother had taken a great deal of pills and wasn't talking. He returned home and she was dropped, Iris remaining before an open fire. He put Francine in another recovery, and she vanished. He told Iris, "I was unable to make them grow up feeling that you were deserted, that you weren't sufficient, that you weren't cherished in light of the fact that I adored you to such an extent." He at long last level out says, "Your mom's alive, she's here in Central City, and she needs to see you." Joe separates, and Iris reveals to him she gets it. What's more, we as a whole go get some kleenex.

Group Flash is in STAR, attempting to figure out how to expel the bomb from Lisa's neck. Cisco, Caitlin, and Flash attempt to discuss it away from her, and Barry chooses he's going to penetrate Lewis' group.

Barry goes to Cold and reveals to him the group is attempting to get the bomb off of Lisa's mind, and discloses to Lewis he's Sam, the new tech fellow. Lewis, Lenny, and "Sam" head out to pull the activity. Dressed as janitors, they begin to invade the structure. Barry takes out gatekeepers at superspeed, and gets them up to the Dracon lock keypad. He utilizes superspeed to split the encryption, and Lewis says, "Great job, in every case great to go out on a high note." He shoots Barry, Barry falls, and Lenny says "Sorry, Barry." as the entryway closes.

After the business break we see that Barry got the projectile at superspeed and sent himself to the ground.

STAR: Cisco has a packed compressed air firearm to attempt to get the bomb out, and Lisa says she confides in him.

The Job: the Snart men are at the sheltered they're ransacking, and get in.

STAR: Lisa and Cisco have a coy second just before he's going to shoot her with a high constrained weapon to get the bomb out.

Occupation: Snarts have a lot of jewels. The Flash comes up, and Lewis takes steps to explode Lisa's head if Cold doesn't fire Barry with the virus firearm. Cisco flames and he gets the bomb out. Also, practically immediately, Captain Cold impacts Lewis directly in the chest, executing him.

Barry needed to take Cold to Iron Heights. "It's interesting that I at last made sense of your mystery," Barry says while visiting. "You'd effectively secure your sister. Today demonstrated what I've generally known. There's acceptable in you, Snart. There's a piece of you that realizes you don't need to let your past characterize you, that you don't need to be a lawbreaker." "So I ought to be a legend like you, Barry? What does that pay once more".

Barry and Joe talked a piece, Joe expressing gratitude toward him for his recommendation.

CC Jitters: Patty and Barry run into one another once more. She gives him her number, and they truly bumble the trade. Very off-kilter. Barry is less smooth than he ought to be.

Lisa and Cisco state their farewells. "You were there for me when I was feeling frail. It's difficult for me to confide in individuals, however I confided in you. You may even be my first genuine companion." "Is any of that valid?" he answers, and she grins, gives him a pleasant kiss. "Afterward, Golden Glider." And she heads out on a gold cruiser as a result obviously she does.

The penetrate is settled, and the "speed gun" is good to go. They toss an item in, and it stays. CFL Quark Matter is the clarification Jay gives. "I surmise this is it, huh? Time for me to return home." Caitlin attempts to persuade him to remain to help with different breaks and become familiar with Zoom. "Alright, when we deal with Zoom, I'm returning home," he advises her. "Sounds great."

Caitlin checks in with Professor Stein, and he says that a little rest mends all - at that point his hands and head light ablaze, the fire turns blue, and he falls to the ground.

After the title card, something's coming out of the break. It's... Dr. Harrison Wells, from Earth-2!





  • When Barry talks to Snart at the prison, he puts his jacket on a chair. When Barry stands up and walks to Joe, he leaves the jacket on the chair. When both leave, Barry suddenly has his jacket in his hands.
  • Thermite isn't explosive but an incendiary (it burns very hot). "Thermite residue" would be everywhere since a primary component is rust.