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"My father thinks I am a coward."
"Then he doesn't know you. 'Cause the man I know has dedicated his entire life to making sure what happened on Mars never happens anywhere else. So go in there, J'onn, and show your father who his son really is.
J'onn J'onzz and Kara Danvers

"Far From the Tree" is the third episode of the third season of Supergirl, and the forty-fifth episode overall. It aired on October 23, 2017.




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The scene begins with Kara and Alex discussing games to play at Alex and Maggie's pre-wedding party. There's a thump at the entryway and it's J'onn. He tells the sisters that he's disappearing for a couple of days — he's returning to Mars to help M'gann.

Kara and Alex give talking him a shot of coming back to his home planet, however he's obstinate. In the end he consents to let Kara go with him.

Kara and J'onn stroll into a garage where a car is sitting. The car turns out of the garage and rapidly transforms into a spaceship, which takes off.

Alex and Maggie are eating with Eliza. Eliza discovers that Maggie doesn't have any youth picture and the last uncovers that she hasn't addressed her folks since she's was 14 — in the wake of coming out, her folks showed her out of the house and left her with her aunt.

Kara and J'onn land on Mars and start researching M'gann's admonition call. They discover M'gann underground with a gathering of individual warriors. She advises them that the White Martians have a Green Martian jail camp, one which his dad is detained.

M'gann says the White Martians accept the J'onns father realizes how to work an incredible weapon they're after — something that would permit them to track down and kill any remaining resistance fighters.

M'gann and her fellow Resistance contenders disclose to J'onn that he needs to go to his dad and convince him not to support the White Martians.

Alex and Maggie are discussing Maggie's relationship with her folks. Alex inquires as to whether Maggie's at any point had a go at reaching them again and Maggie says she got notification from family members that her mom has expelled all photos of her from any family photograph collection. Alex takes a stab at convincing Maggie to welcome her folks to their wedding and the last simply needs to drop it.

J'onn approaches where his dad is being held prisoner. Subsequent to talking, J'onn's dad thinks J'onn is really a White Martian in the form of his child — he says his child could never have left Mars to escape to Earth.

Back on Earth, Maggie awakens and chooses to call her dad. She leaves him a voice message to fill him in on a portion of her life refreshes and illuminates him that they're facilitating a wedding shower and welcomes him to come.

When J'onn comes back to M'gann's alcove, the Resistance contenders state if J'onn can't break through to his dad, they won't have any choice but to execute him.

Maggie discovers her father is going to the wedding party and gets him from the bus station. The two go on a walk and her father reveals to her that she's been staying aware of every last bit of her virus cases records on the web.

J'onn returns to address his dad, who despite everything believes he's a White Martian. J'onn's dad starts discussing the weapon the White Martians need access to.

Back at M'gann's den, one of her Resistance warriors knocks her out, saying he's doing it for their benefit. Kara hurries to find J'onn and the pair, alongside J'onn's dad, and start to escape.

They take M'yrnn back to their previous home, and he gets furious and slaps J'onn.

Alex and Maggie are having their pre-wedding party. Eliza starts to have a random data challenge, with a tanked Winn starting to pose inquiries. Maggie's dad comes in with a jug wine for the prospective love birds. Maggie acquaints her dad with Alex.

Taking a gander at the photos of the couple as children, Maggie's father acknowledges there isn't an image of her on the board. He snaps a photo out of his wallet and pins it to the board.

The couple starts opening presents and as they kiss, Maggie's dad gets noticeably agitated and leaves the gathering and Maggie before long follows and the two examine whether the world has changed as far as tolerating homosexuality.

Back on Mars, Kara is conversing with M'yrnn about helping spare his home planet. She discloses to him she comprehends why he wouldn't like to accept that his child is as yet alive and convinces him to allow J'onn to substantiate himself.

J'onn contacts his dad's head and the two remember a memory of J'onn's little girls running all through their home. M'yrnn at long last understands that his child has returned home to save him. He tells Kara and J'onn what the White Martians are doing with the staff and the gathering races off to stop them.

The gathering unites on the gathering of White Martians utilizing the staff and an enormous battle breaks out. The White Martians start using the staff to make a sound that stuns the Green Martians and the rebel White Martians.

With the assistance of M'yrnn and J'onn's spaceship (Kara momentarily distracts the Martians with the car), Kara can utilize the staff to kill the remainder of the White Martians before giving over the staff to M'gann and the Resistance.

The Resistance chooses to give the staff back to J'onn — they need him to take the staff to Earth to hide it.

Back on Earth, Maggie discloses to her dad that he gave her the best gift of all — he helped her understand that she doesn't need his approval. She accepts herself and is surrounded by individuals who love and support her. She gives him back the infant picture he nailed to the board and strolls off.

Maggie and Alex are looking at getting closure and the Alex thinks that it might adjust Maggie's perspective on wanting kids. Maggie still says that Alex is the main thing she needs, implying that she doesn't need kids.

Kara and J'onn come back to Earth, and it's uncovered that they brought M'yrnn with them. J'onn embraces Kara, telling her this was something he could never have had the option to manage without her. Kara welcome M'yrnn to Earth and takes off.

M'yrnn and J'onn begin strolling home.





  • During an argument, Oscar Rodas mentions a border wall being built in the United States to keep Mexicans out of the country. This an obvious reference to the real-life presidency of Donald Trump, but within the show's continuity, his comment doesn't make sense. In "Resist", it's revealed that President Olivia Marsdin is literally an alien from outer space, and earlier in "Welcome to Earth", she signed an executive order offering aliens such as herself full US citizenship if they so desired. If Olivia is tolerant of extraterrestrials, it seems unlikely that she'd be so intolerant of legal aliens as to resort to such an extreme action in foreign policy like building a wall on the border.
  • As proof of who he says he is, J'onn shows M'rynn his favorite memory of them together. However, since his father's presence that day was intended as a surprise, J'onn should have no recollection of M'rynn alone talking to his granddaughters, as he wasn't there to witness it.
    • However, since Martians share memories between them, it's possible J'onn got his father's version of the memory soon after the actual event itself.
  • When Supergirl punches a White Martian off his feet, it is clearly seen that her fist never even touches the alien.
  • J'onn is seen flying onto his house's balcony, but it was previously stated that flying on Mars was strictly for war.
  • N'keyy refers to H'ronmeer as "your God" (speaking to J'onn J'onzz), but Armek previously referred to H'ronmeer as the White Martians' God of Death.
    • However, it is possible that N'keyy wanted to distance herself from the White Martians' beliefs.