"Did you know I was there the night my father died? I was supposed to stay in my room, but I wanted to hear the music. Do you have any idea what it's like to watch your own father get murdered?"
—Farzad on Lyla Michaels killing his father.[src]

Farzad Qadir (died 2019) was the son of the late Gholem Qadir.


Farzad was born to Gholem Qadir, and loved each other very much. In early 2014 a young Farzad saw Ben Turner kill his father to save Lyla Michaels. In 2019 Farzad had Sandra and Connor Hawke kidnapped. Qadir was having a party when Lyla Michaela and John Diggle attended for save Sandra and Connor, finding them in a room. Farzad was killed by Lyla.


Farzad is ruthless and vengeful kidnapping Sandra and Connor Hawke to get revenge for Ben Turner killing his father. He seems to be just like his father willing to kill innocent people.



Season 8

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