The Fates were a mythical group of three god-like Greek women who once wove fate to their liking. Their reality-manipulating power was diminished when Clotho betrayed her sisters, destroying their Loom of Fate and scattering it across the multiverse before running away.

After the crisis, various Earths were unified into Earth-Prime and the Loom with it, restoring the Fates' powers. Clotho, now known as Charlie, remained opposed to her sisters, aiding the Legends, as they sought to reclaim the Loom and take control of destiny once more. Ultimately, the Loom and Atropos were destroyed, leaving Charlie and Lachesis regular mortals to go their separate ways.


Atropos and Lachesis

Charlie's sisters Lachesis in black and Atropos in red.

The Fates used the Loom of Fate to weave the fates of people in ancient times. Clotho caused birth, Lachesis controlled life, and Atropos brought death. However, Clotho betrayed her sisters and scattered the Loom across the multiverse when she decided people’s fate shouldn’t be manipulated, and everyone should live freely as they wish.

Once numerous Earths were unified during the Crisis, godlike power returned to the Fates, except Clotho (now known as Charlie) who had been stripped of most of her power by John Constantine. Lachesis and Atropos plotted to track down the various fragments of the Loom, with Lachesis manipulating the power-hungry entrepreneur from Hell, Astra Logue, and Atropos hunting down Charlie herself. However, Atropos was defeated by Charlie and Sara Lance, who proved to be immune to witnessing a Fate's true form.


The Fates in Waverider.

After Lachesis and Atropos stole Astra's soul coins and sent encores to search for Atropos' ring, they were confronted. Lachesis revealed to Astra their true identities and offered her to take Clotho's place as the third Fate, which she seemed eager to accept.[1]

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  • Of the three, Clotho is the youngest fate, as Atropos calls Clotho her "little sister," [2] and Clotho states that Lachesis is her older sister.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • In Greek mythology, the Moirae, better known as the Fates, were the incarnations of destiny, particularly known for being three blind old women who shared one eyeball between them. Their members were Clotho the spinner (birth), Lachesis the alotter (life), and Atropos the unturnable (death).
    • Albeit originating in Greek mythology, the Fates, as most deities from Greek pantheon, have a major role also in the comics continuity, especially considering their relation to Wonder Woman.
  • Despite being commonly portrayed as elderly women, the Fates are seen here as relatively young women, although their "true form" is impossible to behold, due to their immense power.


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