"Fathoms" is the fifth chapter of the comic book series Arrow. It was released digitally on November 7, 2012.



In 2009, a submarine is searching for something in the South Pacific Ocean, 2100 miles East of Sydney, Australia at 15,233 feet below the sea. At 23°15.5'S 174°43.6'W, the submarine uncovers the wreckage of the Queen's Gambit. The pilot asks for Moira Queen to be brought on deck.

As the Queen's Gambit is retrieved from the ocean, the captain brings Moira to the deck of a ship, informing her of the find and expressing his condolences over the loss of her husband, Robert, and son, Oliver. The captain then reveals traces of C2 explosives were found on the ship's hull, which caused it to sink. Realizing the Queen's Gambit had been sabotaged, a distraught Moira orders the crew to search the wreckage for any forensic evidence of the perpetrator. Moira then converses with her bodyguard, revealing she already knows who sabotaged the Gambit but can't accuse him without proof.

The bodyguard catches a crew member trying to make a phone call in secret. The man attempts to flee, but is caught. Moira interrogates the crew member, wanting to confirm who he was calling and what happened to the Queen's Gambit. The man refuses to say anything and spits in Moira's face, infuriating her. Moira's bodyguard hands her a gun to kill the crew member.

In a flashback from 2007 in the Queen Mansion, Robert is packing for his voyage on the Queen's Gambit. Moira warns her husband that despite his second thoughts, they're already too far involved in a plan. Robert explains he just needs some time to think and promises to be back soon. The two kiss and bid each other farewell. Moira watches worriedly as Robert drives away.

Back in the present, Moira is unable to pull the trigger and has her bodyguard kill the crew member. The bodyguard assures Moira that she has an advantage over the perpetrator since the Queen's Gambit is evidence of Robert and Oliver's murders.

Meanwhile, the captain secretly calls Malcolm Merlyn and reveals that Moira knows about the bomb.


  • It's stated that the number of bombs on the Queen's Gambit were "enough to sink the Titanic", referencing how the ship's sheer size and build caused many to erroneously believe it was unsinkable.

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