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"Well, we're not going to let that happen, because we're ready, and we can do this together. Now we only have one shot."
"Well, let's be sure to get it right. Everyone take your positions."
Alex Danvers and J'onn J'onzz to the Superfriends.

"Fear Knot" is the seventh and midseason finale episode of the sixth season of Supergirl, and the one-hundred-thirteenth episode overall. It aired on May 11, 2021.



Near the Anchor, Kara finds Zor-El and they realize the Anchor's destruction has destabilized the entire area. A Phantom attacks Kara Danvers and Zor-El drives it off. Overwhelmed by the Phantom's fear, Supergirl figures that if the others come to rescue her, they will all die.

Two Hours Earlier

Brainiac-5 and Dreamer return to the Tower and show the others the sample of Kara's DNA that they acquired. They team explains that the duo were gone three days, and M'gann is patrolling National City in their absence. J'onn drops the hologrammatic projection on the inside of the Tower, revealing the control panels within, and explains that when he built the Tower, he upgraded it to a ship.

Activating the engines, Brainiac-5 says that entering the Phantom Zone will use all of Kara's DNA. They figure the imprisoned Prime Phantom's Q-Waves will lead them to Kara once they enter the Zone. J'onn warns that if they encounter more Phantoms, they can't use the same methods to fight them. In their native dimension, the Phantoms attack with Fear Visions. Kelly figures that her fear management techniques can help them, and explains about grounding. If one of their fears shows up, they can separate them from reality.

Alex asks Kelly if she's sure she wants to come with them. Kelly insists that she want to for Kara and for the others. Dreamer wonders if Kara will assume the flying Tower is another illusion, and Kelly says that Kara will need a personal memento to bring her back to herself. J'onn says that he can do it alone, and they'll need Alex there to make sure they have a way home.

Lena has a yellow-sun device to repel the Phantoms, and J'onn warns that they can only have the ship in the Zone for two hours before it degrades. If the power meter drops into the red, they have to abandon the mission. Alex warns that they only have one shot.

Everyone takes their positions and J'onn flies the Tower into the Zone. He has Lena activate the Phantom Zone projector, and they fly into the fragmented reality and encounter interdimensional turbulence. The shield protects them, and J'onn has everyone do their final checks. Alex insists on going with J'onn, saying that she can be Kara's touchstone.

The power surges and everyone straps in for turbulence. The power drops, and Alex tells J'onn that they have a problem: Prime has escaped its containment cell. J'onn and Alex go down to the containment room, and Prime attacks them. Alex manages to knock it back into its containment cell and seal the doors. J'onn realizes that Alex was infected by Prime, and says that they have to lock her up or she could endanger all of them. Alex starts to go into a cell, but then shoves J'onn in and seals the door, and insists that she has to go alone or the whole mission will fail.

Alex goes to the bridge, and Brainiac-5 asks where J'onn is. She claims that he's in the armory prepping some gear, and Phantoms attack the ship despite their cloaking. Brainiac-5 realizes that Alex has been infected, and her transformation is attracting the Phantoms. Alex blames herself but realizes that it's not too late, enters the airlock, and says that she's not the one vital to saving Kara. All she can do is draw the Phantoms away and save the rest of her team.

Ten Minutes Earlier

Everyone does their final checks, and Lena and Dreamer talk about their respective abilities. Dreamer says that with her mother gone, all she has is questions about her powers. Lena says that she misses her mother as well, and it never gets any easier. They talk about how the Super Friends are their family now, and Dreamer says that being Dreamer just reminds her of everything she's lost. Lena says that the only thing she has left of her mother is a book of folktales that her mother read to her. She tells Dreamer that her powers are her link to her mother.

The ship shakes from turbulence, and Lena realizes that they have a coolant leak. She goes to check on it and an alien creature appears. Lena runs out and seals the door, and radios the others but doesn't get through as she takes an elevator back to the bridge. When she gets there, she finds the others down from the creature's attack. Lena manages to revive Dreamer and they run out, sealing the door behind them.

Lena says that the creature reminded her of one of the creatures from the book of folklore, a Kelpie, and her mother drowned in front of her. She always blamed herself. The Kelpie grans Dreamer and drowns her, and Lena runs into the next room. The Kelpie flows under the door into the room, as Lena realizes that she's having a Fear Vision. She follows Kelly's earlier advice and grounds herself in things that are real, and the Kelpie roars in her face.

Ten Minutes Earlier

The team does its final checks, and Brainiac-5 tells Kelly that he's glad to have her there. Given his recent emotional response, Brainiac-5 is glad to have Kelly there. Kelly says that she feels out of her depth. There's a power surge and they all strap in. J'onn notices that the power surge has damaged the system ship, and Dreamer and Lena go to investigate. The ship stabilizes, and Alex and Kelly go to find Lena and Dreamer. The two women split up and Kelly finds Lena and Dreamer, next to Prime. Their eyes are red, and Kelly realizes that Prime is possessing them. Kelly calls to Alex, and a red-eyed Alex join the other two. She says that it's pointless and Phantom will take them all.

Kelly calls Brainiac-5 and J'onn, and Alex says that they're already gone. The three possessed women say that they see Kelly as weak and human, and she has no chance of resisting the Phantom's powers. Kelly describes all the things Alex loves, and she realized when they first met that Alex was fiery and passionate. She reminds Alex of saying Kelly was her rock, and tells Alex to come back to her.

Alex shakes off Prime's influence, and tells Kelly to get off the ship while she can. She takes Kelly to a one-person escape pod, and Kelly refuses to leave without Alex. Alex says that the rest are too far gone, just as Prime escape. Dreamer and Lena arrive with Prime, and Kelly backs away as Prime possesses Alex again.

Ten Minutes Earlier

Dreamer finds herself in the containment room and Prime's cell is empty. She realizes that she's in a dream and tries to figure it out, and finds a thimble inside the cell, with a picture of the Tower cracked on it. Brainiac-5 wakes her up, and he tells her that the last turbulence temporarily freed Prime and they had Fear Visions.

Dreamer figures something is wrong with the containment unit. Brainiac-5 doesn't find anything wrong with the remote sensors, but Dreamer insists that they go and her dream was telling her there was something wrong with the containment unit. Brainiac-5 suggests that her conclusions aren't always right, and tells her that she never got the full training before her mother died.

As Dreamer says that she can do it, they get to the containment area. Prime is still in his cell, and Brainiac-5 points out that everything is under control. The hull integrity sensors go off as an airlock breaks opens, and Dreamer figures that her dream was warning her to contain the problem and protect the Tower. Since the thimble means "sewing", Dreamer uses her power to try and seal the airlock.

The airlock door gives in and Brainiac-5 is pulled toward it. Dreamer figures that she wasted too much time because she couldn't interpret her dream in time.

Ten Minutes Earlier

The team does its final checks, and everyone straps in for turbulence. J'onn realizes the last ten minutes are unaccounted for, and realizes the temperature is dropping. The others are paralyzed, and Brainiac-5 snaps out of it. He tells J'onn that the containment unit was weakened, and their alien mentalities let them override the Fear Visions. Phantoms find the ship, drawn by the partially-freed Prime. Brainiac-5 pilots the ship, while J'onn goes to fight Prime.

J'onn arrives in the containment room, and Prime unleashes waves of fear at J'onn, letting him see what the others are experiencing. He also feels Supergirl's fear, and uses his own mental powers to resist. He makes the Prime feel the fear, knock it back and locking it into its cell.

Alex shoots open a viewport, tells Kelly to hug Kara for her, and is sucked out into space.

Lena faces the Kelpie, realizes what she has to do, and strokes the creature. It turns into the shape of her mother.

Kelly tells Prime that she can protect the others, and attacks it. A shield appears on her arm, deflecting its blow.

Dreamer watches Brainiac-5 gets pulled out of the ship, and collapses, sobbing.

J'onn returns to the bridge and tells the others that they're free of Prime's powers, and Prime is back in containment. Brainiac-5 gets a lock on Kara, and pilots the Tower there. He warns that the shields won't last much longer.

Supergirl sits, overwhelmed by fear, and Zor-El says that they have to keep moving. She wonders what the point is, and she dragged her father out of his one safe space and pushed him to hope when there is none. Zor-El says that there's always hope, and Supergirl tells him that she was naïve and arrogant to think she could fix anything. Worse, her friends think she can as well and they'll die because of it. Zor-El tells her that she fixed him, and she cried for the people and planet she lost. He cried until there nothing in him... until Supergirl filled him with her spirit and love. Zor-El says that together, nothing can stop them.

Zor-El tells Supergirl that he believes in her, and Supergirl hugs her father and says that she believes in them. More Phantoms advance on them, and the island they're on starts to crack apart. Supergirl says that they never give up, and Lena detonates her sun bomb. It powers Supergirl and Zor-El, and Supergirl realizes that her "family" is there. They fly up to the tower and board it, Alex and Supergirl hug, and Brainiac-5 pilots the ship out as the island blows up. Nxyly clings to the ship as it departs.



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  • Alex Danvers and Kelly Olsen reminisce about the day they first met in "O Brother, Where Art Thou?".
  • As stated by the Superfriends, this episode takes place three days after Nia and Brainy left in "Prom Night!".
  • Brainy hates balloons.
  • J'onn and Brainy are resistant to fear attacks; J'onn because he is a Martian and Brainy being able to compartmentalize his emotions away.
  • Alex's nightmare has the Phantom scratch her.
  • Nia's nightmare is misinterpreting her dreams and costing lives.
  • Lena's nightmare has her face her own doubts about her ability to help and being helpless compared to the rest of the Superfiends.
    • When Lena's is being taken over by her fears, the water creature (kelpie) comes close to her face in a manner similar to the xenomorph drone cornering Ripley in Alien 3.