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"We have to live with the fear and the uncertainty that everything can be taken from us in an instant. Because that's the price we pay for choosing the people that we love."
—Felicity Smoak to William Clayton[src]

Felicity Megan Smoak[1] (July 24, 1989[2] - 2040) is the daughter of Noah Kuttler and Donna Smoak, the widow of the late Oliver Queen, the mother of Mia Queen and the step-mother of William Clayton. She is also the ex-girlfriend/friend of Ray Palmer. Technologically gifted, especially in the field of computer science, Felicity is a former member of Team Arrow, the former CEO of Palmer Technologies, and the founder/CEO of Smoak Technologies.

Felicity met Oliver while working in the I.T. department at Queen Consolidated, where he asked her for many favors related to his vigilante activities. She discovered his secret and despite some initial reservations, joined his team as mission control and coined the name "Team Arrow". After many adventures, the two fell in love. Following the defeat of Ra's al Ghul, Felicity and Oliver left Star City to begin a new life together, but after five months, returned to rejoin Team Arrow and face the threat of Damien Darhk and H.I.V.E.. Felicity was injured in an attack by H.I.V.E. agents and rendered paraplegic. However, due to an implantable bio-stimulant created by Curtis Holt, she was soon able to walk again.

Felicity continued to work with Team Arrow, using the code name Overwatch, until she and Oliver broke up. She was later present when her teammate and close friend Laurel Lance, known as the vigilante Black Canary, died after a confrontation with Darhk. Following Laurel's death, Felicity resumed her activities as a member of Team Arrow and eventually helped Oliver recruit a new team of vigilantes. After the explosions on Lian Yu, Felicity returned to Star City and decided to partner with Curtis to start a new company, Helix Dynamics. She also helped Oliver out when his son, William Clayton, came to live with him by becoming William's tutor. Shortly afterwards, Felicity and Oliver married each other in an impromptu wedding ceremony along with their friends, Barry Allen and Iris West-Allen.

Even when the rest of Team Arrow started falling apart, with each member of the team leaving, Felicity continued to stand by Oliver's side until he decided that in order to take down Ricardo Diaz, he would have to go it alone. After Oliver was sentenced to life in prison, Felicity and William went into witness protection and moved to Hope Springs, where Felicity worked as a barista and went by the name Erin. However, after being attacked by Diaz at her apartment, Felicity decided to return to Star City and work to get Oliver released.

After Oliver was released and was deputized by the Star City Police Department, Felicity started helping him as Overwatch again. When Team Arrow was deputized, she joined the SCPD as Overwatch. Felicity repaired the Arrowcave and worked with the team to stop the Ninth Circle's war on Star City. After Curtis signed over his half of Helix Dynamics to her, Felicity converted the company to Smoak Technologies and hired Alena Whitlock as her CTO. Once the Ninth Circle was defeated, Felicity and Oliver went into hiding to protect their soon-to-be-born daughter, Mia, on the warnings of Emiko Adachi. Months after Mia's birth, the Monitor came to recruit Oliver to save the multiverse from the Crisis, despite Felicity's resistance.

On Earth-Prime, Felicity was given back her original memories by J'onn J'onzz and learned how her husband had saved the multiverse. She attended Oliver's funeral to honor his sacrifice, where Felicity met an adult Mia.

In a possible future in 2040, the Monitor returned and created a portal to the afterlife where Felicity reunited with Oliver.


Original multiverse

Early life

Felicity was born on July 24, 1989, to Donna Smoak and Noah Kuttler in Las Vegas, Nevada. She was raised in the Jewish faith by her mother.[3] In her early childhood, Felicity had a teddy bear named Mr. Square Bear, who was her favorite stuffed toy. However, she lost the bear when she was four, upsetting her. Since then, Donna refers to any upset and perplexed expression on Felicity's face as her "Mr. Square Bear face".[4] From a young age, Felicity displayed a prodigious intellect and an innate interest in technology, just like her father, whom she idolized. When she was only seven years old, Felicity built her first supercomputer using parts stolen from Noah's electronics collection.[5][6][7]

Sometime afterwards, Felicity's father allegedly abandoned her and her mother to avoid going to prison. She was then raised solely by Donna, who worked long hours as a cocktail waitress to support them.[6][8] While Felicity didn't remember Noah a lot, his absence from her life left a deep impact; growing up, Felicity struggled with intense self-loathing and abandonment issues, wondering if she somehow made her father leave and if anyone could truly love her. These insecurities would continue to linger in her adulthood, leaving Felicity afraid of losing those important to her.[4][9] Most likely stemming from this, she was implied to have had a pessimistic view on romance during her childhood; Felicity mentioned that she was never the type of girl who dreamt about her own wedding.[10]

Felicity implied she didn't have many friends in Las Vegas.

As a child, Felicity wanted to be an astronaut and once begged her mother to let her go to Space Camp for the summer. However, Donna refused, claiming she couldn't bear thought of sending her daughter away for so long. In response, an upset Felicity locked herself in her room for two days.[11] In the sixth grade, Felicity hacked Napster for her science fair project.[12] When she was young, Felicity had a pet dog Lucky, whom she adored but initially struggled to house-train.[13]

Likely due to her mother's job, Felicity spent a lot of time in casinos, gaining intimate knowledge on how they worked. Subsequently, she become an excellent card counter and is implied to have successfully gotten away with winning money through this method several times.[14]

Felicity was always fearful of winding up with a difficult, unfulfilling lifestyle like her mother and thus worked hard to escape from her circumstances and create a better future for herself.[8] Over the years, Felicity's relationship with her mother became strained due to their differences (which she later regretted); Felicity felt that Donna only cared about the former's physical appearance and social life, while paying no attention to her academic achievements and goals. As a result, she put most of her focus into her studies, barely acknowledging her mother.[6]

When she was 16, Felicity had her wisdom teeth removed. In the process, she gained a small scar in her mouth from a surgical wound that required three stitches.[15] In high school, Felicity was Nevada's three-time state Mathletics champion (she intended it to be four, but freshmen weren't allowed to compete).[16]

Time at M.I.T.

Felicity attended the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). She had an incident with a stalker lacrosse player in her freshman year.[17] Also, as a freshman, Felicity once accidentally ate a pot brownie with nuts. She subsequently came down with an allergic reaction and had to go to the hospital.[18]

During her senior year, Felicity dated fellow computer wiz Cooper Seldon. The two of them, along with Cooper's roommate Myron Forest, were members of a hacktivist group on campus and part of a cyber-goth subculture. The group would perform "civil disobedience via the World Wide Web", such as digitally defacing criminals, exposing government fraud, etc. Felicity would post her hacktivism on various web forums under the moniker “Ghost Fox Goddess”, eventually becoming an admired figure in the dark corners of the Internet. To coincide with her persona, she also personally adopted the goth look, dyeing her hair black and wearing dark leather clothes and makeup.[6][19]

In 2008 when Felicity was 19, she was ranked 2nd in the National Information Technology Competition.[20][2]

Felicity and Cooper hack into the U.S

Felicity and Cooper hack into the DOE.

With help from Cooper and Myron, Felicity created an x-axis bi-numeric algorithm, a "super virus" capable of giving her root access to any infected server. The virus was originally intended for noble purposes in hacktivism. One day, the trio decided to hack into the United States Department of Education for fun. When Cooper located an exploitable entry point, Felicity used her virus to successfully bring down the firewall for 30 seconds. However, Cooper attempted to go further by deleting all student loans, much to Myron and Felicity's shock. Felicity stopped him by pulling the plug, angering the latter. Cooper told her she could either be a “hacker or hero” but not both.

Felicity watches Cooper's arrest

Felicity watches as Cooper is arrested.

Later that day, Felicity and Cooper strolled around campus, with the former fielding an unwelcome call from her mother. Cooper was still angry with her for interrupting his plan, to which Felicity worriedly revealed that she was trying to protect him; since the sub-root directory of the DOE network was configured, Cooper accessing the financial accounts meant someone could backtrace his hack. Right as the couple made up, the F.B.I. arrived on campus to arrest Cooper and discovered Felicity's laptop - evidence of the DOE hack - in his backpack. Horrified, she tried to plead Cooper's innocence in vain as he was taken into custody.

Felicity visits Cooper in prison

Felicity visiting Cooper in prison.

Felicity eventually decided to confess to the F.B.I. that she wrote the virus in order to free her boyfriend. While visiting Cooper in prison though, Felicity learned that he had already claimed sole accountability in both creating the virus and hacking the DOE, willingly taking the fall for her. She tried to protest this decision, but Cooper insisted it was the right thing to do since Felicity had no part in erasing the loans, leaving her helpless to do anything but accept his choice. Right before his sentencing, Cooper allegedly hung himself in his cell, much to Felicity's devastation.

The new Felicity

Felicity changes her appearance after abandoning her hacktivism.

Heartbroken and depressed over her boyfriend's death, Felicity initially considered turning herself in, feeling responsible for what happened since Cooper used her virus to hack the DOE. However, Myron dissuaded her, pointing out that if Felicity goes to prison, then Cooper would’ve died for nothing and advised her to instead take advantage of her second chance. Ultimately, Felicity decided to change her image and leave her hacktivist days behind. She dyed her hair blonde, started wearing glasses again, and overhauled her goth wardrobe with brighter, professional clothing. When Myron arrived at Felicity's dorm and saw her new look, he perplexedly wondered what happened to her. Felicity simply replied, "this is [her] now".[6]

Felicity graduated summa cum laude[21] from MIT in 2009[22] with a Master of Science in Computer Sciences and Cyber Security,[20] specializing in virus creation.[2] Afterwards, she moved to Starling City to work at Queen Consolidated in I.T. support, despite being vastly overqualified for such a position, determined to lead a normal life. Felicity initially refused to use her technological skills or become dependent on anyone else again after her college experiences.[23]

Working at Queen Consolidated

Felicity talking to Oliver's photo

Felicity talks to Oliver Queen's photo.

One night in February 2010, Felicity was working late at Queen Consolidated and went up to the CEO's office to deliver some files. There, she came upon a photo of Oliver Queen and proclaimed he was "cute", which led to Felicity babbling to herself, much to her annoyance. Unbeknownst to Felicity, Oliver himself was secretly hidden nearby listening to her. As she left, he smiled.[24]

Oliver brings Felicity a bullet-ridden laptop

Oliver gives Felicity a bullet-ridden laptop.

In late 2012, Felicity was busy working in the I.T. Department when Oliver walked in. Upon introducing himself, Felicity accidentally mentioned his father Robert Queen's death, backtracking apologetically and ending up babbling at him, which amused Oliver. To her relief, he ignored her ramblings and gave Felicity a bullet-ridden laptop, claiming that he'd spilled a latte on it in a coffee shop located in a "bad neighborhood", though she clearly did not believe him. Felicity retrieved blueprints of the Exchange Building, where CEO Walter Steele would be bidding at the Unidac Industries auction. She also learned that the laptop belonged to one of Walter's competitors, Warren Patel, Deadshot's employer.[25]

Felicity tells Walter about Tempest

Felicity tells Walter about Moira's investment in Tempest.

One night, Walter summoned Felicity up to his office. Felicity mistakenly believed she was going to be fired and began making a case about her importance to Queen Consolidated's technical department. However, Walter instead gave her a secret task off-books; he explained that a variance of $2.6 million had gone missing after an apparent failed investment by his wife, Moira Queen and asked her to discreetly find out the details. Felicity agreed, proclaiming she was "[his] girl" for the job, and then babbled that she wasn't making a pass at Walter before leaving. During her investigation, Felicity unearthed that there was no investment as Moira claimed; the money in question had actually been used to set up an offshore limited liability company called Tempest. The organization, with no ties to the government or any other company, including Queen Consolidated, seemingly only existed to facilitate the purchase of a warehouse in 2009 that was located somewhere in Starling City. Felicity reported this to Walter and gave him the warehouse's address.[26]

Oliver thanks Felicity for finding AK Desmond Group's location

Oliver thanks Felicity for finding AK Desmond Group's location.

Oliver visited Felicity to request she find the location of AK Desmond Group, claiming a friend of his worked there and he wanted to surprise her with a singing telegram. Felicity was unable to find any information using Google Search, so she did some hacking on the dark web, comparing her abilities to magic. Felicity then started rambling as she denied actually believing in magic until Oliver gently interrupted. Felicity quickly found the address of AK Desmond Group's headquarters at 1852 West Maple, 30th floor and gave it to Oliver, accidentally dropping her red pen in the process. Before he left, Oliver returned the pen to her, revealing to Felicity that he does believe in magic. Oliver used Felicity's intel to confront and kill Justin Claybourne.[27]

Felicity helps Oliver and Diggle find Derek Reston

Felicity researches Derek Reston for Oliver and John Diggle.

Felicity researched Derek Reston for Oliver and his bodyguard, John Diggle, musing her new job as "personal Internet researcher for Oliver Queen". Although she clearly disbelieved Oliver's excuse that he and Derek were old friends, Felicity's research unearthed the fact that Derek was an employee of Robert's at Queen Industrial Inc. until laid off when the factory was sold. This prompted Oliver to reach out and offer Derek a second chance.[28]

Felicity helps Walter with the List

Felicity helps Walter read The List.

After Walter returned from a business trip to Melbourne, Australia, Felicity went his office to speak with him about her discovery of another entity (Malcolm Merlyn) shadowing Moira's $2.6 million transaction regarding Tempest. Felicity showed Walter a picture (the symbol of The List) she managed to uncover from tracing the entity. Walter denied having seen the symbol before and coldly warned Felicity to stop looking into his wife's affairs, promising to suspend her if she continued (to keep her safe).

Later though, Felicity was called back to Walter's office, where he gave her a seemingly blank copy of The List and asked her to investigate the notebook. Walter cautioned Felicity that the last person he asked, the company's head of security Josiah Hudson, was killed. Felicity simply responded, "I hate mysteries. They bug me, they need to be solved." A few hours later, Felicity returned to Walter's office with The List and a pair of glasses manufactured by the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center, which allowed them to see a list of names written in subsonic ultraviolet invisible ink.[29]

Felicity analyzes the Dark Archer's arrow

Felicity analyzes one of the Dark Archer's arrows.

Around Christmas, Felicity discovered that the Hood had targeted seven names from The List. She called Walter to warn him that Doug Miller, the head of Applied Sciences, may be in danger since his name was on The List as well, prompting Walter to meet with him. Later, while looking at the names she'd copied onto her tablet, Oliver arrived to ask for Felicity's help again. Claiming that his friend "Steve" is a fan of archery, Oliver gave Felicity an arrow to track down where it had been manufactured under the pretense of buying more arrows for "Steve"'s birthday.

Felicity learned the arrow's patent was registered to a company called Sagittarius (Latin for "the archer") and after hacking into their records, discovered the address where 200 units of the same arrows were delivered. Upon providing him with the information, an awed Oliver praised that she was "remarkable" and wished her a Merry Christmas before he left, prompting Felicity to reveal her Jewish heritage. Oliver corrected himself, wishing her a Happy Hanukkah.[30]

Felicity discovers Blackhawk's robbery plans

Felicity informs Oliver of Blackhawk's armored-car robberies.

Several weeks later in January 2013, Felicity was having lunch in the I.T. department when Oliver arrived and asked her to decrypt the information stored on a security fob of Blackhawk Squad Protection Group, claiming it was part of a friend's scavenger hunt set up by the latter's bodyguard which would award a case of Château Lafite Rothschild 1982 to the winner. Declaring her love of red wine and being promised one of the bottles, Felicity began to de-crypt the fob. The next day, she discovered that it contained a directory of schedules and preparations regarding several planned heists similar to the armored-car robberies that had been occurring in the city. Oliver asked her to hold off on warning the SCPD, saying he didn't want to get her in trouble, and requested that she send him the directory instead. Felicity did so, privately expressing her disappointment at the lack of wine coming her way.[31]

A week later, Oliver and John arrived at Queen Consolidated to see Felicity and she expressed slight concern over a "hungover" Oliver. Oliver handed her a syringe, asking her to run a spectro-analysis on what he claimed was an energy drink (but was in fact Vertigo) manufactured by his friend "Kevin" to cure hangovers. Felicity questioned him on why the energy drink was in a syringe, and then walked away exasperatedly when Oliver told her he "ran out of sports bottles". She discovered the water in the sample came from an abandoned juvenile center in the East sector of the Glades.

The next night, Felicity contacted Oliver and asked him to meet her at Big Belly Burger. Once she arrived, Felicity admitted that despite the outrageous cover stories Oliver had told her when asking for her help, she somehow trusted him enough to share the information she had collected. Felicity presented Oliver with the copy of The List in her possession, which he claimed to have never seen before. Felicity revealed the notebook belonged to Moira and admitted it may be connected to Walter's disappearance.[32]

Learning Oliver's identity and working with the Hood

One night, Felicity left work late and got into her car. After hearing groaning in the backseat, she turned around to find a gunshot-wounded Hood, who revealed himself as none other than Oliver, much to Felicity's shock. Oliver instructed her to take him to Queen Industrial Inc. in the Glades, which she did, despite protesting that he "[needs] a doctor, not a steel worker".

When Felicity arrived at the factory, she thoroughly startled Diggle upon showing up in the Arrowcave, asking for his help carrying Oliver in. Despite her fear of the situation, Felicity helped Diggle operate on Oliver and they managed to successfully remove the bullet from his chest. In the process, Felicity also fixed a defibrillator machine they were using.

While Oliver was recovering, John commented on her handling of the revelation The Hood's identity, to which Felicity revealed she was already suspicious from the horrible cover stories they told her for the favors Oliver asked. Felicity also learned that the "energy drink" vial given to her was Vertigo, which helped Oliver and Diggle take down The Count. After learning how much she has helped already, Felicity agreed to help Oliver in his mission on a provisional basis until Walter was found.[5]

Oliver hooded up to target Ken Williams, a name from The List, but Felicity locked him in the Arrowcave to point out that Ken was a single father with a 10-year-old son. Oliver ignored her objections, prompting Felicity to quit on the belief that it was a bad idea to get involved with his crusade in the first place.

To coax her back on the team, Oliver went after Winnick Norton/The Dodger, a jewel thief who forced others to steal for him by holding them hostage with bomb collars. During their first team meeting at Big Belly Burger, Felicity noticed the attraction between Diggle and his former sister-in-law, Carly, which lead to her persuading/daring the guys to go on dates: Diggle with Carly and Oliver with Detective McKenna Hall. Felicity also designed a bug for Oliver to plant on McKenna's phone, which would provide them with information about the Dodger.

Felicity strapped with a collar bomb

Felicity with a bomb collar.

After a failed attempt to apprehend The Dodger using McKenna's intel, Felicity studied the jewel thief's crime spree and learned he stole pieces from the Ominous Decade. Team Hood set up a sting operation at a fundraising auction for the Starling City Cancer Society using a Queen family brooch as bait. However, The Dodger simply stole the brooch himself. Felicity confronted him, which led to him placing a bomb collar around her neck. Felicity guided Oliver through the streets after The Dodger using a tracking device she installed in the brooch while Diggle attempted to disarm the collar. Oliver managed to find and stop the Dodger, retrieving the detonator and disarming the collar, saving Felicity's life.[33]

Diggle began training Felicity in self-defense in case she was attacked. During a sparring break, Oliver arrived at the Arrowcave after killing mercenary-for-hire Guillermo Barrera. He gave Felicity Barerra's phone to hack, hoping she could figure out who his next target was so they could stop the assassination. Felicity began breaking through the phone's encryption and the next day, she discovered the last number Barrera called, which was to a Chinese restaurant called Jade Dragon, a front for the Chinese Triad.

While Oliver went to investigate, Felicity continued to decrypt the phone. Eventually cracking through its firewalls that evening, Felicity and Diggle learned that Barrera's target was Malcolm Merlyn. Later that night after Malcolm was saved, Oliver revealed that the assassin who intended to kill him was Floyd Lawton aka Deadshot, upsetting Diggle. Felicity learned from Oliver that Lawton was the man who killed Diggle's brother, Andy.[1]

Felicity accidentally interrupted a meeting in the Arrowcave between Oliver, Diggle, and Helena Bertinelli/The Huntress, offering to hack into the F.B.I. database for them. Oliver sharply told her to leave, trying to prevent Felicity from becoming involved in Helena's vendetta. This failed, as Helena later broke into the I.T. Department of Queen Consolidated and threatened Felicity into hacking the F.B.I. to find the location of her father's safehouse.

Thankfully, Felicity had been in the middle of a call to Oliver's voicemail when Helena showed up, so he immediately arrived at Queen Consolidated upon hearing the commotion. He found Felicity tied up under her desk and quickly freed her. Felicity explained what happened and apologized for giving Helena Frank's location, though Oliver assured her it wasn't her fault. The attack on Felicity persuaded Oliver to go after Helena with no mercy.[34]

In the Arrowcave, Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver watched the news regarding John Nickel, one of the people on The List, being acquitted by the district attorney from indictment after one of his buildings being burnt down due to faulty wiring. After hearing of Nickel's other crimes, Felicity gave "100%" support to Oliver going after Nickel himself.

However, he had been kidnapped by someone else, so Felicity began looking into anyone who would potentially have a grudge against Nickel. She eventually discovered Nickel being broadcasted live on a website, Glades Betrayed, which was sent to every IP address in The Glades. Felicity immediately called Oliver and sent a broadcast link to him and Diggle. They watched as Nickel's kidnapper introduced his victim and gave the latter 30 seconds to defend himself against his crimes. Felicity attempted to track the website's signal, but Nickel was murdered on video.

The next day as Felicity worked to decrypt Glades Betrayed, Diggle learned through a contact in the NSA that the creator of the website is a cyber-crusader known as "The Savior". Just then, Glades Betrayed began broadcasting again, revealing that Assistant District Attorney Gavin Carnahan had been kidnapped next. The Savior accused Carnahan of failing to prosecute the robbers who murdered his wife in a bodega heist.

Felicity used this information to discover The Savior's identity as Joseph Falk, a former computer technician of the Department of Transportation whose wife, Emma, had been killed a year prior. Given 10 minutes to find Carnahan, Felicity tried to get a lock on the wireless signal of Glades Betrayed in order to find where Carnahan was being held. However, she was unable to pinpoint where the transmission was being sent from and erroneously directed Oliver to 23rd and Myra, then Ocean and Grand. A frustrated Oliver demanded Felicity to find the signal but The Savior shot and killed Carnahan, shocking and upsetting Felicity. Diggle tried to talk to her, but Felicity ordered him to leave her alone using her "loud voice".

Later when Oliver returned to the Arrowcave, a shaken Felicity expressed guilt over her failure to find Carnahan, having never seen anyone die before. Oliver tried and failed to comfort Felicity by reminding her that, in their line of business, they will sometimes lose a battle. Felicity then cited how Oliver being single made sense as she wouldn't know how to talk to anyone about what happened today.

That night after The Savior kidnapped Thea Queen's boyfriend, Roy Harper, Felicity and Diggle tried looking for clues in The Savior's previous videos to pinpoint his location. Diggle recognized the background noise in the videos and realized Glades Betrayed was being broadcast underground on a moving subway car in the decommissioned Starling City Subway. Felicity used this to track The Savior's next stop. Oliver hitched a ride on the moving subway car and eventually killed The Savior, saving Roy's life.

Afterwards, Oliver reflected on Felicity's earlier comment, rethinking how his personal policy of isolationism was affecting him and those around him. He assured Felicity that if she ever needed to tell someone about her day, she could talk to him, for which she was thankful. Oliver then noticed that the underground map of the Starling City Subway Felicity had pulled up matched the symbol in The List. Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity realized Robert, the Dark Archer, and The Undertaking are all somehow connected to The Glades.[35]

Felicity arrived in the Arrowcave to find both Oliver and Diggle already present. Briefly teasing them about their fondness for the hideout, she showed them the news footage revealing that Cecil Adams aka the Count had escapedS from the Starling County Institute of Mental Health, upsetting Oliver; he had already gone to see the Count following of the death of a Verdant partygoer, Veronica Sparks, but discounted the dealer as a suspect due to his mental state. The next night after Diggle successfully dropped off tagged money by purchasing some Vertigo pills, Felicity activated the trackers slipped into the bills in order to trace the money back to the Count's location.

After Oliver left, Diggle then brought them to the topic of Floyd Lawton, whom Felicity had been secretly tracking at his request. Felicity revealed that Lawton made a series of calls to Alberto Garcia, who arranged the assassin's hits, and gave him a USB of information. She tried to convince Diggle to let Oliver in on the secret, but he refused and left. Later after tracking the drug money's destination, Felicity sent Oliver the address but he failed to capture the dealers.

The next night, Oliver and Felicity heard a report about a Vertigo-related hostage-taking incident in the Starling City Aquarium. As Oliver made a concoction of Lian Yu herbs to use on the addict, Felicity wondered why he wasn't going to kill the man instead. Oliver explained that his sister was once in a similar place and didn't deserve to be killed for taking Vertigo, so neither did this man.

When Oliver lamented that he should've killed the Count the first time around, Felicity tried assure him that the Vertigo epidemic wasn't his fault, only for Oliver to angrily exclaim that his choice had been wrong since the city was once again in danger due to the drug. Vowing to kill The Count once and for all when he got the chance, Oliver left after instructing Felicity to call Diggle for backup.

Later, Felicity walked into the Arrowcave to find that the equipment had been replaced with the Verdant's inventory and furniture. She questioned this and wondered where Diggle was, to which Oliver answered that it was a "long story". Directed to look at the autopsy report of the addict from the aquarium, Felicity discovered that the man didn't die of a Vertigo overdose, but from an allergic reaction to chlorpromazine, an anti-psychotic. Upon checking Veronica's autopsy, Felicity discovered traces of chlorpromazine in her system as well.

Oliver realized that the amount of anti-psychotic drugs needed to manufacture the new Vertigo could only be found in a mental institution and promptly left Felicity in the Arrowcave to recheck the psychiatric hospital. Upon getting in touch with Diggle, Felicity informed him of Oliver's whereabouts. Oliver and Diggle discovered that The Count's psychiatrist, Dr. Webb, was responsible for the new iteration of Vertigo and killed him and his accomplice.[18]

While Oliver and Diggle were working out and talking about Floyd Lawton, Felicity refuted Oliver's claim that Lawton was on another continent, explaining that she'd decrypted A.R.G.U.S.'s communication logs and ended up admitting that she dyed her hair blonde, much to Oliver's amusement and John's impatience. Felicity told them that Lawton had returned to Starling City thanks to a sting setup by John's friend, A.R.G.U.S. agent Lyla Michaels. Felicity pulled the details of the sting for John and Oliver to study and create a counter-plan for, and later monitored the movements of a name on The List, Edward Rasmus, who hired an assassin to kill Laurel Lance's clients, orphaning their young son, who also became a target for having seen the assassin's face.

Just before the time for A.R.G.U.S.'s sting, Felicity got a notification that Rasmus was on a flight manifest heading out of Starling City, forcing Oliver to choose whether to support John or help Laurel's case. He chose Laurel, and when he returned, Felicity was tending to John's head wound. Upset that Oliver chose Laurel yet again, John told him that his absence caused the deaths of four A.R.G.U.S. agents, and though Felicity didn't say anything on the subject, it was clear that she agreed with John.[36]

Oliver brought Felicity a laptop belonging to Harold Backman, who laundered money for the white-collar criminals of Starling City, and asked her to return money to their rightful owners before they turned the laptop over to the IRS. Felicity tried to convince Oliver to apologize to Diggle for breaking his promise to him, but Oliver stubbornly refused. After a while, Felicity walked into the club to find Oliver conversing with Laurel Lance, whom she now met for the first time.

Excusing herself as someone who is fixing Verdant's internet router, Felicity urged Oliver to come with her so she could show him what she'd found, explaining that she hacked Cayman Fidelity and compiled a list of deposits made in the last year and had discovered a payment made on the same day of Walter's disappearance. She managed to track it to Dominic Alonzo, who ran the largest underground casino in the city. With Oliver hesitating to both storm Alonzo's place due to the unknown amount of security guarding the place and his unwillingness to contact John for help, Felicity convinced him to let her get caught counting cards in order to place a bug on Alonzo's computer. Despite his reservations, Oliver bent to Felicity's tenacity but insisted that he plan the mission, which she agreed to.

Before the mission, Felicity paid a visit to John to try and convince him to help them save Walter, but to no avail. Sometime later, she and Oliver arrived outside Alonzo's casino, where Oliver gave her another chance to back out. When Felicity refused to do so, he assured her that he'd be right outside, and they separated. With Oliver scouting ahead and providing her the password (snapdragon) Felicity headed in, detailing how many of Alonzo's employees were in sight and also accidentally rambling at him, much to her chagrin.

Her plan to get caught counting cards went off without a hitch, and she was brought into Alonzo's office. Introducing herself as Megan (her middle name) she planted the bug and agreed to never count cards in Alonzo's casino again, only for them to find the earwig that connected her to Oliver. Having lost contact with her, Oliver stormed the casino and, after getting Felicity out of Alonzo's clutches, reverted to his old method of intimidating his target into confessing the information he wanted. Alonzo claimed that he heard the gunshot which killed Walter, devastating Felicity and Oliver.

Felicity returned to the Arrowcave later that night to find Oliver sitting in the dark. Admitting that she'd been doing the same thing, she tried to extend her condolences to Oliver and his family, only for Oliver to reveal that Walter was still alive. Oliver explained that his mother, Moira, had known who kidnapped Walter all along and he'd followed her straight to Malcolm Merlyn after giving them the news that Walter was found dead.

He asked Felicity to pull up Malcolm's phone records to trace the call he made to where Walter was being held, which Felicity discovered was in Blüdhaven. Seeing that the least amount of security is on the roof, Oliver chartered a jump plane to parachute down, and when he recovered Walter, Felicity immediately proceeded to the hospital to see him.[14]

Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle were trying to figure out what The Undertaking was and how Moira was involved in it. Oliver decided that it was time he spoke to his mother about it, and when Felicity expressed concern due to what happened the last time he tried that, he told her that he'd be doing it without the hood. When Oliver returned, Felicity was shocked to see the mess his face had become, scolding John and reminding him that he was supposed to pull his punches, indicating that John had told her about the plan Oliver had concocted to make his mother talk. Oliver asked her to research Unidac Industries, to which Felicity reminded him that Queen Consolidated acquired Unidac Industries at the same time they'd met.

Discovering that Unidac Industries specialized in seismic infringement, Oliver theorized that Malcolm planned to level the Glades using a device that triggers a man-made earthquake. Upon finding a news article suggesting that the copycat archer was involved, they realized that the Dark Archer was working for Malcolm Merlyn, and that they were tying up loose ends.[37]

When Felicity decided to hack into Merlyn Global Group to find information about Malcolm's plan, but was stonewalled by the company's firewalls, she expressed that they would have to waltz in to gain access to the company mainframe. Oliver decided to do just that, and Felicity ended up posing as a delivery girl for Big Belly Burger and snuck to the twenty-fourth floor with Oliver. While hacking in, Felicity encountered a guard patrolling the floor earlier than scheduled, and since Oliver was detained by Malcolm himself, John was forced to head up to rescue her, forcing her to pretend to be a Tommy Merlyn groupie. Later, she told them that she left a Trojan in the mainframe, thinking it would come in handy in the future. The Trojan later alerted them when Malcolm logged onto his computer, prompting Oliver to face him as a distraction while John went to retrieve the earthquake device. However, Felicity's Trojan backfired on her, as Malcolm moved the devices when he discovered the virus.[37]

Detective Quentin Lance took Felicity into custody for questioning after police technicians found a computer trail linked with the vigilante's activities that traced back to her computer at Queen Consolidated. Felicity was later released when Oliver, as the vigilante, contacted Lance to warn him of the impending attack on the Glades. Before leaving, and without blowing her cover, Felicity explained that she had thought the vigilante was a bad person too, until she realized how much he'd sacrificed for Starling City.

She pointed out that it made him more of a hero than Lance gave him credit for. Before Oliver left to confront Merlyn, he told Felicity that he wanted her out of the Glades because of the chance that the Markov Device would go off. She refused, telling him that if he wasn't leaving, she wasn't leaving. After stealing data from Merlyn Global, Felicity worked with Lance to disarm the earthquake device threatening the Glades, blowing her cover with Lance and confirming that she was definitely in league with the vigilante, in order to prevent the Undertaking. Though successful in disarming the device, Felicity was stuck in Verdant as the back-up Markov Device was activated and proceeded to destroy the East sector of the Glades.[38]

Working with the Arrow

Five months later, Felicity and John tracked Oliver to Lian Yu and traveled to the island to bring him back. For the journey, Felicity chartered an airplane that she and John inevitably parachuted from, much to the former's terror. While searching the island, Felicity stepped on a land mine, which Oliver saved her from by swinging from a tree using a rope arrow.

In a bid to cajole him into returning to Starling City, Felicity revealed that Moira's trial was approaching and Queen Consolidated was undergoing a hostile takeover by Stellmoor International which, if successful, would result in Felicity and all the other employees being fired and the Queen family losing the source of their income. She and John convinced Oliver to come back, under the condition that he did it as Oliver Queen, and not as The Hood. Later, Felicity, Oliver, and John finally met Stellmoor's VP of acquisitions, Isabel Rochev, at QC in regards to the company buyout.

The meeting was interrupted by The Hoods, who declared that Oliver had failed the city. As Oliver rushed Isabel out, one of The Hoods members pointed a gun at him and Felicity hit him with a statue. Oliver and Felicity escaped through a window, swinging once again via a chain out the window and into another two floors below, escaping The Hoods. After the attack, Felicity confronted Oliver for not even trying to stop the Hoods, and he responded by citing the bodycount he typically left behind. After Oliver discovered that the Hoods kidnapped Thea, he, Felicity and John went to the upgraded lair.

Felicity helped Oliver find out information about the Hoods, why they formed, and their location. She then gave Oliver his new bow, which she personally designed. Back at the hideout, after Oliver defeated the Hoods, they talked about a new way and a new name for the Hood, naming himself the Arrow.[39]

When Oliver promoted Felicity to his executive assistant, she vehemently protested her new position, to which Oliver explained that he needed to keep her close to him due to "how [they] spend [their] nights". Felicity inevitably stayed on as his assistant, but made it clear she despised her new job and wouldn't resort to typical secretarial duties such as fetching coffee. To stop the Chinese Triad from stealing medicine being delivered to Glades Memorial Hospital, Felicity found out where they would strike next, only for the Arrow to be ambushed and incapacitated by Bronze Tiger.

Back at the Arrowcave when Oliver and Diggle had an argument about Laurel, Felicity called Oliver out on his attitude, admonishing him for being so involved with his own troubles that he didn't realize that Diggle and Carly had broken up, partially because of him. After missing a crucial fundraiser due to stopping the Triad, Oliver was vilified by Alderman Sebastian Blood. In an effort to cheer him up, Felicity gave Oliver a cup of coffee, though just this once.[40]

Felicity Smoak telling Oliver and Diggle about The Canary

Felicity Smoak telling Oliver and Diggle about The Canary.

Felicity and Diggle were waiting in the Arrowcave when Oliver arrived, having been nearly caught by the SCPD due to Laurel setting a trap for him. Oliver asked Felicity to keep an eye out on a new vigilante, a blonde woman who seemed like a highly skilled fighter, but they soon re-prioritized to help Officer Quentin Lance with The Dollmaker case.

Because of all the times Felicity hacked the SCPD, they'd outsourced their evidence to a facility that she couldn't hack into from the outside. Oliver and Lance broke into the facility and gave Felicity the connection she needed to retrieve and disseminate the information there, leading to a break in the case. It turned out that all the women used a special type of skin cream called Mermaiden, and her skills left Lance mystified at the thought that she can discover all of that with what little information she'd been given in less than a minute, prompting Oliver to smile under the cover of his hood.

She then volunteered to be bait for the Dollmaker, going to each boutique and buying Mermaiden. Quentin pointed out that Felicity must trust The Arrow a lot to be bait for a serial killer. Creeped out, and scared, she vowed to never be bait again, right before she was attacked by the Dollmaker. The Arrow and Quentin scared him off, but not before Felicity was injured. When she'd recovered, she reported the kidnapping of Quentin and Laurel to Oliver, and managed to provide him with their location.[41]

When Oliver was late to a Queen Consolidated investment party at the Queen Mansion, Felicity was forced to make excuses to Isabel. When asked where he was, Felicity opened her communications link to Oliver, only to be startled at the sound of gunfire. Oliver finally arrived, having some blood on his face which Isabel noticed and Felicity tried to excuse away.

Later while watching Oliver and Laurel speak during the party, Felicity realized that Laurel had also been in the same two places where the masked blonde vigilante had helped Oliver out, leading her to theorize that it was Laurel, not Oliver, whom the woman was following. This revelation allowed Oliver to track the woman and learn her real identity: Sara Lance. Back at the Arrowcave, Oliver revealed to Felicity and Diggle that Sara hadn't died on the island, prompting Felicity to question why he hadn't told the Lances about her survival.

An upset Oliver pointed out that because nothing good happened on the island, they were better off not knowing. Later, they set aside the Sara issue to locate the Mayor's hideout to take back stolen weapons crates of military-grade armament. Felicity later "borrowed" the F.B.I.'s facial recognition software to identify the Mayor's real identity, Xavier Reed, and figured out that not only was Reed's foster brother serving in the army, he was also about to hand over assault rifles and grenade launchers to Reed, prompting Oliver to head out and successfully stop it from happening.[42]

Felicity and Diggle finally met the elusive Sara and the former expressed her happiness regarding Sara's survival despite not having known her before the shipwreck. This amused Sara, who called Felicity "cute". Oliver told them that he and Sara were attacked inside the Queen Mansion by a man dressed like the Dark Archer, then asked Felicity to analyze a bag of dirt the man had tracked in. Hearing their lack of knowledge on the matter, Sara revealed that the man was named Al-Owal, a member of the League of Assassins sent to bring her back with him, as she too was a member. Sara admitted to murdering a diplomat who was later found by his young children and used it as an example as to why she kept her survival a secret from her family. Later, when Sara apologized to Felicity for upsetting her with her confession, Felicity compared Sara's regret for joining the League of Assassins to her regret of joining a gym membership. Sara thanked Felicity for not making her feel like "what she was" and expressed how lucky Oliver was for having both her and John as friends.

When Oliver arrived, Felicity reported that she'd found pesticide on the dirt he gave her, giving them Al-Owal's possible hideout. After Sara and Oliver failed to deter him, Felicity volunteered to warn Officer Lance about the possible threat on his life. She confronted Lance at his apartment after his shift, and Lance was seemingly disgruntled by not only her request but her vague explanation. Lance refused to listen to her, believing that he wasn't in any real danger. Felicity returned to the Arrowcave, announcing her failure, forcing Sara to reveal herself to her father.[43]

Felicity arrived when Isabel was reprimanding Oliver for his lack of interest in the company. Felicity apologized for interrupting, reminding Oliver about his "evening plans". She told him that "Mr. Harper" had information for him while a disbelieving and irritated Isabel listened. Oliver then told Felicity that she needed to work on her excuses. She later went with Oliver, Diggle, and unexpectedly Isabel to Moscow to rescue Lyla from prison.

Unbeknownst to her, Isabel believed she's sleeping with Oliver because of her abrupt job change and asks Oliver multiple times about it. While in the hotel, Felicity helped orchestrate Diggle's capture and coordinated the rendezvous point for his escape. Later that night, Felicity went to fetch Oliver from his hotel room, only to find Isabel exiting his room. As Isabel left, she looked back over her shoulder and said to Oliver, "i think she can take the night off". Hurt by what Isabel implied, Felicity was visibly shocked by what happened.

While she, Oliver, and Anatoly Knyazev stake out the gulag, Felicity shut down the prison's phones, helping Diggle and Lyla break out. After the mission succeeded, Diggle, Lyla, Felicity, Oliver, and Isabel returned to Starling City in Oliver's private jet. Despite saying "what happens in Russia stays in Russia" while in Moscow, she confronted Oliver about Isabel at Queen Consolidated, suggesting that she had feelings for him. Oliver gently explained that due to his vigilantism, he believed "it's better to not... be with someone that [he] could really care about", implying that he might have romantic feelings for Felicity as well, but wouldn't act on them. Felicity voiced her belief that Oliver deserved better and walked off in tears.[44]

Felicity took Diggle to the Arrowcave when he passed out in the office and immediately called Oliver. Calling in a favor from a chemist at Queen Consolidated, Felicity had a sample of Diggle's blood analyzed and learned it contained traces of Vertigo. When Oliver arrived, Felicity explained that Diggle had somehow been injected with the drug and his condition was the effects of severe withdrawal.Cecil Adams, who had broken out of prison, took credit for the outbreak of Vertigo withdrawal among regular people.

As Oliver was occupied with his mother's on-going trial, Felicity worked with an ill Diggle to try to figure out why a random mix of people were infected. After plotting out the employment of each infected person, she found a path and linked that path to the free flu shots that were given around the city. Since Diggle was out of commission and Oliver was at the trial, Felicity decided to check out the immunization truck on her own, and was subsequently abducted by Count Vertigo.

Count Vertigo threatening Felicty in swanky offices

Count Vertigo threatening Felicty in Queen Consolidated's offices.

When the Count found Felicity's Queen Consolidated ID badge in her coat, he managed to figure out the Arrow's true identity and called Oliver using her phone, using Felicity as bait to lure Oliver to his office. Despite Felicity urging him not to kill the Count because of her, Oliver shot him in the chest three times, killing him when he moved to inject her with a high concentration of Vertigo. Later, Felicity thanked Oliver for saving her life, then apologized for being the reason he had to choose to kill someone again. Oliver simply assured her that "there was no choice to make" since her life was in danger.[45]

Felicity welcomed Moira Queen back when she paid a visit to the office, laughing at the joke Moira made. She then accidentally mentioned Moira's stint in prison, causing the latter to immediately leave the room. Minutes later, she and John fetched Oliver to tell him about a break-in at one of QC's Applied Sciences facilities, where a centrifuge had been stolen. They proceeded to the site, meeting Lance, Kelton the Crime Scene Unit technician, and Barry Allen, who introduced himself as a C.S.I. from the Central City Police Department. After Barry extrapolated a logical, but unbelievable explanation about the thief being super-powered by merely looking at the crime scene, Felicity realized that he knew more about the case than they did and enlisted his help, telling Barry that Oliver wanted to keep the investigation in-house. During the course of their time together, Felicity exhibited signs of being attracted to Barry, though she was clearly uncomfortable when he mentioned his admiration of the Arrow and his theory that the vigilante had partners, particularly one versed in computer science.

Barry seemed to reciprocate her affections, and though he was briefly surprised to learn that Felicity spent her nights with Oliver, he was reassured when she denied liking Oliver romantically and then asks him to accompany her to the party Oliver was throwing to celebrate his mother's acquittal. She became angry at Oliver when he revealed that Barry had been misleading them, only for Barry to admit that he was investigating their case due to its possible relation to the events that led to his mother's death and the wrongful incarceration of his father. Oliver made it up to her by re-inviting Barry to the party, where they share a dance.

Later, after Barry received a phone call from his boss demanding he return to Central City at once, Felicity was visibly disappointed that they had to say goodbye. She proceeded to the Arrowcave to direct Oliver to the thief's next target, only for the thief to overpower Oliver and knock him into a pile of unknown drugs. Felicity and John came to Oliver's rescue, and when she was unable to discover what Oliver was poisoned with, John decided to call 911, despite Oliver being in full vigilante garb. Felicity stopped him from making the call, instead asking John to abduct Barry at the train station to ask for his help in saving Oliver.[46]

Felicity, John, and Barry worked together to save Oliver, with Barry using a small dose of rat poison to thin Oliver's coagulating blood. When Oliver woke up, he was upset to discover that Felicity had exposed his secret to an outsider without his consent, to which she protested that his life was in danger. The two had a heated argument, which Barry diffused by pointing out that Oliver was unnecessarily being "a jerk" to Felicity, who only wanted to save Oliver.

While Oliver was away, Felicity ran a print that Barry lifted from Oliver's neck through the computer and finds a match, identifying Oliver's physically-enhanced attacker as Cyrus Gold. As she ran Gold's picture through facial recognition software, targeting traffic cameras to track Gold's location, Barry smugly reminded her about his theory of the vigilante working with partners, and then surprises them by mentioning that he'd kept count of the high-profile cases they'd been involved with.

Oliver soon arrived to question Barry about the side-effects of the rat poison, which included hallucinations and excessive sweating. Felicity correctly realized that Oliver had been hallucinating and asked what he was seeing, only to become visibly annoyed jealous when he mentioned Shado, another girl he met on the island. Minutes later, Felicity announced that she had found Gold's location and directed John and Oliver to a motel Gold might be staying in. When Gold managed to hurt John, with him and Oliver narrowly escaping, Oliver told Felicity to call for backup, and she reached out to Officer Lance.

Later that day, Barry implied that despite her denying it, he understood why Felicity would like Oliver. Their conversation eventually turned to their holiday plans—with Barry asking her what she was doing for Christmas and she replying “lighting my menorah”, though it was interrupted when Oliver arrived and asked for some privacy, prompting her and Barry to retreat to Big Belly Burger to get some takeout. They returned with John to find the Arrowcave in disarray, though Oliver denied that they'd had a break-in and didn't explain what happened. After Barry told Oliver that his hallucinations weren't being caused by any drugs in his system, Felicity found a police report detailing Quentin's injuries and the death of several officers, including Quentin's former partner and friend, Lucas Hilton. Oliver left to speak with Quentin and returned with a key that Felicity tracked back to a place in the Glades.

When Oliver prepared to face Gold once more, Felicity tried to stop him and failed, so she asked him to promise that he'd come back, but he didn't. To John and Felicity's relief, Oliver returned mostly intact and she rushed to hug him while he assured them that he'd stopped hallucinating, though he also warned them that they had to keep an eye on Roy Harper, who'd been injected with the same serum that gave Gold his enhanced abilities.

When he asked after Barry, Felicity told him that Barry had returned to Central City, just as Barry gives her a call. He told her that he arrived too late to attend the activation of the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator, but that if she ever decided to go on a date with someone who wasn't Oliver Queen (marking the first time her romantic feelings for Oliver are blatantly mentioned), then that someone wouldn't be late for their date. Barry mentioned that he'd left a present for Oliver: a mask. Felicity helped Oliver put it on, becoming the first person to see him as the Arrow. When asked how he looked, Felicity told him that he looked like a hero.[47]

Felicity had gone to Central City to stay with Barry, who was in a coma after being struck by lightning. After she returned, Officer Lance asked the Arrow if his "blonde friend" could hack the cell phone records of his fellow policemen to see which one tipped off Cyrus Gold. It was later implied but not directly stated by Officer Lance that Felicity did, indeed, trace the cell phone records of the policemen at the precinct and relayed them to Lance. As Oliver replied, another bomb went off.

He instantly contacted Felicity and she tried to help him find the bomber, Shrapnel. Felicity tracked him while Oliver followed in a high-speed chase. She lost Shrapnel's signal and he ended up escaping. Oliver blamed her, claiming she was distracted by Barry. When she angrily left, Diggle told Oliver "I think you didn't have a problem with Felicity's performance until she met Barry Allen". Though their argument was still unresolved, a very concerned Felicity helped Oliver escape one of Shrapnel's booby traps by identifying the trap's power source. Afterwards, Oliver apologized to Felicity, admitting he relied on her more than he thought he did, and acknowledged her as his partner.[48]

Felicity conducted a polygraph test for the Arrow via Bluetooth, determining that the man Oliver was interrogating knew nothing about Brother Blood. At Queen Consolidated, Felicity, Diggle, and Oliver discussed Laurel's claim that Sebastian Blood was not who he said he was. While Diggle was skeptical of Laurel's theory and blamed it on paranoia, Felicity seemed to think that it was credible and decided to look into it. Felicity researched Blood's past, but was unable to find any electronically-stored information, all of it being held in a file at the Starling City Archives. She assisted the Arrow in the Archives, maneuvering him through the building and helping him and Laurel avoid the police when they eventually came.[49]

Felicity discovered that Ben Turner had escaped from Iron Heights Prison. She explained that since the earthquake, more prisoners had escaped and the prison officials had been working overtime to conceal any breakouts since "Iron Heights is better at keeping secrets then it is at keeping prisoners". Felicity later interrupted one of Roy Harper's training sessions, informing the Arrow that Turner had just suspiciously stolen blueprints to Malcolm Merlyn's mansion.

When Oliver returned from the mansion, she fingerprinted a watch that he had taken from one of the mercenaries. After scanning several databases, she discovered that the thief in question worked for Milo Armitage, and was ultimately able to track him down based on a shipment that was based at the Starling City docks. Felicity left the Arrowcave and went upstairs to Verdant to deliver this news to Oliver, where she once again met Laurel, who was highly intoxicated. After Oliver revealed his identity to Roy, he brought the latter to the Arrowcave. Felicity and Diggle met Roy for the first time, officially welcoming him onto the team. When Roy asked if their group had a name, Felicity declared they were "Team Arrow".[50]

Felicity questioned Walter about a wire transfer Moira made from a flagged account on Tempest. Walter assured her he would talk to Moira about it, but Felicity knew he was lying. She traced the wire payment to Dr. Gill, the obstetrician who delivered Thea. Remembering Moira's testimony about her affair with Malcolm, Felicity connected the dots and realized Thea was Malcolm's daughter. Afterwards, she stopped by the Queen Mansion and informed Moira of her discovery, urging the matriarch to tell Oliver and Thea herself. Taking advantage of Felicity's feelings for Oliver, Moira manipulated her into keeping the secret, claiming that while Oliver would be angry at his mother for lying to him, he would also blame Felicity for telling him. This ordeal lead Felicity to become distracted and withdrawn, which began to concern Oliver.

Felicity helped Sara by finding out that the Tibetan pit viper venom used to poison Laurel was acquired from the local zoo. She tracked down a license plate that may be connected to Nyssa al Ghul, the daughter of Ra's al Ghul. At Moira's campaign event, Oliver gently confronted Felicity, wondering what was bothering her. Unable to keep this secret from him any longer, Felicity revealed to Oliver that she doesn't talk a lot about her family because her father abandoned her and her mother, which deeply hurt her. She explained to Oliver her fear of losing him. Oliver assured her he wouldn't, which lead Felicity to tell him the truth about Thea's parentage.[9]

After Sara joined the team, Felicity began to feel left out as Sara, Oliver, and Diggle traded stories of their battle scars. She took her frustration out on a training dummy, only for Sara to give her some pointers on self-defense. When William Tockman, AKA the Clock King, stole the Skeleton Key, a device that could access any computer system, Felicity tried to stop him, but he managed to divert their attention to stopping a near-collision with a bus and a train. Felicity soon felt insecure and left out again when Sara revealed her aptitude for chemistry, genetics, and computers to study Tockman's blood. Together, Felicity and Sara were able to determine that Tockman had MacGregor's Syndrome and identify him. Felicity discovered that Tockman's sister, Beverly Tockman, was suffering from Cystic Fibrosis and all the money he stole was to pay for her lung transplant. Based on his sister's address, the Arrow and the Canary tracked Tockman down. However, this proved to be a trap, as Tockman waited for Felicity to hack the device he had planted and was able to backtrack and trace the computer system to the Arrowcave. Using the Skeleton Key, Tockman destroyed the Arrowcave's computer systems.

As an upset Felicity assessed the damage, Oliver told her to call Walter and liquidate 800,000 shares of Queen Consolidated as bait for Tockman. After Oliver and Sara left, Diggle tried to get Felicity to open up about her thoughts regarding Oliver's relationship with Sara, implying that she's feeling upset because of her growing feelings for Oliver. Felicity denied it and explained to Diggle her uncertainty of herself within the team due to Sara's abilities, feeling extra pressure to take Tockman down. Diggle tried to affirm to Felicity that she's "irreplaceable". After Felicity placed the liquidated shares into Oliver's account at Starling National Bank, Tockman quickly took their bait, and she tried to stop him alone. Oliver, Sara, and Diggle managed to find her before Tockman did, but while Oliver dealt with Tockman's men and Diggle stopped a gas main from exploding, Felicity and Sara found Tockman. Felicity took a bullet for Sara and was shot in the shoulder. Using the same virus that fried her systems, Felicity used Tockman's phone to knock him out.

Back at the Arrowcave, Sara patched her up, thanking Felicity for saving her. Felicity, high on Oxycodone (which she believed to be aspirin), was pleased that she finally had a scar of her own. Oliver asked if she had really been feeling left out and Felicity admitted that she had gotten used being Oliver's "girl-girl". Oliver assured her that she would always be his girl.[15]

When Slade Wilson was in the Queen Mansion on an art tour, Oliver quietly called Felicity. Bringing back Big Belly Burger for the rest of Team Arrow in the Arrowcave, she answered the call. After there was no response, Felicity initially believed Oliver butt-dialed her and put the call on speakerphone. Sara heard Slade's voice and realized that Oliver and his family were in immanent danger. When the rest of the team left, Felicity used thermal imaging software to track the movements of Thea, Moira, and Slade on their tour of the house, therefore directing Diggle, Sara, and Roy on their mission throughout the Queen Mansion.[51]

Diggle began staking out Felicity's apartment in case Slade decided to attack her. She came to his car early in the morning and him a mug of hot chocolate. Felicity convinced Diggle to go home, pointing out that Diggle wouldn't be able to take on Slade if he decided to come after her. Later in the Arrowcave, Felicity began tracking any type of automotive movement in Starling City based on car titles and rental agreements, looking for anything under the name of Slade Wilson. She then alerted Oliver to a robbery at 5th and Giffen. Felicity was also able to locate Slade Wilson's headquarters using information supplied to Oliver by the Bratva (Alexi Leonov). When Oliver planned on meeting Slade at his headquarters, Felicity futilely tried to discourage him, emphasizing that Oliver was no match for Slade and that he'd be killed if he went.[17]

Felicity stated that she had been "keeping tabs" on Helena Bertinelli's global activity for the last year. She traced a stolen car to Michael Staton, Helena's late fiancé, hacking the GPS and discovering that she was headed for Starling City. After the Arrow, the Canary, and Roy were unsuccessful in finding Helena, Felicity found out that a "frat boy" gave her a ride into town and attempts to track Helena down. Throughout the event, both Felicity and Diggle were very verbally expressive of their feelings for Helena, constantly referring to her as "Oliver's psycho ex-girlfriend".[52]

Felicity gave Oliver a month's worth of phone messages and reminded him about Queen Consolidated's annual board meeting, warning him that there was no way the CEO could avoid attending it. When Thea was abducted by Slade, Felicity was adamant on tracking her down; she compiled a list of Verdant's customers from the previous night based on receipts, traced the credit card numbers which connected to their cell phones, and pinged them, looking at all of their photos. When Diggle commented on how much work that was, Felicity simply replied, "It's Thea".

She found a partial picture of a car that was registered to Slade, and hacked into its GPS. Later in the night when Slade was released from police custody, Felicity lead the rest of Team Arrow over the comms, tracking the car Slade had entered. However, Slade somehow multiplied the signal into other identical vehicles, allowing him to escape. Roy became angry at Oliver and blamed him for Thea's kidnapping, attacking Diggle in his fury while Felicity tried in vain to calm him down. Just then, Felicity received an alert from Queen Consolidated and learned Isabel had taken control of the company. Felicity encouraged Oliver when everyone else thought that it was futile, telling him "Go get Thea. Stop Slade. End this once and for all." Felicity and Diggle consoled Oliver afterwards, emphasizing to him that he was not alone when it comes to defeating Slade.[53]

Felicity masterminded a break-in plan at the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center. Using the Skeleton Key, she, Oliver, Diggle, and Sara infiltrated and planted explosives around the building in order to prevent Slade and Isabel's further use of its technology. When Slade ambushed the team in the Arrowcave, Felicity was not hurt or even attacked, but later discovered that he stole the Skeleton Key from them. When Slade broke into a S.T.A.R. Labs facility, Diggle and Felicity investigated to find out what Slade attempted to steal from them. They ran into Cisco Ramon and Caitlin Snow, and Felicity stated that she met them before in Central City and asked about Barry's condition.

When they refused to tell her what had been stolen, Felicity hacked Harrison Wells' personal files to find out. She prided herself on doing so, saying "he's the director of S.T.A.R. Labs, which basically makes me unstoppable." Felicity also kept an eye out on the city's power grid, waiting for the moment Slade activated the bio-transfuser. When Oliver arranged a meeting with Thea, Felicity called him and interrupted, informing him that the transfuser just went online. She tracked the location but told him to wait to stop Slade, thinking Oliver's conversation with Thea was more important. Later, when Oliver revealed that there was a cure for the Mirakuru, Felicity went to S.T.A.R. Labs to have an antidote created.[54]

Felicity continued investigating Isabel's apparent death and told Diggle that S.T.A.R. Labs was still working on the Mirakuru cure. Roy destroyed her computers after he woke up and left before he could do any more damage. Felicity called Oliver and Sara (at the same time) with the news that Roy escaped. She helped them track him while on his rampage. She also assisted Oliver with his hurt knee and helped him inject an entire bottle of Lidocaine into his knee. Throughout the crisis, contrasting with Sara's darker perspective, Felicity firmly believed that Roy could still be saved.[55]

Felicity attended Moira's funeral with Diggle. While not personally fond of Moira, Felicity nonetheless grieved for Oliver. During the reception, she and Diggle ran into a newly-resurrected Isabel, who both startled and threatened them. Felicity wondered where Oliver was and why he did not attend his own mother's funeral, and began looking for him through every means possible. She wondered if Oliver was dead, but learned that he was not when she and Diggle visited Amanda Waller, who informed them that Oliver was at his secondary lair. Felicity and Diggle found him, and when Oliver told them that he was going to turn himself over to Slade, Felicity tried to talk him out of it. She told him that if she had accepted things, "i would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother and i never would have gone to college and i never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated and i never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when told me i could be more than just an I.T. girl".

Oliver left anyway, which caused Diggle and Felicity to take extreme measures. They knocked Oliver out, brought him back to the Arrowcave, and revealed that Laurel knew his secret. Felicity then interrogated her first victim, Clinton Hogue. Using only her tablet, she hacked into Hogue's bank accounts and tediously siphoned away enough money until he gave in. Later, stationed in a van rather than the Arrocave, Felicity directed Diggle to plant a bomb on a bridge that would kill all of Slade's soldiers. Before the charge was set, she reminded Oliver how hard he'd worked not to kill anyone. Cisco then called Felicity from S.T.A.R. Labs. Upon answering, Felicity initially tried to explain that this wasn't an appropriate time until she heard what Cisco had to say.[8]

After Isabel ambushed and overpowered Diggle, she asked him where Felicity was, expressing her desire to kill the latter. She was immediately interrupted by Felicity hitting her with a van. She and Diggle escaped and reconvened with Oliver, where Felicity announced that there was a S.T.A.R. Labs courier en route with the Mirakuru cure. Felicity called the courier, only to find that he had been attacked by one of the Mirakuru-enhanced prisoners. She pinged his phone, and she, Diggle, and Oliver drove the van to find his location. On their way, however, Slade's soldiers managed to crash the van. Felicity was the most severely injured of the three, being knocked unconscious by a head wound. Oliver carried her until she could walk, but by that time, the cure had already been taken by Slade. They held base in the clocktower, where Roy was being held.

Oliver told Felicity that he blamed himself for what was happening to the city. She told him that he wasn't done fighting because Slade still had to be defeated, and even though she didn't know how, she knew that, "you are not alone, and I believe in you." When Sebastian Blood contacted Oliver and offered him the cure, Felicity wondered out loud if it was a trap. Nevertheless, Diggle and Oliver both returned, and Oliver prepared to test the cure on Roy. At the last second, Felicity tried to convince him not to, warning him of the potentially harmful side affects ("Treat Roy like some kind of lab rat? What if it doesn't work? What if it kills him? What if he wakes up and kills us?"). Oliver hesitantly decided to test it on Roy anyway after they discovered that A.R.G.U.S. was planning on leveling the city.[56]

Felicity, Roy, and Oliver left the destroyed clocktower to return to the Arrowcave. While they were working to assemble arrows that contained the Mirakuru cure, Roy asked Felicity if he'd been unconscious ever since Slade had kidnapped him. She lied to him, telling him "you were out the whole time", most likely to prevent him from discovering how deep the damage had been when he was unstable. Seconds later, members of the League of Assassins entered the Arrowcave. There, she met Nyssa al Ghul for the first time, introducing herself as "Felicity Smoak. M.I.T. class of '09".

She then ran into Quentin at Queen Consolidated, where she assured Lance that both Oliver and Thea had gotten out of the city safely. When Lance saw Nyssa, the Canary, and the Arrow, he tried to convince Oliver to break his no-killing promise. After Lance left, Felicity told Oliver that she believed Lance was wrong and that murder was not the answer. She reminded Oliver that he had made a promise that he had to keep. She explained that the only reason that Slade was still after him was because Oliver tried to kill him on the island when he had the chance to cure him instead. Oliver told her that he cannot defeat Slade otherwise, she told him to "make him out-think you".

Oliver unexpectedly brought Felicity to the Queen Mansion, apparently trying to keep her safe. Confused, she asked why. Oliver told her that he couldn't have her getting hurt. He told her that Slade took Laurel because he wanted to kill the woman Oliver loved most but "he took the wrong woman"; he then declared his love for her. He left her alone in the mansion; Slade abducted her from the mansion afterwards, called Oliver and revealed that he had the one Oliver loved most; Felicity.

Oliver went to meet Slade where he was holding Felicity captive. He began talking to Slade, distracting him, and Felicity, who was being held with Slade's sword to her neck, injected the Mirakuru cure into him. Flashbacks revealed that Oliver planned the "I love you" because he knew about Slade's cameras in the mansion and used it as a ploy for Felicity to get near Slade with the cure that Oliver had given her inside the mansion.

After Slade was captured, Felicity flew with Diggle and Oliver to Lian Yu, where Slade would be held in a secure A.R.G.U.S. supermax prison. While on the island, Felicity confessed that she believed Oliver's declaration of love for a moment, telling him, "you really sold it". Oliver simply smiled and responded, "we both did." They met back up with Diggle and Oliver announced that he would fly them home. Confused, Felicity wondered how Oliver learned to fly a plane if he was stranded on the island for five years.[22]

Return of the Church of Blood

Not long after their defeat of Slade, Felicity helped the Arrow and Roy as they grappled on to a "drug plane". As they struggled to hold on, she tried to hack the plane's Wi-Fi. Unable to get a clean signal, the team went with "plan B". After they knocked out most of the plane's occupants, Oliver flew the plane back to stability, putting Felicity's auto-pilot gadget on to the dashboard to fly the plane.

However, not all of the occupants had been knocked out, and one was able to shoot Roy, before himself getting an arrow through the chest. Oliver eventually caught Roy, who had fallen from the plane, and they performed surgery on him back at the foundry. After deciding to patiently wait till Roy woke up, Felicity told Oliver that he needed a new place to live, as the Arrowcave was comparable to a cave. However, Felicity proceeded to accidentally imply that she wanted Oliver in her bed, as opposed to her intended message of a bed owned by her.[57]

Roy's condition eventually stabilized, though Felicity was not so sure, and made Oliver promise to take him to Starling General Hospital if it worsened. As they talked to Diggle about their recent batch of supplies, Felicity noticed a hostage situation on the top of Winick Tower, and Oliver soon went to sort it out.[58]

After a run-in with a member of the Church of Blood, Laurel arrived at the Arrowcave and relayed some information regarding a resurfaced Brother Blood. The team reasoned that it had to be someone other than the original Brother Blood, Sebastian, as he was dead (unless of course, as Felicity noted, he had somehow miraculously been brought back from the dead) Oliver went to check out St. Walker's Church, an abandoned orphanage where Sebastian had grown up. When he didn't check in, Felicity began to worry, leading to Diggle deciding to go for backup.[59] However, after neither men returned, Felicity grew even more concerned.

Suddenly, Sara brought in Diggle, who was badly beaten up. Felicity was overjoyed to Sara again. While Sara went back out to retrieve Oliver, Diggle explained how a seemingly drugged Oliver tried to fight him. Once Sara and Oliver returned, Felicity ran tests on Oliver's blood, finding traces of psychotropic drugs, more specifically mushrooms. Oliver promptly woke up, explaining that one of Blood's men had likely injected him with some. Felicity headed home that night, coming across Abel and a number of other Church of Blood members, claiming to want to take her to Brother Blood.[60]

Once there, Felicity began talking to Brother Blood, deducing that he was obviously not Sebastian, though she was scared by the mask nonetheless. Their chat was suddenly cut short by a commotion outside, caused by Caleb Green, who subsequently snapped Abel's neck and fled.[61] Felicity was locked up for a while[62] before being taken to an air hangar, where Brother Blood called Oliver. Felicity attempted to stop Oliver from coming, believing it to be a trap, but Blood made plans anyway to meet him on the roof of Kord Industries. He subsequently revealed himself as Clinton Hogue to Felicity, much to her shock.[63]

Felicity was taken by a mercenary group affiliated with Hogue, the Renegades. She began talking a lot, which annoyed Bartek Kuranski, and she assured them that he would be injured by an arrow to the knee.[64] As they realized Hogue was late, Felicity assured them that the Arrow would arrive, claiming to have a "sixth sense" of sorts. Suddenly, the Arrow smashed through glass from the ceiling, along with Arsenal and The Huntress. As predicted, she was taken by Kuranski, but Oliver shot him through the knee, before being kicked in the crotch by Felicity.

Before anyone could do anything, Lyle Bolton electrocuted everyone and took Felicity and Helena. Given a choice between them, Oliver picked the latter.[65] As he let her go, Helena was able to knock Bolton down and take back Felicity. The two exchanged forced pleasantries, before they tied up the mercenaries, left the police a tip and left via the helicopter. As they flew away, Clinton appeared and began to try and kill Roy. Oliver jumped from the driver's seat and Felicity was forced to take control. Roy eventually kicked Clinton off the helicopter, causing the latter to plummet to his death. Afterwards, the group returned home.

In the Arrowcave, Felicity gifted Oliver a bed as thanks for saving her and he returned the gesture with a bottle of Château Lafite Rothschild 1982, which he'd promised her over a year ago. Oliver shot off the bottle cork with an arrow before they shared the wine.[66]

Ra's al Ghul's plot

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Oliver brings Felicity to the Arrowcave after Werner Zytle's attack

Felicity injured by Werner Zytle.

Felicity and Team Arrow worked together to capture Vincent Steelgrave. When the team arrive back, she is seen flirting very obviously with Oliver after he asks her about a fern that appeared on one of the desks. She states that she bought it because the place needed a bit of "sprucing" since Oliver lives there now. Oliver then goes on to mention that Felicity already bought him a bed, which he seems to appreciate very much. Just then, a text from Thea comes in on Oliver's phone, which Felicity shows him. After Roy leaves, Felicity makes a quip about being depressed with her new job; Oliver asks if they are still on for tomorrow night. She confirms and tells him that she will make him the "corporate master of the universe" - being very physical and cupping his face with both of her hands. She leaves and Oliver watches her go with a big smile on his face.

She is next seen walking in the ally outside Verdant, either heading into or out of work. Oliver catches up with her and asks her about her work. She tells him that "It is not work; it is a soul crushing exercise in misery that offers health and dental," which is why she says she is "highly motivated" to help Oliver regain control of Queen Consolidated. She tells him that he doesn't really have the qualifications to run a multinational business but he does have passion, so he must show the board that he cares about the company and the people who work there. She pats his chest and tells him he has to speak from the heart. As she walks into the foundry, Oliver stops and asks her out to dinner; at first she thinks he's joking, but after confirming he's asking her out on a date, Felicity happily agreed.

Felicity took up a job at Tech Village as a sales employee, Oliver and Diggle call her on the job, to which she dismisses the customer and runs into the back room saying that someone is calling for tech support. She mentions that they (John and Oliver) are going to get her "so incredibly fired" - indicating this is not the first time they've called her whilst she's working; Oliver asks her if she likes Italian, for their date that night. Felicity tells Oliver that he is in the middle of a high speed chase and Oliver tells her that he is multitasking. Felicity quickly helps Diggle and Oliver pinpoint their target's location, then tells Oliver that yes, she loves Italian before running back to the store's counter.

There, she is faced with a man who wants to buy a piece of hardware. She is, at first, wary of his knowledge of the hardware he's purchasing, but soon makes small talk about hacking and finds out they have something in common. He reveals that he knows who she is and asks her what she's doing working there. She asks him how he knows who she is. The man doesn't answer her question, but instead tells her that he knows someone who wants to hire someone with her expertise. She says she's not looking for a job right now although it's clear that even she thinks that it's stupid of her not to be looking for a job in her field. She advises the man to wait a bit longer to buy the hacking hardware he wants so he can get the newer version, handing him a leaflet for the TX50 which comes out in a month. In the meantime, she gives him the URL of a website that is a better way to hack into his target and wishes him "happy hacking".[67]

Felicity was asked by Roy to reconfigure their system but Felicity told Roy how hard it would be to ping a clone off a hacked trans-band multiplex. They were soon shocked to find Laurel with Sara's dead body down in the Arrowcave. Felicity soon contacted Diggle to break the news. While cleaning up Sara's body, Felicity noted that Sara's hands were so small, always envisioning Sara to be an amazonian warrior. She then got a call from her boss who was (presumably) asking where she was, however, she lied, telling him she was having a family emergency and couldn't come into work. She later found Roy on the computer, believing he was using it to tweet. She found out that Roy was looking for Thea and learned that Thea left because of him.

Felicity then went to Queen Consolidated to ask Ray what he was trying to prove by buying Tech Village. She then informed Ray that she would rather quit than work for him and left. Ray noted that Felicity wasn't mad at him but at something else. While running the DNA to find Sara's killer, Oliver asked why it was talking so long and asked Felicity to bring her "A" game. Felicity then reminded Oliver that their friend was in a freezer upstairs because they had nowhere else to put her and asked Oliver how he could be so cold and rational.

Oliver explained to Felicity that he doesn't have the luxury to grieve since everyone is looking towards him to handle everything. Felicity reminded Oliver he is still a human being so he is allowed to have feelings. However, when Oliver told her that one day he'll likely end up like Sara, Felicity reminded him how precious life is and that she wants more out of it. Later, Felicity identified Simon Lacroix's next target, Tom Weston, who was at Ray's Star City Pledge. At Sara's burial, Felicity performed a Jewish custom by throwing dirt on the casket, saying it felt right despite Sara not being Jewish. She later accepted Ray's job offer, telling him she wants more out of life.[68]

Felicity pinged Thea's cellphone, only to learn Thea had lied and had gone to Corto Maltese instead of Europe. When Felicity arrived at Palmer Technologies, she assumed that she had been hired as Ray's assistant, only to learn Ray actually hired her to be Vice President of the company and she had her own executive assistant, Gerry Conway. She was then asked to recover data that was destroyed the previous year, then learned her new office is the former CEO's office. When Ray came to check up on Felicity, she had incoming calls from both Laurel and Diggle. After salvaging the data, Felicity requested time off to visit Barry Allen.[69]

Eobard and Felicity

Felicity and "Harrison Wells"

Felicity surprised Barry at the Central City Police Department. Felicity was then introduced to Barry's new-found powers. Felicity was then brought to S.T.A.R. Labs, though Caitlin and Cisco were skeptical over Felicity learning too much about their "operation". Barry then told the two that Felicity works with the Arrow, so their secret was safe. Felicity then met Dr. "Harrison Wells", who was more than eager to meet Felicity, noting her accolades.

While Barry was training, Felicity asked how much the lightning really changed him and if it could make him age faster. Felicity dropped by CC Jitters and was invited to join Iris West and Eddie Thawne's team along with Barry for Trivia Night. Assuming it was a formal event, Felicity showed up in a black dress, realizing she had overdressed, but was complemented by the other three. Through the night, Barry and Felicity answer multiple questions correctly.

When Barry left to stop Leonard Snart, Felicity helped cover for Barry. After Barry was furious with his team, Felicity reminded Barry that teams don't start out like well-oiled machines. When Cisco went to hack into the city's network, Felicity took over and finished within a minute, claiming to be "the fastest woman alive" when it comes to hacking. When Barry asked to do the mission alone, Felicity told Cisco and Caitlin to follow. Felicity told the two that if she had a dollar for every time the Arrow asked to do a mission alone, she'd be “as rich as Oliver Queen”. The three followed with a S.T.A.R. Labs vacuum cleaner, claiming it to be the prototype Cold gun. Felicity said her goodbyes then left to return to Starling City. She was surprised when Barry ran after her train. The two discussed relationships before sharing a kiss.[20]

Felicity Smoak saying Cat while answering the door to Ray Palmer

Felicity talking to Ray Palmer in her apartment.

After a brief workout in her apartment, Felicity received a surprise visit from Ray. He proposed the idea of providing Starling City with free energy using excess electricity from Queen Consolidated through cogeneration, giving her some calculations to look over. Just then, Felicity's mother, Donna Smoak, unexpectedly showed up at her door. Donna explained she already texted her, only to realize she didn't press "send" on the message, much to Felicity's exasperation. After Donna met Ray, an embarrassed Felicity quickly sent him away.

Later that night, Felicity and her mother were eating Big Belly Burger when the city was attacked by the cyber-terrorist group, Brother Eye, who took control of the entire infrastructure. The two worriedly watched the group's broadcasted message. Felicity went to Verdant to help Team Arrow deal with the situation and had her mother wait at the club in the meantime. Donna was then introduced to Oliver and Diggle.

When Oliver protested against bringing Sara into the Arrowcave, Felicity got her mother to watch the baby. She discovered that Brother Eye uploaded a systemwide virus into the city's protective network and worked to track them, assuring Quentin she was on the case. Later, Brother Eye tried to use the virus to steal the money from all of Starling City's banks. As Oliver and Roy quelled a riot at Starling National Bank, Felicity was able to gain access to the virus, only to realize it was the x-axis bi-numeric algorithm she created five years ago at MIT, much to her shock.

After Oliver and Roy returned, a guilt-ridden Felicity revealed her hacktivism at college - her "first attempt at being a hero" - which led to the creation of the virus, but for noble purposes. When Oliver wondered why she kept this secret, Felicity retorted, "Do we even know a fraction of what happened to you the five years you were away?" Suspecting Cooper Seldon's roommate, Myron Forest, to be the culprit, Felicity worked on finding his address and informed Oliver that Thea had arrived at Verdant. Later, Oliver and Roy interrogated Myron, with Felicity discovering his digital fingerprints on the virus. Myron maintained his innocence, though admitted to sharing the code with several classmates. Felicity combed through Myron's contacts from five years ago, but reached a dead end. Oliver suggested Cooper could be the mastermind, but Felicity denied it. As a frustrated Oliver pressed the issue, Felicity tearfully revealed Cooper's arrest and apparent suicide before rushing out.

Felicity went to Palmer Technologies, where Ray found her crying in her office. Felicity vaguely explained how an invention of hers recently backfired when Donna arrived, angry that Felicity kept sidelining her. The two got into a heated argument, which cumulated in Felicity declaring her belief of always being a disappointment to her mother due to being single, focusing on work, and not dressing more suggestively. Hurt, Donna reminded Felicity she at least tried to be there for her, unlike her father, whom her daughter seemed to share everything with. After Donna left, Felicity returned to the Arrowcave. Noticing her emotional state though, Oliver suggested Felicity take some time to talk to her mother, gently pointing out that she can't help the team if her head isn't in the game. Felicity initially refused until Oliver recounted how precious family ultimately is.

At her apartment, Felicity found her mother packing and attempted to mend fences. Donna admitted part of the reason for her surprise visit was an unexpected free flight, causing Felicity to realize someone deliberately brought her mother to Starling City. Just then, Brother Eye broke into the apartment, kidnapped Felicity and Donna, and brought them to their headquarters. Felicity learned the group's leader was indeed Cooper, who had faked his suicide to work with the NSA.

He revealed his new agenda and demanded Felicity to hack the GPS of the treasury trucks bringing freshly-printed cash into the city in order to replenish the banks and reroute them to the warehouse. Felicity initially refused but when Cooper threatened to kill her mother, she acquiesced. After Cooper and his men left, Felicity heard Donna's smart wearable, gifted to her by Ray, chiming. Realizing the device had Wi-Fi, Felicity used its signal to contact Oliver, allowing Team Arrow to track her and stop Brother Eye from robbing the treasury trucks. When Oliver arrived, Cooper held Felicity at gunpoint, but she swiftly disarmed and knocked him out before rescuing her mother.

The next morning in the Arrowcave, Felicity admitted to Oliver he was right about Cooper and loving one's family. As she lamented how her past came back to hurt them, Oliver assured Felicity that her past experiences made her into the person she is today. Later at work, Felicity met with her mother before Donna was to return to Las Vegas that night. The two reconciled, with Felicity thanking her mother for always being there for her. Felicity then stated she's become stronger over the past two years, which she owes to Donna. When Ray arrived, Felicity "called in sick" to spend the day with her mother.[6]

Roy asked Felicity if she could test his blood for Mirakuru, which she was skeptical of since he was cured. When Felicity what was bothering him, Roy revealed he had been having nightmares of killing Sara. Later as Roy was suiting up, Felicity stopped him and revealed that before burying Sara, she created a virtual autopsy of her body. Felicity cautiously expressed the possibility that Roy might have killed Sara if there was any residual Mirakuru in his system.[70]

Felicity walked into Ray's office to remind him that he was supposed to be at a press conference 20 minutes ago, only to find him doing the salmon ladder shirtless. Flustered, Felicity muttered to herself how she "[had] a type". Ray asked her if she was free for dinner the next night stating that he had a meeting with a CEO. She wondered why he asked her out of hundreds of other employees to which Ray showed her a couture dress, saying that she was the one he bought the dress for. Felicity agreed but only so that she could wear the dress which might cost more than her apartment and left sniffing the dress, saying that she and the dress are going to be "best friends".

Oliver wanted Felicity to get something off the arrow, but is visibly jealous of the fact that she was with Ray while he re-branded Queen Consolidated to Palmer Technologies. She found out the next hostage's information and her location. She told Oliver that Ray invited her to dinner back-tracking that it wasn't a date, but a work dinner and needed the night off. When asked if he was okay with it, he simply replied that she can do what she wants. Felicity discovered Cupid's identity as Carrie Cutter, a former SCPD S.W.A.T. officer who had been stalking the Arrow. Felicity also found out the nearest greenhouse to her apartment where the hostages could possibly be.

Later Dig stopped by her office, telling her that she and Palmer were messing with Oliver's head but she clearly told him that there was no her and Palmer, but if there were then Oliver should be the one to say something about it. Felicity came to the office dressed for the work dinner and Ray told her that she looked ridiculous, but not in a bad way; he meant she looked beautiful. Ray told her that her dress was missing something and asked her to wear the $10 million diamond necklace he borrowed for her to wear. During the dinner, she had to leave due to an Arrow emergency. She explained to Mr. Gardner that Ray wasn't a businessman but an inspiration and if Ray wanted to buy the mine, it was for reasons that would make him proud.

Later at Palmer Tech, Felicity apologized for the deal but Ray told her that Mr. Gardner was going to sell and it was all thanks to her. Felicity claimed that she should be thanking Ray, both for the job and necklace. Ray simply replied that Felicity deserved all this and more. They then shared a kiss. Unbeknownst to the pair, Oliver arrived at the office and saw them, just as he had been planning to confess to Felicity his true feelings. After a despondent Oliver left, Ray suddenly pulled back, claiming that he meant to keep the night platonic. He abruptly left, leaving Felicity confused.[71]

On the trail of a serial killer who uses boomerangs, Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity traveled to Central City, where Barry soon caught up with them. While Oliver was reluctant to join forces, Felicity worked as a liaison between Team Arrow and Team Flash. At her behest, Oliver eventually agreed to help Barry take down an anger-inducing meta-human, Roy Bivolo. During this time, Felicity installed facial recognition software at S.T.A.R. Labs, keeping Oliver's identity a secret from Harrison Wells. After Barry was affected by Bivolo's powers, Felicity was forced to reveal Oliver's identity and could only watch as the two heroes did battle. After Bivolo was locked away, Felicity asked Caitlin to help identify the DNA on the arrows that killed Sara.[72]

Back on the trail of the Boomerang Killer, Team Arrow ran up against A.R.G.U.S. and realized that the killer is targeting them. By surprise, Cisco and Caitlin arrived to visit them and introduced themselves to their hideout, something Oliver didn't like. When the killer struck A.R.G.U.S. directly and Barry entered the fray, Felicity helped track down Harkness' location through a phone he left behind, only to realize he back-traced their location and despite her intervention, Lyla was struck down by a boomerang. After the ordeal, she, Roy, Cisco and Caitlin compared how they handle things differently in Central City because fighting people with powers makes things less real for them. When Felicity found Harkness, she, Roy, Cisco, and Caitlin helped Barry disarmed an array of bombs that Harkness planted throughout the City.[73]

After Nyssa warned Oliver to bring Malcolm Merlyn to justice, Felicity called Caitlin to rush the DNA testing on Sara's murderer, all the while avoiding Ray after their awkward kiss. However, things took a turn when Oliver's DNA ended up being on the weapon. Having realized Merlyn's manipulations was to pit them against the League, the team was shocked to discover that Thea came with him. Afterwards, Ray, having tracked her down, talked things over with Felicity. Ray revealed his work is to honor his late fiancée, Anna Loring, who was killed in The Siege. Learning Oliver will face Ra's al Ghul to protect Thea, Felicity begged him not to go, knowing very well Ra's could kill him. Despite her warnings, Oliver still left and proclaimed his love for her again. At this stage, Ray also brought Felicity in to build his new Exosuit to help him save the city his own way.[74]

After three days with no word from Oliver, Roy, Diggle, and Felicity struggled to keep up appearances in Star City. However, Merlyn arrived with news that Oliver had died in combat, bringing them the very sword Ra's killed him with. Devastated and with Diggle having figured Danny Brickwell's plan to destroy evidence, Roy and Diggle were overwhelmed by his crew and out of fear for their lives, Felicity trapped the two men inside, allowing Brick's crew to escape. When confronted, Felicity quit the team and proclaimed without Oliver, there is no team.[75]

Felicity Smoak and Oliver Queen in Nanda Parbat

Felicity with Oliver in Nanda Parbat.

Return to Star City and battling H.I.V.E.

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After five months of traveling and settling down in domestic life with Oliver in Ivy Town, Felicity struggled to maintain her new position as CEO of Palmer Technologies following Ray's apparent demise. When Thea and Laurel returned to ask for Oliver's help against a new group of soldiers known as Ghosts who were terrorizing the city, Felicity convinced to Oliver to return. Back in the Arrowcave, Oliver learned that Felicity had been secretly helping the team with the Ghosts over the past five months. Felicity apologetically explained that while she was very happy with Oliver, she missed the thrill of helping people as a member of Team Arrow.

After unsuccessfully trying to locate some bombs at the train station and a chance encounter with Captain Lance, Oliver talked with Felicity about how he used darkness as the Arrow to fight darkness, but doesn't want to be that kind of person anymore. Felicity suggested that he needs to be a new kind of person. After figuring out the bombs were located on a train, Felicity unveiled a new Green Arrow suit for Oliver, designed by Cisco. Oliver discovered that the leader of the Ghosts was Damien Darhk. After foiling Darhk's plan of destroying a railway and announcing the Green Arrow's existence as a symbol of hope for Star City, Felicity and Oliver decided to stay in Star City and moved in together at Thea's old loft.[76]

A week after Green Arrow's broadcast, Felicity continued to help Team Arrow while they tried to stop the Ghosts from setting off a bomb. That morning, she went to Palmer Technologies for the first time as the new CEO, only to realize from the board of directors that the company was failing and employee Curtis Holt's algorithm would determine who needed to be fired to keep Palmer Tech afloat. After Lonnie Machin tried to kill mayoral candidate Jessica Danforth on behalf of Damien, Felicity helped Oliver buy a truck which Machin left his fingerprints on so the team could get a match. On the fingerprints, she found traces of cellulose from Palmer Paper, a former subsidiary of Palmer Tech. However, Green Arrow and Speedy's mission to locate Machin at Palmer Paper went awry when Thea began displaying a bloodlust due to the Lazarus Pit. Felicity then discovered Machin's identity as a former mob enforcer.

The next day at Palmer Tech, Felicity learned she had to fire two dozen employees, including Curtis, much to her disappointment. As she worked to locate Jessica's daughter Madison, whom Machin had kidnapped, Felicity lamented to Oliver on the undesirable circumstances in both their personal and professional lives despite their hope for a new beginning. Oliver assured her they just needed time to figure out how to make that happen, meaningfully citing that "nothing worthwhile ever comes easy". After the team rescued Madison, Felicity rehired all 24 employees at Palmer Tech, claiming to the board that she and Curtis are working on revolutionary technology which would turn the company's prospects around, betting that Curtis can follow through by the next shareholders' meeting. Back at the loft, Oliver confided in Felicity that he was failing at doing things differently than as The Arrow and revealed he intends to run for mayor.[77]

Sometime later, Felicity, Oliver, and Diggle worked to capture a group of Ghosts, with the former reminiscing when it used to be just the three of them in Team Arrow. Diggle managed to secure an escaped Ghost's cyanide capsule tooth. In the Arrowcave, Felicity placed the tooth in the DNA sequencer to hopefully learn the Ghost's identity. She suggested they celebrate this promising lead by going out for drinks at the same bar they went to following their defeat of the Dodger. However, Diggle refused, still angry with Oliver. Felicity assured Oliver that he just needed time, but Oliver gave up hope of Diggle ever forgiving him.

Later, Oliver and Felicity track what seemed to be a break-in. Oliver decided to go in without backup, much to Felicity's chagrin. He encountered a meta human named Jeremy Tell/Double Down, who could use the card tattoos on his bodies as lethal projectiles, and barely escaped with his life. Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity tended to Oliver's injuries and called both him and Diggle out for not having each other's backs, as they both were nearly killed tonight due to operating alone. Felicity demanded that they mend their friendship or else. She then took the card Double Down attacked Oliver with to Palmer Tech so Curtis could analyze it for anything that could be used to stop him.

Felicity noticed her phone had been acting up a lot recently and also requested Curtis to decrypt its messages. Suddenly, the two were attacked by Double Down, who tracked them down through his card, and demanded the location of Green Arrow. Felicity and Curtis fled down to the Arrowcave, causing the latter to discover her work with Team Arrow. Felicity managed to fend off Double Down with a machine gun, though Curtis was injured in the crossfire. She dropped Curtis off at Starling General before meeting up with Diggle and Oliver. Felicity told them what happened, revealing that Double Down was attempting to return to Central City. Oliver and Diggle ambushed and managed to capture Double Down, repairing their friendship in the process. The trio later went out for drinks, with Oliver revealing that he had a surprise for them.[78]

Felicity arrived to the new lair and was questioned by Thea when she wasn't wearing something (Oliver's proposal ring). Oliver announced to the team his plan to run for mayor, with Felicity having Palmer Technologies invest in his campaign. The team was then introduced to the new lair. Using the new equipment, Felicity got an alert of two murdered police officers. Later at Palmer Tech, she deflected questions from Curtis about the Green Arrow's identity and handed him her malfunctioning phone, initially thinking that Curtis was trying to prank her. Curtis noticed the code on her phone was the same as code used in Ray's exosuit.

When Curtis figured out the code's message, Felicity left, not wanting to relive her ex-boyfriend's death. She returned to the Arrowcave and tracked a sim card to a warehouse, where the team discovered police equipment and weapons from the Anti-Vigilante Task Force. Felicity tracked gang activity and discovered a pattern with big drug deals getting hit by the rogue cops, prompting the team to set up a drug bait of their own. They debriefed at the lair where Quentin tells them the equipment they used was former anti-vigilante task force gear and that he would give Felicity access to SCPD's database to figure out who the rogue cops were. At work, Curtis finds coding which says only Felicity knows the password to Ray's message but she again refused to unlock the message. She returned to the lair and identified Liza Warner as the culprit. When Quentin was captured by Warner's crew, she tracked Quentin to an SCPD facility. Felicity later witnessed Oliver's announcement of his mayoral campaign to the public.[79]

At Palmer Technologies, Felicity asked Curtis to look into Ray's messages, thinking there may be something hidden. Felicity then alerted Thea and Oliver about a blonde woman attacking a nightclub, who turned out to be a resurrected, soulless Sara. Felicity later asked Oliver about how Sara could still be alive and tells him about Ray's last message. Oliver reminisced with her about his lost loved ones and told her how much he would want to spent another minute with them but that Sara's case was different. She and Oliver reviewed the victims of her attacks and realized that Sara was targeting women who resembled.

After Sara attacked Thea at Laurel's apartment, Felicity and Oliver stood by her bedside at the hospital, where Thea revealed Sara was suffering from side-effects of the Lazarus Pit, similar to her. The team later regrouped at the Arrowcave when Sara attacked Thea again and devised a plan using Thea as bait to lure Sara out. When the team was successful in capturing Sara, Oliver called in a favor from John Constantine. Felicity got various items requested by Constantine to perform a restoration of Sara's soul. The ritual was successful, with Quentin and Team Arrow happily reuniting with a restored Sara. Afterwards, Felicity returned to Palmer Tech, where Curtis decrypted the messages, which revealed Ray was alive and in danger.[80]

Felicity worked frantically for days to trace Ray's distress call. When she failed to show up for a finance meeting regarding Oliver's mayoral campaign, he visited Felicity at Palmer Technologies, where she explained the situation. Oliver took her home to the loft, insisting she take a shower and nap before continuing her work. Felicity was upset that Oliver didn't show the same sense of urgency, but eventually agreed. Just then, she got an alert that her algorithm finished back-tracing Ray's message. Ray contacted them, revealing he was being held against his will and had shrunken in size.

At the Arrowcave, Team Arrow worked on finding Ray and completing schematics for a machine that could resize him. Back at Palmer Tech, Felicity and Curtis discovered the machine required a quantum manifold, which is only manufactured at Kord Industries. Donna then arrived at the lab, having been invited to town by Oliver. Thrown off, Felicity got a car to take her mother to the loft while she aided Team Arrow, including a rejoined Sara, in stealing the quantum manifold. During the mission, Felicity told off Oliver for texting her mother behind her back, much to the rest of the team's amusement. The heist was successful, though Sara briefly lost control. Afterwards, Ray contacted Felicity again but before he could tell her anything, Damien Darhk arrived and she lost contact.

After discussing Sara's condition with Oliver and John, Felicity wondered what they should do next. Oliver informed her that they would have to wait until Quentin gave them the location of Darhk's hideout where Ray was being held and he had already made dinner plans for them with Donna in the meantime, much to Felicity's exasperation. Things quickly became tense between Felicity and Oliver at the loft so Donna left to get takeout. When Oliver wondered why she was being so withdrawn, Felicity revealed that she blamed herself for getting so caught up in their relationship that she uprooted her life in Star City to travel the world with Oliver, causing her to miss Ray's initial distress calls and not investigate his apparent death more thoroughly. After Oliver decided to give her some space, Felicity and her mother talked. Felicity admitted that she's afraid of losing herself in Oliver, but Donna assured her that is how love is supposed to feel and soon, they would find themselves in each other.

Later, Felicity regrouped with Team Arrow and they planned to infiltrate Darhk's hideout at the Latin Building. In the field, Felicity accompanied Curtis as he assembled the machine. They found Ray and successfully resized him. Back at the Arrowcave, Felicity gave Ray a checkup before taking him home. Afterwards at the loft, she and Oliver made up, newly confident in their future, and shared a romantic night.[11]

After the team was unsuccessful in preventing H.I.V.E. from destroying an armored truck full of cash, Felicity headed to work to get Ray to help with their case. She gave him a tooth from a Ghost that only contained half of the genetic markers. Ray found out the cause of the degraded DNA was due to a chemical patented by Wolfman Biologics. After the police gala, Felicity disagreed with Oliver's plan to use his mayoral campaign to get into H.I.V.E. Felicity checked in on Ray who hadn't left the loft. She encouraged him to start living in public again but he didn't agree. He then showed her his results on his analyses of the tooth, tracking residue on the tooth to Muller Psychiatric Center. Felicity monitored the team with new infrared cameras from Curtis Holt that were able to identify Andy amongst the masked Ghosts and they successfully recovered Andy.[81]

At Oliver's Star City Bay cleanup event, Felicity and Laurel educated a group of children on ocean conservation. Suddenly, the crowd was attacked by a drone with gunfire. Felicity was able to hack into the drone and disable it. Later at the loft, Felicity met with her mother, who was visiting for the holidays. While searching through boxes of holiday decorations, Donna found Oliver's proposal ring and showed Felicity. Felicity later supported Oliver's plan to expose Damien Darhk to the public. At Oliver's campaign holiday party, she met Curtis's husband, Paul. While talking with Paul, Felicity realized that Oliver was going to propose to her with the ring in a soufflé he made three months ago.

She later spotted her mom at the party making out with Quentin. She told her mom about Oliver's non-proposal and confronted Oliver about it. Damien Darhk and his men suddenly crashed the party and kidnapped Felicity, Thea, and Diggle. Oliver turned himself in to Damien in exchange for his friends and was brought to Felicity. Felicity spoke to Oliver about his decision not to propose and that she would have accepted. Damien then took her and put her into a gas chamber with Thea and Diggle. After Malcolm and Laurel's timely arrival, Laurel's Canary Cry shattered the glass enough for Oliver to break the glass and rescue everyone. During a follow up campaign event at the Star City Bay, he proposed to Felicity, who accepted. They left on a limo where it was attacked by H.I.V.E.'s Ghosts. Felicity was shot in the crossfire.[82]

Felicity was rushed to the hospital. Her mother and Team Arrow (minus Oliver) visited her in the hospital before she had surgery. After Felicity got out of surgery, Oliver arrived to the hospital and was told by Donna that her spinal cord was permanently damaged. He left but his team forced him to visit Felicity. Felicity tried to give Oliver the ring back, but he assured her that their commitment to each other was for better or worse. She also reminded him not to lose himself in his quest for revenge on Darhk. Oliver suggested they travel to Bali to get away from Star City, but Felicity insisted they should stay in Star City until Darhk was defeated.[83]

Felicity returned home to the loft, being carried by Oliver. Felicity insisted that he didn't have to tend to her and should be focusing on going after Darhk instead. She also said that due to her injuries, she was considering leaving Team Arrow. Oliver assured her that she was still an important member of the team. After Oliver left, Felicity started hallucinating, speaking to her younger self who was taunting her about her injured condition. Oliver contacted her while in the field and convinced her to help them break into Pacific Freeport where Shadowspire was based. During the raid, Felicity tripped a fail-safe causing Oliver to become trapped in a shipping container, but he got out and the team left. When Oliver came back to the loft, Felicity blamed herself for the screw-up but Oliver told her he shouldn't have pushed her back into action without her being fully ready.

However, Felicity felt she could no longer be a part of the team. Her hallucination self then started taunting her again prompting Felicity to lash out, so a confused Oliver left her to be alone. Her hallucination started telling her that the blonde hair, glasses, and desire to a hero was all just a mask to cover up the real her. Felicity later went to the lair and told Oliver that being a hero was who she really was and that what happened to her was neither of their faults. Feeling better, Felicity assisted Team Arrow's rescue of John and Lyla, who were being held hostage at A.R.G.U.S. by Shadowspire. Back at the loft, Felicity showed Oliver a picture of her former goth self in college. The two reflected on how much they'd grown and Felicity burned the photo as a symbolic gesture of letting the past remain in the past. Oliver then promised Felicity that he would find a way to make her walk again.[23]

Team Arrow pursued a thief who stole what Felicity later identified as a network mapper from AmerTek Industries. Later at Palmer Technologies, the board of directors decided to move up the date of Curtis's power cell presentation and charged Felicity to be the face of the rollout. During a practice of her presentation in front of Curtis and Mr. Dennis, she flopped. Dennis suggested that due to her condition, she should relegate the presentation duties to someone else. After the thief struck again, the team found out it was Roy.

Felicity figured out that the components could be combined to make a "web-nuke" and that it would require Palmer Tech's new power cell. After they caught Roy, he revealed that someone named the Calculator found him in Hub City and blackmailed him to steal the web-nuke components. Felicity then hacked into the Calculator's system but he back-traced it and hacked her system as well. They talked with each other; Felicity tried to get him to reveal his plan, which he said was to take down a city. The Calculator then blocked her.

Felicity realized his plan could be accomplished by using the web-nuke to overload electric grids and water mains to kill everyone in Star City. She remembered that Ray had built a battering ram that could be used to re-enter the Calculator's system. She arrived at work and whipped around Curtis's lab to find Ray's battering ram. Curtis noted that the way she came into the lab with a purpose was the type of attitude that she needed to run the company and present the power cell to the board. She was then able to trace the Calculator's web nuke to the Flint Hill Data Farm. After a prolonged hacking battle between her and the Calculator, Felicity told Team Arrow that the web-nuke was hardwired in. Roy was able to manually set off the charge, stop the bomb, and escape. She was also able to install a virus that wiped out all of his information on Roy. Using her newfound spirit, Felicity was able to successfully dazzle the board with her presentation of the new power cell. After the presentation, she was approached by her father, much to her shock.[84]

At Noah's insistence, Felicity reluctantly agreed to have coffee with her father. Noah revealed to Felicity that he was the Calculator and knew his daughter was Overwatch. He also tried to explain himself to Felicity, claiming that he was not a bad guy and gave her a record of his hacks in order to win back her trust. Felicity had her mother come to Star City where she told Donna that Noah was in town and that she had spoken to him.

Donna remarked that Noah would only have reached out to Felicity for an ulterior motive and that he only tells you what you want to hear. Felicity brought him to Palmer Tech's R&D lab, where she talked with her father about how his story checked out and they conversed about her work. Noah thanked Felicity for giving him a second chance. However, Felicity found an IR burst receiver left behind by her father that was designed to siphon all the data out of a room. Felicity confided in Oliver about this, disappointed that her father hadn't really changed. Felicity then joined Team Arrow in witnessing a trial by combat between Malcolm and Nyssa (later replaced by Oliver). The next day, Felicity had her father arrested at Palmer Tech.[4]

Following a mayoral debate rehearsal, Team Arrow followed Ruvé Adams. However, Felicity lost Ruvé's signal after a Ghost ambush and the latter escaped. After helping her mother prepare for an engagement party at the loft, Felicity tracked down another possible H.I.V.E. base. She also had a talk with her mom about how the people closest to them sometimes keep secrets to protect them. She then brought Curtis a laptop from the Demolition Team's hideout that Thea recovered and had him analyze it.

Curtis called her and told her that the debate hall was the next target. The team was able to stop The Demolition Team before the bombs went off and the debate went ahead as scheduled. Felicity watched a post-debate broadcast where she congratulated Oliver for a successful debate. After the debate, Felicity and Oliver's engagement party started. Curtis arrived to the party and gave her his engagement gift, which was a bio-stimulant implant that might allow Felicity to walk again, much to the couple's surprise and joy.[85]

Felicity worked with Paul in physical therapy to see if Curtis's implant worked. She struggled, but Paul told her that she just needed time. Felicity told Oliver that she believed the implant wouldn't work. Damien then walked in on them and held Oliver in place with telekinesis. Damien revealed that he had William hostage and gave Oliver the ultimatum that he drop out of the race. Oliver then told Felicity that the boy was his son, William.

Felicity became frustrated when she found out more and more people who knew about William and questioned their relationship if Oliver was keeping secrets from her like that. Felicity helped Samantha work on a search profile for William. As they worked, Samantha assured Felicity that Oliver wanted to tell her about William and asked her to remember that it was the former who put him in that position. Despite Samantha's confession, Felicity decided that she needed space and that Oliver should have told her about William. She felt that Oliver didn't know how to trust her. Suddenly, Felicity began to walk again and she promptly walked out of the loft, leaving the ring behind.[86]

Felicity had made extraordinary progress in her rehab and had coordinated a complex system of moving boxes out of the loft. When the subject of her being on Team Arrow came up, Oliver reassured her that she was always going to be a part of the team. She then asked him to cancel the wedding venue. The team next went after Carrie Cutter, who had been released by A.R.G.U.S. for her work with Task Force X. During a rescue mission for Allison Lee and Robert Joyce, Carrie got away but left behind a piece of clothing.

Felicity examined it and found it contained chemicals used in wedding dress storage. She tracked Carrie's probable location to a Colao Wedding Dress Services facility. The team raided the facility and found Carrie's shrine, including a news clipping of Oliver and Felicity's engagement. Oliver had the idea to have a fake wedding to draw Carrie out. Felicity thought it was a stupid and dangerous idea, but ultimately went along with it. At the ceremony, Felicity gave her brief vows. Oliver then gave his, saying that she helped him see the light inside of him and that he wanted the chance to be in her life.

Carrie then attacked the couple. Carrie shot Oliver with an arrow but he recovered and they both convinced her that love wasn't dead, but real. Felicity told Carrie how much Oliver meant to her and was able to talk her down long enough for Thea and John to disarm and tie her up. Afterwards, Oliver told her what he said at the sham wedding was true and that he would never lie to her again, but Felicity told him that they couldn't be together because he would always default to keeping secrets. She then told him that she would be leaving the team and that they would carry on without her. She returned Oliver's ring to him again. Oliver told her that he didn't want to let her go but she told him that she was already gone.[87]

The two had a great tension, feeling uncomfortable with each other. Curtis tries to put them back together, convinced that the two still have love for each other. Eventually they did, but not as lovers, but to smoothen the tension between them.

Fight against Prometheus

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When Thea and John leave Team Arrow, Oliver and Felicity remain as the only original members. Felicity is instrumental in persuading Oliver to recruit new team members, those being Rene Ramirez/Wild Dog and Evelyn Sharp/Artemis, as well as beginning the training of Curtis. She also has a new boyfriend : Detective Billy Malone.

However, when John returns from the Army in prison being falsely accused of killing another soldier and attempting to steal a bomb, Felicity begins to search the Dark Web in order to find a way to get John out of jail. While she was attempting to hack the N.S.A, Alena Whitlock noticed her. After Alena contacted Felicity via a terminal message, the two met up in real life. Alena gave Felicity a USB drive named "Pandora", which contained files she could use to exonerate John and incriminate General Walker, who had accused John.

She was also present during the Dominator Invasion, and alongside Cisco, Nate Heywood, Amaya Jiwe and Mick Rory. They travelled back to 1951 to the site of the Dominators' first incursion at Redmond. However, instead of letting the government capture one of the Dominators, they decided to let him go. However, this did not make the Dominators change their minds. Things ended up getting worse, and the team ended up having to fight the alien race.

Oliver is later tricked into killing Billy by Prometheus. While Oliver blames himself, Felicity tells him that it is not his fault and that it was Prometheus that did this. Oliver then leaves, and when he returns he finds Laurel seemingly alive and well. However, Felicity doesn't buy that Laurel is alive, and instead she plans a party to gain Laurel's DNA to see if it really is their Laurel. Upon seeing that the DNA matched, she couldn't make sense as to how Laurel was back until it's mentioned by Rory if Laurel could have an evil twin sister. Felicity figures out that the Laurel they had was not Earth-1 Laurel, but rather Black Siren, who had escaped Team Flash's pipeline with Prometheus' help. As she figures this out, Laurel enters the Arrowcave and overhears this. Dropping her act, she attacks Felicity and Rory. After Laurel mentions "how said it would be that she wouldn't be able to hear their screams", Oliver comes in and stops Laurel from killing them.

She begins to work with shady hacking "hactivist" organization known as Helix in order to find and stop Prometheus, which ultimately brings her into conflict with Oliver and the team when she aids Helix in freeing their leader, Cayden James, from an A.R.G.U.S. prison. While Oliver and her are arguing, Prometheus sets off an EMP, which completely fries all the electronics in the bunker and temporarily disables her spinal chip, which enables her to walk. This causes Felicity and Oliver to become trapped in the bunker. Felicity argues with Oliver that he doesn't trust her after she tells him not to go up the elevator shaft because Prometheus had rigged it and he ended up doing so anyways, ending up falling and getting impaled by bolts on the ground. She ends up helping him bandage the wounds. As they struggle to escape, they manage to resolve the problems standing in the way of their being together. The two decide to tentatively rekindle their romantic relationship. Following the explosion on Lian Yu in the season finale, Felicity's fate is unknown.

Oliver's imprisonment

Following Oliver's incarceration and Diaz's escape, Felicity and William are living away from Star City, under Witness Protection. Felicity is shown to be working as a barista. However, after Diaz attacks them in their home, the pair return to Star City. Felicity takes the decision to send William to a boarding school under Argus protection, she stays to assist in the pursuit of Diaz. Throughout the first half of the season, she works with a series of unlikely allies in her attempts to both bring Diaz to justice and to free Oliver from prison. She is reunited with Oliver following his release from prison.

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War against the Ninth Circle

When Oliver was first released from prison, he and Felicity had a strained relationship because of the fact that Felicity had tried to kill Diaz. But over time, Oliver began to understand that it was mainly his own fault Felicity was willing to go to extreme lengths to see Diaz dead, all the while claiming it's for the protection of her family. When William came back to Star City, she and Oliver bumped heads with him, after Felicity realized William was expelled from school. His grandparents demanded that he will live with them, away from Felicity and Oliver. The three defeated the Star City Slayer together, and afterwards they allowed William to go back to Central City if he wishes.

To protect her apartment Felicity created a security system, which identified people entering the apartment through their DNA, and she named it Archer. However, the program was stolen by the Ninth Circle.

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Leaving Team Arrow

After Team Arrow stopped the Ninth Circle from destroying Star City, Felicity and Oliver told the rest of the team they will be stepping down for a time in order to protect themselves from the Circle, as Emiko warned Oliver. Diggle brought them to an A.R.G.U.S. safehouse, and they settled there, living a peaceful and happy life for months. Felicity gave birth to her and Oliver's daughter, Mia, during this time.

One night, when she and Oliver were about to have dinner, they heard someone inside the house. Oliver grabbed a knife to confront the culprit, who turned out to be Mar Novu, the Monitor. Because of the deal Oliver had made with him, he had now come to get Oliver to help him prepare the world for the Crisis, that is coming. Felicity could hardly believe her ears, and finally came to see, that she and Oliver could never have a normal life, and was even more shocked, when Mar Novu told that Oliver is destined to die in the Crisis. He apologized to Felicity for not being able to prevent Oliver's death, but claimed that he can save countless others. Oliver says a hearty farewell to Felicity and Mia, with Felicity crying like never before, as she had to let go of the man she loved more than anything, and could do nothing to stop him, as the fate of the entire multiverse was at stake.[88]

Felicity remained in hiding with Mia, until the Crisis, with Oliver working every mission thinking of her.[89]

Anti-Monitor Crisis

During the Anti-Monitor Crisis, Felicity as well as everyone in the multiverse except for the seven Paragons, was killed in an antimatter wave by the Anti-Monitor on December 10, 2019,[90] only to be restored a month later, after the Paragons and her husband the Spectre created a new universe.[91]

New multiverse

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Felicity was called back by Team Arrow when William was kidnapped by John Byrne. She saw her grownup daughter, Mia Queen, from the future and initially chose not to meet her. Later, Felicity attended Oliver Queen's funeral and talked with Mia. Barry greeted her expressed sadness over not being able to save Oliver, but Felicity comforted him by highlighting that he did everything he could.[92] She raised William and Mia together unlike the previous timeline.[93]

After Armageddon was resolved, future Mia was convinced by Iris to contact Felicity so she could help in locating future William.[94]

New future

In 2040, just like in the original multiverse, Felicity met with Mar Novu at Oliver's grave who opened up a portal to the afterlife, where Felicity and Oliver spent their time together for eternity. They reunited in what seemed to be Queen Consolidated. Oliver revealed that he saw her there for the first time when he was secretly infiltrating his family's business.[92]

Erased future

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Future Felicity Smoak

Felicity Smoak in an erased future.

At some point in 2040, Felicity apparently turned herself into a criminal named "the Calculator" and was believed to be killed by an unknown person before Roy and William returned from Lian Yu. Later though, her daughter, confirmed that she is in fact, still alive.[95][96]

William, Mia and Connor infiltrated Galaxy One, which was a front for the Eden Corps, and freed Felicity, despite the fact she forbade her children to come look for her. With the assistance of Dinah, Roy, Zoe and Rene, they managed to find and stop the bombing of Star City, after Mia shot the control cube from Keven Dale. The plan of the bombing was that it would allow Galaxy One to implement Archer all over the city and beyond. Later, Felicity talked with Mia privately, and the two made amends, since Mia left Felicity after learning she was still a vigilante, something she despised, but on that day she realized the error of her view. Felicity then confessed that it's on her that the Galaxy One and the Glades rose through Archer, as it was she who created it.

Novu takes Felicity to Oliver

Felicity goes to reunite with Oliver

After destroying Archer, Felicity, Roy, and Dinah left Star City in the care of William, Mia, Connor, and Zoe. Later on, she met up with her children in front of Oliver's grave to bid them farewell, revealing that she made a promise to be with Oliver once William and Mia didn't need her protection. After a long embrace, Felicity walked down a path to be approached by Mar Novu, telling him that she was ready. Mar Novu warned her that there was no return from where she was going, but Felicity was certain, stating that she had waited a long time to reunite with Oliver. Mar Novu then opened up a portal to the afterlife, through which they both walked through.[97]

Rewritten reality

Felicity Smoak in the Doomworld reality

Felicity Smoak as a masked vigilante in the new reality.

In a rewritten reality created by the Legion of Doom using the Spear of Destiny, Felicity fought for Star City as a vigilante after Damien Darhk, who had become mayor, had the majority of Team Arrow and Team Flash killed. She was soon pursued by Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe, Darhk's henchwomen in this reality. After a brief fight between them, Felicity was captured and brought to City Hall. Standing before Darhk, she defiantly vowed to never stop fighting to protect her home. However, Darhk disagreed and ordered for her execution. Sara then snapped Felicity's neck, killing her instantly. Felicity's body was disposed of while her mask was taken by Darhk and placed with the collection of masks he kept as trophies from the other heroes and vigilantes he'd killed.[98]

Alternate reality

Team Arrow meets Oliver in alternate reality

Felicity and Diggle meet Oliver in the alternate reality.

In the alternate reality created by the Dominators, Felicity worked as tech support for John Diggle/The Hood and was engaged to Ray Palmer. One night, Oliver Queen stumbled into their base. Shocked, Felicity immediately alerted Diggle, who knocked him out. When Oliver came to, he attempted to introduce himself, only for Felicity to interrupt that everyone knew who he was. She wondered what Oliver was doing here, citing that his wedding to Laurel Lance is tomorrow. Diggle demanded that he leave until Oliver deduced the former's identity. Despite Felicity's protests, Diggle revealed himself and explained how he became a vigilante. Oliver then suddenly recognized Felicity, much to her confusion. He insisted that the situation wasn't right but they didn't believe him. The next night, Felicity attended Oliver and Laurel's wedding as Ray's plus-one, where she met Sara Lance, Laurel's sister. Felicity then briefly bumped into Oliver again as he planned to leave the reality.[99]


Possible future

In a possible future that Eobard Thawne hails from, Felicity is apparently not one of the several heroes remembered in the "Age of Heroes", despite the fact that Eobard is aware of her identity as Overwatch and Felicity has aided both Team Arrow and Team Flash over the years, implying that she did not make a mark in history.[100] However, considering that Thawne had previously stated he foresaw "great things" from Felicity,[20] it's most likely he was just saying this to play psychological warfare and as an intimidation tactic.


"And the old me was so angry at the world. That anger never accomplished anything, it just created more anger... and some seriously bad personal style choices."
—Felicity Smoak[src]
In Felicity's college years, much like Oliver, she was reckless and impulsive, yet kind, caring, selfless and moral. After her then-boyfriend, Cooper Seldon was arrested by the F.B.I. and (apparently) committed suicide before his sentencing, Felicity decided to change her ways, turning her into the responsible individual she is today.

"You can't just accept things, Oliver. If I had accepted my life, I would be a cocktail waitress in Vegas like my mother, and I never would have gone to college, and I never would have moved a thousand miles away to work at Queen Consolidated, and I never would have believed some crazy guy in a hood when he told me I could be more than just some I.T. girl."
—Felicity Smoak to Oliver Queen[src]

Felicity is an intelligent, ambitious, hard-working and tech-savvy individual who is extremely confident in her computer skills. Although she doesn't go looking for trouble, Felicity is also not one to back away from danger, particularly when there is a mystery waiting to be solved; for example, she accepted the task of investigating Moira Queen's apparent blank notebook, despite Walter Steele's warning that the last man who looked into his wife's affairs died suspiciously the next day. However, at the same time, Felicity also revealed a capacity for insecurity in regards to her position in the company, as seen when she assumed she was being fired after Walter called her up to his office.

Felicity is a patient and quite indulgent individual, as proven when she continued to use sarcasm to Oliver Queen's odd requests, despite the obvious lies he provided her with and the dubious and dangerous nature of the tasks he gave her (e.g. accessing the contents of a bullet-ridden laptop, finding the origin of an arrow, analyzing the contents of what he claimed was an "energy drink" stored in a syringe, and decrypting a security fob that contained plans to rob an armored car of Blackhawk Squad Protection Group).

Aside from Felicity's natural talents and developed skills, her most prominent attributes are her capacity for compassion, kindness and trust; it is these traits which allowed Oliver to trust her with the knowledge of his vigilante activities, as well as rely only on her promise that she would deliver him to his father's old factory after being shot, despite the risk of her alerting the authorities instead.

Felicity ultimately proved her worth by performing all Oliver had asked of her and then going beyond what he expected by helping John Diggle patch him up. Felicity stayed at Oliver's side until he recovered and, out of loyalty to the then-missing Walter, agreed to join the team to help locate her kidnapped employer. True to her tech-savvy nature, Felicity upgraded the Arrowcave's computers simply because Oliver's poorly set up system bugged her. She also helped him cover his tracks by hacking into the SCPD crime lab's computers and to order the destruction of Oliver's blood sample, which was collected by the police after he was shot by his mother.

Initially, Felicity didn't approve of Oliver's harsh methods, especially murdering criminals when necessary, however, they ultimately came to an understanding after stopping the Savior. Even though both Oliver and John sometimes have tried to prevent the need, Felicity has shown she is capable of handling herself in dangerous situations, having gone undercover in an illegal casino, infiltrated the Merlyn Global Group headquarters under the guise as a delivery girl and offered herself as bait to catch the Dollmaker.

Conversely, Felicity is portrayed as a jocular and socially-awkward nerd; she has a habit of babbling without censoring herself and usually does so using innuendos with sexual connotation. This is especially prevalent when she is nervous, particularly in the presence of high-authority figures (such as Walter Steele and Moira Queen) or those she finds attractive (like Oliver Queen and Barry Allen). Ray Palmer told her it was one of her more charming traits, and expressed hope that she would never stop doing this.

Felicity has a lot of respect for the Queen family, particularly for Robert Queen; due to how much good he had done for Star City, this reverence initially extended to the family's matriarch, Moira Queen, despite the fact that the two had little interaction with each other. However, this admiration quickly dissipated, after she discovered Moira's involvement in Walter Steele's kidnapping and the Undertaking respectively.

Even after Oliver gave Moira a second chance at redemption, Felicity still did not trust her and after discovering that Malcolm Merlyn was Thea's biological father, she tried to get Moira to tell the truth to Oliver and Thea; however, she is further disappointed when instead Moira attempts to emotionally manipulate Felicity; due to her romantic feelings for her son in order to prevent the reveal of Thea's true parentage. This ultimately backfires as Felicity revealed this truth to Oliver. Her stance was largely fueled by the knowledge that just as Moira's relationship with the children had been destroyed; due to her lies and manipulation, so to, she did not want to become like Moira.

Upon Moira's demise at the hands of Slade Wilson, Felicity did not mourn or grieve over her death, although she attended her funeral for Oliver's sake and even shed a few tears on his behalf as she knew the grief attached to the loss of a parent; albeit her own father was lost through abandonment instead of murder. Despite this, Felicity coldly stated to John that Moira was nothing more than a diabolical individual whom she had disliked since discovering her true nature, proving just how much respect she had lost for the Queen family's matriarch.

Felicity's trademark babbling often results in her feeling embarrassed, so she tries to backtrack and explain herself, which only contributes to her rambling, the exception to her embarrassment seems to be Barry, though neither of them seem to notice when she does it, in spite of her tendency to babble, Felicity isn't afraid to give voice to her opinions, and she always stands her ground unwavering when confident she's in the right; she was even willing to stand up to strong authority figures and leaders for what she believed was right, such as "Ra's al Ghul". She uses humour in any type of situation, especially darker ones where her comical, yet positive outlook on life usually relieves the tension. One of Felicity's strongest attributes is her ability to surprise those who underestimate her, such as Clinton Hogue, who initially scoffed at the idea of Felicity interrogating him or Slade Wilson, who thought Oliver "had a thing for stronger women", only for Felicity to be the ace in the hole in his own demise.

Felicity is very proud of her Jewish heritage, as she celebrates Hanukkah every year. As a result, Felicity is especially disgusted with Nazism, due to how her grandparents suffered in the Holocaust, as seen during the battle against Earth-X.

Felicity sometimes has a dark side when it comes to losing someone she cares about and will do anything to get back at whoever would hurt someone she loves, she will take matters into her own hands and act very authoritative on how she feels; this is seen after losing both Laurel Lance and Billy Malone.

Upon getting to know William Clayton, after Oliver asks Felicity to tutor his son, Felicity finds that she has a maternal side and comes to love William as if he is her own child. When Oliver is arrested in front of William by Samanda Watson; Felicity comforts William when his father is taken in and questioned. She came to occasionally refer to William as "My [her] "son."

Even in the earlier days of their working together, there was an obvious connection between Felicity and Oliver; Oliver later came to tell her that she was the first person he truly saw as a person since coming home rather than a potential threat, and remembered the color of the pen she was chewing on, much to her pleasant surprise. Despite their numerous disagreements working together, they came to love each other very much; even when Felicity was dating Ray, deep down she was still in love with him the whole time, even if she was not fully aware of it; her mother later told her that she knew this within seconds of meeting Oliver and seeing them together, saying that when he walked in Felicity "lit up like Christmas".

When Oliver and Felicity briefly moved to Ivy Town, Felicity still wanted to continue assisting Team Arrow, making excuses to Oliver to be alone to do so to prevent him from finding out. Although she loved being with him, she otherwise found civilian life boring and felt her work with the team gave her purpose (in her own words, she had a strong urge to gouge her eyes out when Oliver started exchanging cooking tips with the neighbors). Felicity felt guilty about this as she knows she and Oliver went away to get away from that life, but nonetheless expressed no regret over her actions, having missed the work they had done.

When Felicity is left unable to walk after being shot, courtesy of Damien Darhk, Felicity fell into self-pity, feeling that she was no longer any use to the team, her computer skills briefly suffering as a result; her insecurities (as a result of the prescription drugs she was taking) took the form of a hallucination of her younger self, who continually mocked her and reinforced her self-pity. However, with encouragement and time, Felicity started to return to her old self and regained her self-confidence.

Felicity did not like being kept in the dark from secrets and decisions she felt entitled to know about/be involved in, especially where Oliver was concerned as she strongly feels sharing is important in a healthy relationship. When Felicity found out that Oliver didn't tell her about her son, she became very angry with him and was in disbelief that he hid something that big from her; in reality, Oliver desperately wanted to tell her but promised his child's mother he wouldn't tell anyone about his existence, even Felicity, an explanation she didn't accept as she felt this suggested Oliver wasn't capable of leaning on her to help when things got complicated. When he left her out of the loop when asking Samantha to relocate herself and William to somewhere far away, Felicity's anger at him only got worse, enough so that she called off the engagement.

Despite the tension following this, Felicity was capable of being civil with Oliver and continuing to work together as part of Team Arrow, happy to hear from Oliver that she was still welcome to be part of the team despite calling off their engagement. Over the course of the next year, signs were there of a connection still present between them, and eventually the two rekindled their relationship, and soon after got married.

After Oliver sacrificed himself by going to prison to give the rest of Team Arrow immunity from the FBI, Felicity was forced to fend for herself for 7 months from Ricardo Diaz and his allies before being reuniting with her husband. This took a toll on her, causing Felicity to develop a more hardened personality and survival instincts, obsessing (in Oliver's eyes) over security systems and losing any qualms she might've once had over owning and using a gun. Felicity honestly believed her former self was weak and, when called out on her actions by Oliver, stated that she had only done what she had to do after her husband left them defenseless in his absence. In spite of what she had been through however, much of her bright, optimistic, and kindhearted personality persisted, with her and Oliver still bringing out the best in each other.

Felicity rarely expressed surprise when encountering and learning of things most people would not be capable of believing without seeing. She didn't treat or see Barry any different after he became a meta-human compared to before, expressing fascination at some of the powers that Team Flash faced in some of their adversaries. One of the few instances where she expressed shock was when she deduced that Cyrus Gold's muscle density was roughly equivalent to concrete as a result of Mirakuru, though she didn't let this put her off later when she acted as a Trojan horse in a plan to cure Slade Wilson. Parallel universes and doppelgängers similarly didn't concern her; she felt comfortable talking about it in casual conversation, once wondering in amusement to Barry about what Oliver's doppelganger would be like. When confronted by Oliver's doppelgänger from Earth-X, she treated him as a completely different person in spite of him looking like her soon-to-be husband, suggesting she knows better than to let herself form any kind of emotional attachment over complete strangers who happen to look like people she's close to.


"Felicity, you're one of the smartest people I know. I'm sure you'll think of something."
John Diggle to Felicity Smoak[src]
  • Genius-level intellect/Great business acumen/Expert tactician/Leader: With an IQ of 170,[2] Felicity has an exceptionally bright mind and is one of the most intelligent individuals in the multiverse. She is regarded as a child prodigy, able to engineer computers by the age of seven. Felicity graduated early from the esteemed Massachusetts Institute of Technology at the top of her class with a dual master's degree when she was only 19. Beyond her speciality in computers, she has demonstrated vast knowledge of other subjects, such as biology, chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, mathematics, history, and literature. Felicity has considerable knowledge in business, able to keep Oliver Queen on track at Queen Consolidated as his EA and tutor him in business management. Upon becoming the vice president of Palmer Technologies, she gradually became a skilled businesswoman able to successfully lead the billion-dollar conglomerate, so much so that Ray Palmer was willing to sign over the company to her. Felicity is experienced in founding and running her own company, as demonstrated with Helix Dynamics (later Smoak Technologies). As Overwatch, Felicity has proven to be a capable tactician and is able to occasionally lead missions. For example, she helped Team Arrow stop Shadowspire's attack on A.R.G.U.S., formulated a plan to rescue the captive Palmer Tech board members from Brie Larvan, led the new recruits into saving some ACU members from Tobias Church, and worked with Oliver to escape from an EMP-impacted Arrowcave. Eobard Thawne himself praised Felicity's brilliance and declared she would accomplish "great things" in science.[20]
    • Computer specialist/Master computer hacker: As an MIT graduate with a Master of Science in Cyber Security and Computer Sciences, Felicity is an immensely skilled computer specialist and hacker. She was acknowledged as the top I.T. specialist of Queen Consolidated, being recommended to assist Oliver and Walter Steele in their respective favors.[26] Felicity has been able to recover valuable information for Team Arrow on people, locations, and other things, once retrieving schematics of the Exchange Building from Floyd Lawton's bullet-ridden laptop. She has demonstrated the ability to hack into high-grade security data banks in places like A.R.G.U.S., S.T.A.R. Labs, the F.B.I.,[34] NSA, and CIA. Felicity was able to break through the Cobalt encryption on Guillermo Barerra's phone and decrypt a security fob of Blackhawk Squad Protection Group protected by military-grade cryptographic encryption security protocol (Paul Knox admitted that Felicity is the first person to ever manage the latter). However, she was unable to gain access to Merlyn Global Group's data unless directly in the building. Felicity can code complex algorithms and software for her vigilantism such as the X-axis bi-numeric algorithm, designed to infiltrate virtually any digital mainframe. She was able to hack into the US Treasury trucks' closed-end GPS undetected and discover the secret identities of three undercover IDND agents, which even experienced hackers Cooper Seldon and Curtis Holt were respectively unable to accomplish. Working with her father, Noah Kuttler, Felicity acquired control of Rubicon from H.I.V.E. and overrode its programming. Felicity's skills are considered to be at the highest level, as she was widely regarded and respected by Helix.
    • Master engineer: While not her main area of expertise, Felicity has proven to be an excellent engineer, as she built her own computers as a child. She was able to fix a defibrillator machine[5] and make a Palmer Tech elevator stop at the boardroom by manipulating their wiring.[101] Felicity revamped the Arrowcave and designed a custom-made bow for Oliver in his new crusade.[39] She was instrumental in helping Ray build his A.T.O.M. Exosuit, such as determining that he needed a quantum processor to power its beams, something even Ray had trouble figuring out.[102] Working together, Felicity and Curtis designed the Green Monster crossbow[16] and an implant to cure John Diggle's arm tremors.[103] She even upgraded the Canary Cry into the sonic bracelet.[104]
    • Master mathematician: From childhood, Felicity displayed an aptitude in math and is acknowledged by Team Arrow to be their most valuable asset in the subject. Because of her skill, she is an effective card counter, claiming that "it's all probability theory and mathematics".[14][105] Felicity also calculated the precise amount of time it would take for her to decrypt Adrian Chase's optic scrambler,[106] as well as the exact amount of power and angle of an explosive arrow needed to pry open a steam tunnel grate in the Arrowcave without igniting the leaking methane gas.[107] She even figured out how Malcolm Merlyn's ancient box puzzle could be solved using the Fibonacci sequence.[108]
    • Biochemistry/Forensics: Felicity was able to determine where the Vertigo drug was manufactured by performing a spectro-analysis of a sample.[32] Working with Barry Allen, she also investigated a crime scene at the Robert Queen Applied Sciences Center.[46] Felicity is capable of analyzing blood work, as shown when she tested Roy Harper's blood for residual Mirakuru.[70] She used an algorithm to do a forensic workup of Prometheus' shuriken and soon learned it was crafted from the same alloy as Oliver's arrows.[109] Felicity was able to run a DNA test and figure out that the new Green Arrow was Oliver's half-sister, Emiko Adachi.[110]
    • Dentistry: Felicity briefly wanted to become a dental hygienist and thus has at least basic knowledge in dentistry; she correctly determined that a dismembered Ghost tooth was an upper-left bicuspid.[78]
    • Skilled driver: Felicity is capable at driving cars and vans. As such, she is able to successfully ram vehicles into her opponents.[37][105]
    • Expert investigator: Felicity is a very sharp-minded and observant woman, making her a keen investigator; she was able to deduce Oliver's's identity as The Hood based on his favors' correlation with the vigilante's activities.[5] Felicity figured out The Dodger's modus operandi after studying his past thefts[33] and discovered the The Canary's connection to Laurel Lance upon realizing the vigilante was following the latter rather than the Arrow.[42] After tracing a wire payment Moira Queen made on Tempest to her daughter's obstetrician, Felicity connected this transaction to Moira's recent testimony of her affair with Malcolm Merlyn, leading her to realize that Thea Queen was Malcolm's biological daughter.[50] She even immediately saw through Earth-2 Laurel Lance's impersonation of her Earth-1 doppelgänger by picking up on the holes in her story and behavior (e.g. an inclination towards wine while Earth-1 Laurel was an alcoholic).[111]
    • Expert interrogator: Felicity can make her targets comply with Team Arrow's demands through her hacking capabilities. She blackmailed Clinton Hogue into revealing Sebastian Blood's point of attack in The Siege by threatening to drain his parents' retirement fund.[8] Felicity also coerced an executive of DetraLink DST into giving her access to the network carrier's system by threatening to reveal his failure to report terrorist activity in the network.[112]
    • Expert medic: Felicity has been trained in first aid by John, allowing her to stitch up wounds when needed.
  • Skilled hand-to-hand combatant: Felicity has received self-defense training from John and Oliver, making her capable protecting herself when the situation demands it. While Barton Mathis/The Dollmaker tried to kidnap her, Felicity managed to push him back once Oliver shot her captor with an arrow, though she was injured in the process.[41] Over the next couple years after more training, Felicity was able to disarm and knock out Cooper when he held her hostage,[6] kick back Jeremy Tell/Double Down,[78] and defeat a couple of H.I.V.E. prisoners. She even took down a Ghost before he could react[82] and knocked out a de-powered Earth-2 Laurel with a single punch after catching the latter off-guard, though jammed her wrist after.[111] Felicity was also able to subdue a few Earth-X Nazis[100] and managed to briefly fight off Ricardo Diaz when he attacked her, but was soundly overpowered.[113]
    • Basic stick-fighting: Felicity is adept in at least rudimentary stick-fighting, able to take down multiple H.I.V.E. prisoners using a metal pole with little struggle.[82]
    • Skilled markswoman: Felicity used a machine gun to fend off and eventually shoot Double Down.[78] Three years later, she had gained much more proficiency in using firearms, particularly handguns; using her personal sidearm, Felicity nearly killed Diaz[114] and defended herself from Frank Cassaday.[115]
  • Baking: Due to her knowledge in chemistry and physics, Felicity is great at baking pastries, such as cookies.[116]
  • Network: Felicity had some contacts at Queen Consolidated due to her branched-out work in the I.T. department. As the CEO of Palmer Technologies, she had access to the resources of a multi-billion dollar corporation until she was forcibly removed. During her time at Helix, Felicity had virtually universal resources for information gathering, which greatly surpassed her own, until she was let go by Cayden James.
  • Stealth: Felicity was able to sneak up on and knock out members of the New Reich without being noticed.
"I wouldn't be here if you hadn't been so brave."
Sara Lance[src]
  • Indomitable will/High pain tolerance: Felicity is a fearless, hardworking, and determined woman who rarely gives up. As a vigilante, she will stop at nothing to help her friends, especially when they're in danger; she once spent days together tracing Ray's distress call, with minimal rest.[11] When cornered by Cooper and Damien Darhk, Felicity adamantly refused to aid either foe in their respective agendas, only considering relenting when they threatened her mother, Donna Smoak, instead of her.[6][117] Felicity also risked her life to protect Kara Danvers from Dark Arrow and Eobard, refusing to give her friend up even when targeted for death.[100] Felicity can also tolerate great pain when needed; immediately after taking a bullet to the shoulder for Sara, she gathered the strength to upload a virus onto William Tockman's phone.[15] Felicity also barely flinched after being shot in the arm by Rene Ramirez when trying to protect Earth-2 Laurel.[116]

Alternate reality abilities

  • Peak of human physical condition: As a vigilante, Felicity was in top physical condition.
    • Acrobatics/Free running: Felicity was able to gracefully scale through obstacles and jump several feet from a railing while being pursued by Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe.[98]
  • Expert hand-to-hand combatant/Martial artist: As an active vigilante, Felicity was highly trained in close quarters combat, able to hold her own against Sara and Amaya for a time despite having a broken ankle.[98]


  • Paraplegic: After shootout caused by H.I.V.E.'s Ghosts, Felicity's spinal cord was permanently damaged, rendering her incapable of walking. However, with an implant created by Curtis Holt and several weeks of physical therapy, she was able to regain her mobility. As a result, though, Felicity is now vulnerable to electromagnetic pulses; when Adrian Chase set off an EMP in the Arrowcave, her implant shorted out, rendering her paraplegic once more until Curtis fixed it.[107]
  • Hacking: Due to Felicity's spinal implant, she is presumably vulnerable to hackers, who would be able to deactivate the device. This would render Felicity paraplegic again as well as cause severe, potentially life-threatening pain, as seen with Curtis hacking John Diggle's implant.[116]


Former equipment

  • X-axis bi-numeric algorithm: Felicity created this "super virus" to aid in her hacktivism at MIT, which allowed her to gain root access to virtually any digital server. After Cooper Seldon's apparent death, Felicity abandoned her hacktivist ways and stopped using the virus.
  • Pandora: Felicity was given this data cache by Alena Whitlock, which contained incriminating evidence against J.G. Walker. She continued to use Pandora's data to find leverage against her opponents until ending her affiliation with Helix.

Alternate reality equipment

  • Suit: In an alternate reality created by the Legion of Doom, Felicity wore a protective black and purple leather suit while fighting crime in her crusade against Damien Darhk. It would remain in her possession until her death at the hands of Darhk's two personal assassins, Sara Lance and Amaya Jiwe.
  • T-Spheres: In the Legion of Doom's alternate reality, Felicity utilized T-Spheres while fighting crime as a vigilante, which she used to try and fend off Sara and Amaya as they pursued her.



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Behind the scenes

  • In the original DC comics, Felicity Smoak was introduced as the manager of a computer software firm and eventually the antagonist-turned-stepmother of superhero Ronnie Raymond/Firestorm, serving as a supporting character. She had absolutely no connection with Oliver Queen/Green Arrow's storyline, unlike her Arrowverse counterpart.
    • In Arrow, Felicity is the step-mother of Oliver's son, William Clayton.
    • In "Home Invasion", Felicity revealed that she dyes her hair blonde. This is a nod to the original version of her character in the comics, who wasn't a blonde.
  • This Arrowverse version of Felicity Smoak shares many similarities with the Smallville character Chloe Sullivan, a freelance journalist/investigative reporter-turned-superhero mission coordinator who is Lois Lane's cousin and one of Clark Kent's closest friends. Much like Felicity, Chloe is an attractive blonde computer hacker who helped Oliver Queen coordinate his vigilante team on missions under the alias "Watchtower". She later retired and married Oliver, having a son with him.
  • Oliver once joked that he would've called Felicity "Oracle", but the name was taken.[23] This is a joking reference to the character Barbara Gordon, who goes by that codename in the DC comics. Similar to Felicity's role on Team Arrow, Barbara is a highly intelligent paraplegic hacker who acts as tech support for the Birds of Prey. The difference though, is that Barbara was originally Batgirl, a vigilante who fought actively on the field until her paralysis at the hands of Joker.
    • Felicity was briefly a field vigilante who used gadgets like Barbara in the temporarily altered reality in "Doomworld".
    • Felicity and Oliver's relationship mirrors that of Batman and Oracle in the comics.
    • In "Next of Kin"​​​​​, Felicity briefly considered naming her company "Oracle", another nod to Barbara.
  • Felicity is the only female character of Arrow to appear in every episode of Season 3, Season 5, Season 6, and Season 7.
  • Emily Bett Rickards was originally only intended to appear as Felicity in "Lone Gunmen"​​​​​​ as an Easter Egg. However, her scenes' positive reception prompted the producers to bring her back as a recurring character, and eventually series regular.
  • Due to the popularity of the character on the show, Andrew Kreisberg brought Felicity Smoak into the mainstream DC comics as part of the Green Arrow series in the New 52 starting from Issue 35 of their first series. In this version, Felicity's appearance is modeled after Rickards' portrayal of her on the show.[123] However, due to the change in writers after Issue 40, Felicity has disappeared from the series and not been seen since.
  • Felicity shares the same birthday with her actress, though was born two years earlier.


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