Felicity Smoak's house is the house that Felicity Smoak formerly resided in. It is located in Star City.


The apartment was bought by Felicity Smoak presumably at some point in 2009 when she moved to Starling City after graduating from MIT.[1]

In 2013, Oliver Queen left a note and several vases of flowers at the apartment as a thank-you gift to Felicity after her encounter with Ted Daniels.[2]

In March 2014, John Diggle staked out the apartment to watch over Felicity after Slade Wilson arrived in Starling City. Early in the morning, Felicity went outside to bring Diggle some hot cocoa and urged him to go home.[3]

A few months later on Clinton Hogue's orders, the Renegades broke into the apartment and kidnapped Felicity after she arrived home.[4] Shortly after, Oliver arrived at the apartment to find it a mess and Felicity missing.[5]

Felicity began tutoring Oliver in business management at her apartment as he worked to regain Queen Consolidated.[6]

In late 2014, Felicity did a brief morning workout in her apartment. As she was brushing her teeth, Ray Palmer paid Felicity a surprise visit to share his new idea for Palmer Technologies involving cogeneration. Shortly after, Felicity's mother Donna Smoak unexpectedly arrived. After Donna met Ray, Felicity immediately sent him away, promising to talk to him at work. Later, Felicity had Donna and Sara Diggle stay at her apartment while she worked with Team Arrow to stop Brother Eye. Sometime later, an A.R.G.U.S. agent picked up Sara from the apartment. That night, a few members of Brother Eye broke into the apartment and kidnapped Felicity and Donna on Cooper Seldon's orders.[7]

With Felicity and Oliver leaving the city[8] and later moving in together at Thea Queen's loft,[9] it is unknown who currently owns the apartment.

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