Felix Faust is a powerful wizard and an enemy of John Constantine.


According to Constantine, Felix Faust dedicated most of life learning black magic from the greatest magi of his generation, although Faust claimed to have invented the spells which brought renown to his teachers, and as such, he lived the remainder of his life in their shadow.

Faust met John Constantine sometime in the past, and in one instance lost his pocket money to Constantine during a poker game in Hell's Kitchen, New York. It was during such meetings that Constantine had though very little of the Faust, viewing the old man as a washed-up second rate magician. Subsequently, Faust bore a strong contempt for Constantine and saw him as fraud and con-artist who gave proper magicians a bad name.

In his twilight years, Faust had successfully created a spell that could remove human souls from their still-living bodies, a feat believed to be impossible up to that point, and decided to continue working for himself. Faust moved to New York City and established a base of operation inside a warehouse of the abandoned Haskins railroad yard just outside Brooklyn. From there he was able to use the spell and steal the souls of several inhabitants of the neighborhood, including Geraldine Chandler, daughter of Chas Chandler, Constantine's closest ally. Accompanied by Chas and Zed, Constantine approaches a local medium in locating the source of the stolen souls. The medium is killed by Faust before he could uncover the wizards lair, however Zed manages to locate it with the use of her own psychic powers. Arriving at Haskins railroad yard, Constantine confronted Faust in his own hideout but is incapable of stopping the wizard or risk having the captured souls destroyed. Faust proposes an agreement in which he would release Geraldine's soul in exchange for Constantine banishing a local soul-devouring demon back to Hell. John agrees to the wizards terms and sets out after the demon along with Zed. When the banishment fails and the demon risks eating Zed's soul, John is forced to kill it. Realizing that John failed to uphold his end of the bargain Faust refuses to release Geraldine.

In a desperate attempt to rescue his daughter, Chas offers up the thirty two souls trapped in his body. At first, Faust dismissed the offer until witnessing Chas slitting his own throat and subsequently coming back to life. He agrees to return the girl's soul back to her body and in return claim thirty two souls, including Chas's own soul. As the two are about to seal the agreement they are interrupted by Constantine who pleads Chas to bail on the agreement. Instead, the agreement proves to be a double-crosses as Chas ties his hand together with that of Faust using the magical Sinew of Achilles, then he pulls out a grenade from his back pocket and blows himself-up along with Faust. With the wizards's apparent death the hostage souls return to their bodies.

Powers and Abilities


  • Magic: Felix Faust is an accomplished wizard with vast knowledge in the field of black magic. According to himself, he had created a large assortment of powerful spells which brought fame to his masters.
    • Soul Stealing: Initially believed to be an impossibility, Felix Faust developed a curse that could steal a human's soul completely from a still living body. In order for the spell to have effect, Faust must be in close proximity of his victim and recite a Latin incantation which conjures up a gust of grey smoke which enters the body and removes the soul. The curse remains in affect for two days, time in which the victim's body falls into a catatonic state and their nose begins to bleed profusely. Breaking the curse requires the spell caster's death.
    • Cloaking Spell: Described by John Constantine as being a rather weak spell, Felix Faust used a spell that concealed his hideout, rendering the building invisible.
    • Telekinesis: Without having to recite any incantation Faust could easily use telekinesis on unsuspecting opponents by pointing his hand at them and then waving it in different positions. Opponents being controlled by the spell feel excruciating pain.
    • Pyrokinesis: With just a snap of his fingers, Faust was effortlessly able to cause a picture to ignite in flames.


  • Occult knowledge: As a sorcerer, Felix has vast knowledge of the occult.



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Background Information

  • In DC Comics, Felix Faust is one of the most powerful warlocks in the entire DC universe, often pinned against the Justice League and Justice League Dark. The character was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky in March of 1962, first appearing in Justice League of America #10, making him one of the oldest super-villains belonging to DC.
  • As his name and status as a sorcerer would suggest, Felix Faust is named after famed German folklore character Doctor Faust, an intellectual who sold his soul to the devil Mephistopheles to gain ultimate knowledge and satisfaction. Within the context of the comic books, the sorcerer christened himself after the legendary Doctor Faust and made pacts with devils in exchange for magical knowledge.
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