Ferris Airlines, simply known as Ferris Air, is an airline company based in Coast City.[1]


On Lian Yu, Edward Fyers locked missiles onto a Ferris Air jetliner, intending to shoot the plane out of the sky.[2] However, Oliver Queen was able to intercept the missiles and prevent them from hitting the plane.[3]

At some point, Ferris Air closed down its Air Testing Facility in Central City after one of its test pilots went missing.[4]



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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, Ferris Aircraft became Ferris Air after Carol Ferris' father, Carl Ferris, allowed her to become full owner. The company also employs Hal Jordan, better known as the superhero Green Lantern, who works as a test pilot and develops a romantic relationship with Carol.
  • Marc Guggenheim mentioned that the Ferris Air logo on the airliner is the same Ferris Air logo used in the Green Lantern film.
    • In "Rogue Air", Barry mentions that a test pilot of Ferris Air went missing, which is a reference to Hal Jordan.


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