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"Give me your velocity or your city pays. You have one hour. You are not fast enough to stop me. None of you are. Death will rain down on your city, Flash, unless you give me what I want. Choose wisely."
—Godspeed to Barry Allen[src]

An unnamed man from the future is the fifth mysterious Godspeed Team Flash has fought. Prior to his defeat, he was mistaken for the actual Godspeed.


This unnamed man from the future came to obtain a source of speed from Team Flash. This Godspeed returned to attack Barry and started stealing his speed before retreating because of Nash. He went on to steal the speed of the previous four clones, making himself much faster and stronger than Barry due to Barry's own depleting speed. He then demanded the Flash's speed and threatened to execute hostages to get it. The Flash saved the civilians and fought this Godspeed but he was too fast and powerful. He claimed the Flash didn't deserve the speed he was given but "we" did. Pied Piper showed up to help Flash defeat him.[1]

Upon being placed in Iron Heights, he was interrogated by the Flash. This individual told him that he was sent by another who wanted infinite velocity, but, before he could reveal more, his voice started to make the broken modem sounds like the previous Godspeeds did.[1]

Powers and abilities


"Now you will feel the real power of speed!"
  • Speed Force connection/Meta-human physiology: Like all speedsters, this Godspeed taps into the Speed Force to access a wide range of abilities, most notably gaining super speed. Notably, he still possesses the full use of his abilities despite the Speed Force being destroyed, hinting that possibly his powers come from a Velocity serum instead.[1]
    • Electrokinesis: Like August Heart, Godspeed produces white electricity from his body.[1] Godspeed later used his powers to create lightning storm.
    • Superhuman speed: The main superpower of all speedsters, Godspeed could generate large amounts of kinetic energy in his cells to allow for movement at incalculable speeds.[1]
    • Superhuman agility: Godspeed has demonstrated flawless coordination, equilibrium and dexterity.[1]
    • Superhuman durability: Godspeed fell onto a car from an incredible height and, though bloody, survived and was able to talk afterwards.[1]
    • Superhuman sonic scream: Godspeed has the power to channel his vibrational energy in order to blast a telekinetic wave of force at his opponents. He was able to use this ability to force Barry backwards, thus immobilizing him.
    • Speed Force Siphoning: Godspeed found a way to use the sonic booms he produces while running to allow him to siphon speed from other speedsters in order to bolster his own.[1]


  • Godspeed suit: The man wears a protective suit as his villainous alter-ego, Godspeed.[1]


  • He is the only Godspeed except the original to still be alive.


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