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"A good friend of mine told me that if you're going to try to fight fire with fire, you're gonna get burned, but then another friend of mine came through something pretty scary tonight because he had backup, a team."
Felicity Smoak to Alena Whitlock when joining Helix

"Fighting Fire With Fire" is the fifteenth episode of the fifth season of Arrow, and the one-hundred-seventh episode overall. It aired on March 1, 2017.



The scene opens with Ollie attempting to push through a room brimming with media on his way to his office. At the point when he, Thea, Quentin, and Dinah get inside, Thea says she's attempting to discover how it spilled. Oliver answers that it was Prometheus. Indeed, he says that on the off chance that he loses his office, Prometheus wins. Oliver rapidly chooses to come clean with the media, or possibly a form of reality. He likewise requests that Thea make things directly with Susan Williams. Chase strolls in and hands Oliver a letter of abdication, as he anticipates accepting any consequence for the concealment. Oliver will not take it, however Chase cautions him that a denunciation could follow soon.

Chase clarifies how the prosecution would function: city chamber takes a vote and larger part runs the show. Chase says that his leaving would be a simpler arrangement, however Oliver rather requests that Chase speak to him at the reprimand hearing as his lawyer.

In a flashback, Oliver and Anatoli are cornered, however Anatoli conjures a Bratva rule to keep them alive. Oliver doesn't comprehend what's happening, however Anatoli says he simply spared their lives...for several hours.

Curtis clarifies his new T-Spheres to Rene in the Arrow Cave while Oliver approaches Felicity for help with Susan, as she got Susan terminated. Felicity additionally reveals to Oliver that she figures Oliver will beat the prosecution hearing.

In the interim, Vigilante gets ready and focuses on Oliver Queen.

Oliver strolls into the denunciation hearing and sees Susan, who's currently beginning her own blog. The consultation (which is broadcast) starts. Felicity and the group watch back at the Arrow Cave. While Oliver accepts a call from his alienated dad, Felicity shows Pandora to Diggle. Diggle cautions that it could be utilized as a weapon whenever utilized inappropriately.

At the reprimand hearing, the coroner affirms that Chase requested that he conceal the passing. Commander Pike of the ACU additionally affirms about Queen's discussion with him last scene.

As they leave the meeting, Chase says he'll attempt to persuade a chamber part to approach Queen to affirm. At the point when they get in Oliver's limo, Thea proposes they guarantee Malone was degenerate, however Oliver closes her down. Vigilante assaults the limo, making it crash, however when he follows Oliver, Thea and Dinah moderate him down. Vigilante in the long run focuses on Oliver, however he hears the police and escapes.

In the fallout, Oliver has a blackout, however every other person is to some degree okay. Chase appears and persuades him to go into a clinic, while Thea goes to the Arrowcave to lead in the group in the chase for Vigilante. She likewise requests that Felicity go through Pandora to burrow soil on the councilperson thought to be the swing vote.

Oliver converses with Dr. Schwartz, who appears to know his way of life as Green Arrow. She says he can't leave the clinic for a couple of more hours and prescribes he converses with somebody pretty much all the detestable he faces every day.

Anatoli clarifies that he required a Bratva court of sorts, in spite of the fact that if Anatoli loses he bites the dust. Oliver says they have to discover proof that Kovar's arrangement with Gregor just advantages Gregor, so he leaves to discover said proof.

Dinah finds a piece of Vigilante's visor at the wrongdoing scene. She calls it in to Felicity and Curtis says he can utilize his T-Spheres to follow it. Curtis additionally notices to Rene that Paul asked him to supper.

Chase appears at the wrongdoing scene and takes the bit of Vigilante's visor from Dinah. Somewhat later, Prometheus assaults Vigilante and loses him a housetop. At the point when it's finished, Prometheus expels his cover and considers the police....revealing that he's ACTUALLY CHASE.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity enlightens Diggle regarding the earth she found on the councilperson. Diggle says that Felicity is losing her compassion, likely on account of Billy Malone's passing. Diggle cautions her that battling fire with fire will get her consumed.

Chase converses with Pike about Star City's vigilante issue, while Dinah swipes Vigilante's visor piece from the station.

Oliver goes up against Thea about the extortion, however Thea says it's simply governmental issues. Oliver cautions her, yet Thea appears to be determined to playing grimy to keep Oliver in office.

In a flashback, Oliver breaks into Kovar's home and discovers records on Kovar's PC.

Curtis utilizes his T-Spheres to follow effectively track Vigilante. Diggle and the remainder of the group turn out to discover Vigilante and bring him down for the last time.

Chase strolls into Oliver's office and says he can't get the city board to call Oliver to affirm. Chase says they need a symbol of atonement, so Oliver says to organize a public interview so they can blame....THE GREEN ARROW.

Curtis tracks Vigilante to a structure directly over the road from City Hall, where Oliver is going to give his question and answer session. They understand that Vigilante is intending to kill him. They call and caution Dinah, however Oliver proceeds with the question and answer session in any case. As Oliver starts his question and answer session, Diggle, Wild Dog, and Mr. Tremendous attempt to stop Vigilante. Vigilante gets the drop on him, yet Mr. Dynamite explodes one of his T-Spheres.

Oliver discloses to the press that he concealed Malone's homicide to keep the city from discovering that Green Arrow was a cop-executioner, since the city had lost such huge numbers of legends as of now. In the mean time, Vigilante shoots both Diggle and Wild Dog, however Mr. Spectacular explodes his second T-Sphere to take out Vigilante out. They stroll outside in the nick of time to hear Oliver require the police to discover and capture Green Arrow.

Susan at last goes to see Oliver and says she landed her position back. Susan says she'll stay discreet, however she gets hindered by Chase coming in to state that the board casted a ballot against impugning Oliver.

Oliver reveals to Thea the uplifting news, however he discovers that Thea is stopping as she's getting excessively profound into the political game. Thea turns in her abdication.

In the last flashback, Oliver shows up at the Bratva court to clarify that Gregor took kickbacks from Kovar. That turns enough Bratva against Gregor, however Kovar deceives them and starts shooting at Anatoli and the others.

Oliver tells the group that he's as yet the civic chairman, however Curtis leaves ahead of schedule to get together with Paul. In any case, when Curtis gets to supper, he discovers that Paul is separating from him.

Felicity meets with her programmer companion and consents to join Helix.

The scene closes with Chase standing up to Susan outside her vehicle and saying he has a "last chance" elite for her. That doesn't sound great, thinking about he's Prometheus what not.


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Preparation ran from December 12, 2016 until January 5, 2017. Shooting ran from January 6 until January 17, 2017.[1]


  • The title comes from a line Diggle told Felicity regarding her involvement with Helix and what Oliver told Thea about her involvement in dirty politics. Felicity acknowledges this line whilst talking with Alena.
  • After this episode, Thea isn't seen again until "Honor Thy Fathers", six episodes later.
  • The restaurant that Curtis and Paul meet up at is the same set for CC Jitters from The Flash.
  • The team tracks Vigilante to a building directly across from City Hall where Oliver is about to give a speech. Rene states, "It's Vigilante's book depository." When Felicity says the 6th floor is under renovation, Diggle realizes that's where Vigilante will be. These are references to the JFK assassination; Lee Harvey Oswald was also on the 6th floor of the Texas School Book Depository in when he shot Kennedy.


  • The team tracks Vigilante to the building across from City Hall, within hearing range, where Oliver is addressing the press. Vigilante fires on Team Arrow with an automatic weapon, multiple times, yet no one at the press conference reacts to the sound of gunfire.
  • A laptop wouldn't contain a bank transfer because the transfer information is kept on a bank's servers; it may be visible by logging in via an employee or client login to see the accounts, but is not actually kept on a laptop.
  • The dates on the bank transfers from the Bratva are for May 2016, yet the flashback is supposed to be in 2012.