Fiona "Fi" Byrne (died November 2018) was a good friend of J'onn J'onzz and the fiancée of the late Manchester Black. She ran group therapy sessions for aliens at Al's Dive Bar, which J'onn attended. Fiona was later captured by Agent Liberty, who sought to use her psychic powers for the Children of Liberty's anti-alien agenda. When the plan failed, Fiona was killed.


Early life

Fiona grew up on the planet Ikthanol but, later in her life, she left because of hate crimes acted upon her people and traveled to Earth.[1]

Fiona and Manchester.

At some point, Fiona met and fell in love with a man named Manchester Black in England and the two eventually got engaged.[2]

Helping aliens in National City

Fiona later traveled to National City and started her own group therapy sessions for aliens. She later met J'onn J'onzz and the two became good friends.

At one of her sessions, she asked one of the new aliens what brought him to her session and he showed her that he was using an image inducer. She then explained that he wasn't the only one who had purchased one. Dr. Rohan Vose argued if aliens should attempt to change themselves just to be accepted. To finish off the session, Fiona simply stated that all aliens did the best that they could.

At the next session, no one showed up due to Dr. Vose being attacked by Otis and Mercy Graves. When J'onn showed up he asked if he had gotten the time wrong but Fiona explained what had happened. She then asked him to join her in forming a group to defend themselves against citizens who wouldn't support aliens but he denied. As the two were talking, a large object crashed through the side of the bar and the two managed to get innocents out of the way. After J'onn later spoke to Supergirl, Fiona approached him and asked if she was always that stubborn.[1]

Capture and death

Fiona holding Manchester as she dies.

Fiona was somehow kidnapped by Agent Liberty and woke up in his lair. She spotted Liberty and Mercy Graves watching a news report about President Marsdin being an alien. She then asked Liberty who he was and he responded by stabbing her in the back and exclaiming that he was an agent of liberty. She then slumped over in her chair, unconscious.[1] She barely survived and was used by Ben Lockwood to enslave two aliens and forcing them to cause mass panic. While Manchester and J'onn were fighting one of the aliens she talked through him giving Manchester and J'onn a clue she was being used to accomplish Ben Lockwood's plan. Using his own telepathic powers J'onn managed to locate Fiona and they saw her as a mental vision she gave them clues as to where she was and what the children of liberty were up to. She was later found by J'onn and Manchester after they stopped Ben Lockwood's plan to use the two aliens to cause mass panic and harm to innocent people in a carnival, but quickly died soon after due to her injuries.[3]


Original multiverse


The Legacy Fiona had wasn't one she wanted since she was a woman of peace until her death, Manchester Black would wage war with the Children of Liberty, he would go at any lengths, which included making Supergirl an enemy when his war was threatening civilians, he would even form his team, The Elite, a group of human and alien terrorists. He would wage this war to avenge Fiona until his final confrontation with J'onn J'onzz. In a fit of irony, Ben Lockwood would lose his wife, Lydia; in a similar situation to what happened to Fiona.[4][5][6]

Ironic twist of fate

In another fit of irony, the son of the man who killed Fiona, George Lockwood, who would leave the Children of Liberty for good (after he becomes disillusioned and disgusted with the group's crusade against aliens) it would be George who would continue her work, and become a peacemaker between aliens and humans. Fiona's killer Ben Lockwood was brought to justice; this time for good, when Supergirl stopped him from killing aliens that were prisoners of Lex Luthor.


Fiona was a woman of peace as she would hold meetings with aliens and try to find peaceful ways to allow them to integrate with humans while they were living on Earth. She had a good friendship with J'onn J'onzz and deeply loved Manchester Black while the two were still engaged. However, she would use violence and force if she believed it was necessary as she had begun to create a secret group of aliens to protect other aliens from humans who weren't supportive of them.

Powers and abilities


  • Empath physiology: Due to her alien physiology, Fiona had telepathic powers that were exploited by Ben Lockwood during his war against aliens.[3]
    • Telepathy: Fiona was able to use her telepathy to talk through one of the aliens that she was controlling, and when J'onn used his own telepathic powers to find her she was able to connect to his mind and show herself as a mental vision to communicate with J'onn and Manchester.
      • Mind control: Fiona had the ability to control the minds of others as she was forced to control two aliens and make them attack humans as part of Ben Lockwood's plan to make humans more afraid of aliens.
    • Super durability: Fiona was very durable as she survived being stabbed in the back by Ben Lockwood albeit barely and she managed to stay alive while being used by Ben Lockwood but by the time J'onn and Manchester found her though it was too late to save her as she was already too weak from her wounds.



Season 4


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