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The Firestorm Matrix refers to the molecular and genetic makeup of the meta-human Firestorm, created as part of the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project and given life by the S.T.A.R. Labs particle accelerator explosion.


The Firestorm Matrix gives the participants a connection to one another, both mental and physical. When separated their bodies push them to join. When merged unwillingly, the result being an unstable merge, which over the course of several months, the two combines begin to reject each other, resulting in a massive nuclear explosion. When merged willingly, the merge results in a stable form of the two fusions. It seems that all forms of matter can be transmuted and changed. When Ronnie Raymond was dissolved in the particle accelerator explosion and collided with Martin Stein in his disembodied form, Stein's body transformed into that of Ronnie's with Stein's clothing transforming in size and shape to match Ronnie's figure, including Stein's wedding ring. When they were separated, Ronnie was in the clothes he was wearing when in the explosion. In addition, Stein was still wearing the clothing he wore when he was separated from Ronnie, as it was his body that was transformed into Ronnie's. While he wore these clothes, he also reappeared with glasses he was wearing when his body was transformed into Ronnie's, even though these glasses were seemingly destroyed upon their first merging. On both occasions, their clothing was damaged, burned, or torn by the great amount of energy it took to combine or separate them.[1]


When merged, Ronnie Raymond and Martin Stein are quantum spliced together and their atoms transmuted into one body. During this process, Ronnie's body is chosen. It was theorized by Eobard Thawne that this is relative to Darwinism, that nature will pick the strongest parts of something, Ronnie's body being the most youthful and strong of the two, and Martin Stein's mind being more experienced.[1]

Due to the nuclear nature of the transmutation of the two bodies, Firestorm is able to produce nuclear energy in the form of fire from parts of his body, specifically his head and hands as well as using the flames to propel himself into the sky.[2]

The Firestorm Matrix is possible to create with unwilling participants, but parts are normally mixed up, which causes a confused Firestorm, overloading the Matrix and causing the body to go nuclear, ultimately resulting in an explosion.[1]

Without being merged into two trans-mutated humans, its core took the form of a fiery, star like sphere the size of a basketball or large baseball. It could be drained of its energy by a transmuted human, leaving it a metal ball, though only two transmutated men merged into Firestorm can absorb the core's energy without being harmed.[3]

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  • In the DC comics, the Firestorm Matrix is relatively similar, but has a few key differences. The main part of the Matrix is during the merging of two people, during which they explode in a Firestorm-like fashion. This is actually seen on The Flash, but only when Firestorm separates its unwilling participants. Once the two separate, they retain the information of their time as Firestorm, but it's locked away until the next time they re-merge.