The Firestorm Matrix cure is a serum that was designed by Cisco Ramon and Harry Wells to sever Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson's connection to the Firestorm Matrix.


When the Legends returned to 2017 to attend Barry Allen and Iris West's wedding, Cisco Ramon and Harry Wells developed a serum that allowed Martin Stein to sever the connection between himself and Jefferson Jackson.[1]

Jefferson did not want to take the cure since he did not want to leave Martin, who intended to retire from the Legends to care for his grandson.

After Martin was shot and fatally injured by Nazis of the New Reich from Earth-X, he asked Jefferson to give him the serum to separate their bodies' physiologies, since the connection would eventually kill Jefferson too. In doing so, Martin died while Jefferson lived.[2]


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The serum was designed to deceive the Firestorm Matrix by making it look like Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson were connected when they actually weren't, permanently severing their connection.



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