The Firestorm suit is a protective suit used by Martin Stein and Jefferson Jackson as Firestorm.


It appears that in the intervening time between when they left for Pittsburgh and when they joined with Rip Hunter, Jax and Stein have started wearing a suit while merged as Firestorm. The suit contains a color scheme for bright yellow and orange and still includes the splicer on the chest. It is unknown at this time where the suit came from or what it is made of, since it only appears when the two are merged.


  • Heat resistance: As Firestorm's main power revolves around fire, the suit is heat resistant to prevent it from burning. The suit can survive the immense heat of a nuclear explosion (15 million degrees Fahrenheit).

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  • It appears that Jax no longer has to put the Quantum splicer on his chest before merging as it is already built into the suit.
  • The Quantum Splicer has also apparently became a logo for Firestorm.

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