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An unnamed individual from the future was the first mysterious Godspeed Team Flash has fought.


Original multiverse

Sometime between May and September 2019, an unnamed man dressed in a Godspeed suit appeared and threatened Central City, coming to the attention of Team Flash. When captured by the Flash, this person did not have the ability to speak, but created a high-pitched sound. Cisco Ramon did know however that he was named Godspeed and was from the future.[1] He was imprisoned in Iron Heights.[2]

New multiverse


While imprisoned in Iron Heights, this unnamed man was killed, along with three other persons all wearing the Godspeed suit, by another version of Godspeed who absorbed his speed. Cisco Ramon saw a picture of his corpse.[2]


  • Godspeed suit: The man wears a protective suit as his villainous alter-ego, Godspeed.[2]


The Flash

Season 6


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