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"Good morning, Central City! A year ago, our world changed. Our city became ground zero for... some pretty weird stuff. We got a new breed of criminal: Men and women who defied not only our laws, but physics and reason. But we got something else, too. We got the Flash! Our wounds run deep, and I know many of you are afraid of what threats tomorrow may bring. But the Flash doesn't just protect us, he restores hope where it was lost. That's why I'm honored to present the key to the man who saved Central City: The Flash!"
Anthony Bellows[src]

Flash Day was an event celebrated in Central City as tribute to its hero, the Flash to commemorate his heroic acts.


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After the Singularity was closed by Ronnie Raymond's death upon using the explosive force of Firestorm separating to close it, the citizens misattributed his heroic sacrifice to the Flash, whom was seen leaving the closing anomaly (with the surviving Martin Stein).

In response, Central City decided to honor the Flash for the deed along with year-long heroics by giving him the key to the city. However, the Flash nearly didn't attend, since it was wrong to accept praise for a deed he didn't do.

Celebration was interrupted by a meta named Atom Smasher under Zoom's command. However, Atom Smasher was later defeated by the Flash.[1]


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