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"Okay, so, Jay, how exactly do you know all of this?"
"Where I came from, I was a speedster like you. They called me The Flash."
Barry Allen and Jay Garrick

"Flash of Two Worlds" is the second episode of the second season of The Flash, and the twenty-fifth episode overall. It aired on October 13, 2015.




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The episode picks up where the last left off. Jay Garrick addresses everyone by name, telling them that he has been keeping an eye on them. Jay claims that he is from a different universe, and in that universe he is The Flash.

In his own reality, Jay as The Flash battles another Speedster, Zoom. Zoom has won, and is about to kill Jay when the Singularity from Barry's reality opens over them. First Jay's winged head protector is sucked in, and then Jay as well. On Barry's Earth, Jay has lost his speed, and has spent the last six months attempting to piece together what occurred. Barry is doubtful, and demands that they test Jay.

In another part of Central City, a breach opens. Zoom comes through, carrying a man with him. Zoom tells the man that to return home, first he needs to execute The Flash.

Caitlin performs tests on Jay, and asks about how he turned into the Flash. Jay explains that he was struck by a flash light in his lab before falling into a coma. Caitlin seems impressed to learn that in his universe, Jay is a scientist.

Cisco, Stein, Iris, and Joe discuss the idea of a Multiverse. Iris and Joe are confused, and Stein draws out his theory, naming their reality Earth-1 and Jay's Earth-2. Stein is additionally worried about a breach existing between the universes.

Caitlin reports that she has no verification that Jay is a speedster. However, she also gave Jay a lie detector test, and he passed. Barry's is still unable to trust Jay.

At the police station, Joe ignores a call just as he is approached by Patty Spivot. She is a rookie who wants to join the metahuman task force, despite the fact that every other person quit and Joe's last two partners died. Joe turns her down.


Patty Spivot.

Barry locks Jay in a cell in the Pipeline. Jay tells Barry that he will need help to defeat Zoom. They are interrupted by a call from Cisco, who tells Barry there is a fire. Barry speeds off.

The Flash extinguishes the fire and is going to leave when he is assaulted by a mass of sand. The sand assembles and transforms into the man Zoom brought through the penetrate before. The Flash attempts to battle him, however every time he conveys a blow, that piece of the man goes to sand and is safe. The Flash needs to flee.

Barry and Joe examine the area of the fire. Barry can't find anything to identify a new metahuman, but Patty appears and tells them she discovered something. On meeting Barry, Patty tells him she is a big fan of Barry and his criminological reports, telling him she has read them all. She gives Barry the sand she collected as evidence, expecting to impress Joe. Joe again refuses to allow her on the taskforce.

Jay runs on the S.T.A.R. Labs treadmill, at an extremely typical speed. Caitlin is obviously somewhat attracted to Jay. Cisco begins to look at the sand Barry brought, and Jay clarifies that it is human cells. He calls the meta-human Sand Demon. He offers to help stop him, as they have fought before, but Barry still doesn't trust Jay and takes back to his cell.

In a small science lab set up for Cisco and Stein, Stein figures they can scan for the wormhole among universes (and along these lines demonstrate Jay's story) by searching for intriguing issue. Cisco realizes how to take photos of the extraordinary issue and tells Stein where to get a piece of hardware they need. After Stein leaves, Cisco begins to analyze the sand; suddenly he has a vision of the prior battle between Barry and Sand Demon. Cisco is clearly disturbed by these vision.

Joe observes Eddie Slick, otherwise known as Sand Demon. He calls Barry and tells him that he's discovered the arsonist. Barry asks where they are, but Slick notices Joe. A chase ensues, and Patty arrives and catches Slick, having been tracking him as well. She asks again to be on the team.

Joe interrogates Slick, confronting him with his prior history of setting fires, but Slick denies setting this fire. Joe tells him that Iron Heights is currently prepared to hold meta-humans, but Slick denies being a meta-human. Joe asks where Slick was the day of the particle accelerator accident- Slick was in prison in another city.

While watching the cross examination, Patty and Barry bond over Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Barry offers to recommend Patty to Joe for the team.

Slick's alibi checks out, and Joe wonders if the Sand-Demon they saw a doppelganger from Earth-2.

At S.T.A.R. Labs, Barry is still refusing to listen to Jay, and Iris asks to see Barry alone. Iris tells Barry that he's acting like another person now, one with significant trust issues. Barry confesses that Jay reminds him of Wells, who had Barry's trust before betraying them. Iris reminds him that they beat Wells because the group confided in one another, and Barry needs to have confidence in the group.

At the Police Station, Joe and Patty release Slick. Joe asks why Patty wants to be on the team so badly. Slick returns, but this time it is Sand Demon, who knocks Joe out. Patty attempts to shoot him, however the bullets go through the sand. Slick kidnaps Patty.

Barry goes to Jay and tells him Sand Demon seized a cop. He finally asks for Jay's assistance. Jay tells the group that Sand Demon will be somewhere damp, otherwise he will crumble. He tells Barry that if they can hit him with lightning, it will turn the sand to glass. Jay knows how to shoot lightning, and agrees to teach Barry.

In the corridor, Barry comforts Joe, who blames himself for Patty's kidnapping.

Sand Demon ties Patty to a seat in a clammy abandoned building. She trusts The Flash will stop him, which Sand Demon is counting on He is is making a concussive bomb. Patty attempts to distract him by telling him he's not extraordinary, but it doesn't work.

Back at S.T.A.R Labs, Jay, Caitlin, Cisco, and Stein can't figure out where Sand Demon is. Cisco excuses himself and goes to his and Stein's lab. He touches the sand, hoping to see where Sand Demon is. It works, and Cisco sees the previous conversation between Patty and Sand Demon. He sees the name of the building and the bomb.

Jay tries to teach Barry to direct lightning, but Barry struggles with the technique. Jay mentors him, telling him that for once, he needs to slow down and let the energy roll over him.

Cisco and Stein enter and Cisco reveals Sand Demon's location, but lies about how he knows. He additionally makes reference to the bomb, implying that it is just a hypothesis. Since Jay has battled the Sand Demon previously, they want him to be a distraction, since Sand Demon won't know he lost his speed. Jay agrees, saying he has his Flash ensemble, except his helmet. Cisco gives Jay the winged helmet they found the day the singularity opened, and Jay puts it on. He tells them his dad wore the helmet in the War of the Americas, which Cisco exclaims makes his head hurt to think about.

The bomb is finished, and under Patty's seat. Sand Demon hears a speedster run in, and afterward sees Jay, dressed as the Earth-2 Flash. Sand Demon and Jay battle, and is immediately clear that Jay lost his speed.

Barry hurls lightling toward Eddie Slick

The Flash hurls lightning toward Sand Demon.

Barry exploits Sand Demon's distraction to save Patty, however the blast catches them. Sand Demon, excited to get the chance to murder the two Flashes, gets Jay by the throat. Barry is able to throw the lightning directly at Sand Demon, who turns to glass and breaks on the ground.

Barry checks on Jay, who is alright. Patty asks for the Flash, and the two of them answer and run to her.

Back at S.T.A.R. Labs, Caitlin wraps Jay's injuries. He admits that losing his speed is worse than he suspected. Caitlin talks with him about misfortune getting simpler. They just need to find another approach to life. She considers him a legend.

Barry comes to apologize to Jay and thank him. Jay warns him that Zoom wants to be the only speedster on any world.

At the police headquarters, Joe tells Patty he looked her up, asking about her relationship with Mark Mardon. Patty says that a couple of months before the particle accelerator detonated, the Mardon siblings ransacked a bank. Mardon killed her dad for two or three hundred dollars. She tells him that Killers got super powers, and she needs to fight that. Joe tells her she starts the team Monday.

A woman walks off the elevator and approaches Joe. Upset, he asks why she is there. She tells him that he wouldn't answer her calls, so she came to see him. She wants to know about their little girl.

Stein approaches Cisco in their lab. He doesn't believe Cisco's is just having hunches. Cisco admits to Stein that since Wells killed him in the other timeline, he gets "vibes" and sees things that as recently occurred. Stein wants to investigate this force, but Cisco just wants it to stop. Stein promises to keep it a secret.

Cisco and Stein tell the team that there are 52 breaks between universes, with the largest break at S.T.A.R. Labs. Stein suddenly collapses onto the floor.

At a different, futuristic version of S.T.A.R. Labs, a group of kids are on a tour. The guide lists S.T.A.R Lab's many achievements. The guide suddenly gets very excited, and Harrison Wells approaches them, saying "Hello kids."




  • The episode is named after the iconic story of the same name published in September 1961, featuring the first crossover between the Barry Allen and Jay Garrick iterations of The Flash.
    • After Sand Demon is defeated, Patty Spivot calls for the Flash. Both Barry and Jay say, "I'm coming" and run towards her with a brick pillar in the middle of them, re-creating the cover of the comic.
  • After vibing for one of his first times, Cisco asks, "What's happening to me?". This is the same thing that Barry said after using his super speed for the first time.
  • Joe contacts his colleague, Jimmy, to corroborate Eddie Slick's alibi that he was in Blackgate Penitentiary at the time of the particle accelerator explosion. Given that Blackgate is traditionally located in Gotham City, one would assume "Jimmy" is a reference to Commissioner James Gordon of the Batman mythos.
  • Stein suggests that on Earth-2, Joe West's doppelgänger might be a Nobel Prize-winning physicist like his comic counterpart, Ira West, Iris' adoptive father.
  • Cisco says there are 52 dimensional breaches, likely a reference to the 52 parallel Earths in DC Comics, which are part of the New 52 continuity.
  • A fire truck appears in this episode with the number 52 on the side, another reference to the New 52.
  • Cisco and Caitlin watch the TV where Oliver Queen broadcasts his new identity as the Green Arrow to Star City, which took place at the end of "Green Arrow".
  • The Woodrue greenhouse facility where Patty is held captive could be a reference to Dr. Jason Woodrue, a botanist in the DC comics who is responsible for the creation of Poison Ivy and later becomes the supervillain Floronic Man.


  • As a detective, Joe would not have the authority to promote Patty, a fellow police officer. This must be accomplished by a chief or captain and possibly not without the achievement of a specific goal by the officer in question, depending on the police force and its rules.