The Flash ring is a ring owned by Barry Allen that is used to store his Flash suit. It bears a lightning bolt symbol similar to the one sported on the chest piece of the Flash suit.


In a possible future timeline, Ryan Choi designed and created the fifth Flash suit. The suit was made to be stored inside the Flash ring. Both creations eventually ended up in the Flash Museum.[1]

Around 2049, the ring was taken by Nora West-Allen, who gave it to her father, Barry Allen, when she traveled back to 2018. Barry then began using the suit that was stored inside the ring when he operated in the field as the Flash.[2] Cisco Ramon initially had trouble figuring out how to get the suit to return into the ring,[3] but he eventually succeeded.[4]

New multiverse

Barry decides to disobey Amunet Black's order about following her in a "onesie" and pulls out his Flash ring; "Iris" sees the ring and reminds Barry of the order, to his dislike that the Flash suit was called that.[5]


  • Storage: The Flash ring acts as a storage unit for the sixteenth iteration of the Flash suit, instead of "having to carry around a bag all the time". It is unknown how the ring achieves this, though it's possible that it uses some form of nanites/nano/micro-technology as past conversations on the development of such a ring would likely use such. It was later used to store the fifth iteration of the suit.


The Flash

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Behind the scenes

  • In the DC comics, the Flash's costume ring allows a speedster to conceal their costume and quickly change in/out of their suit. It was used by Barry Allen and his grandson, Bart Allen.
    • In the comics The Flash (Volume 1) #259, The Flash has shown the ability to vibrate and compress his molecules to actually hide himself inside of the ring when the situation calls for it.


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