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A flechette (French for "dart") is a metallic projectile with a sharp tip, very similar to an arrow but with a smaller size. It is used by Oliver Queen/Green Arrow as a kind of knife, being used to cut ropes and other materials. Flechettes can also be thrown in order to disarm or neutralize distant targets. Oliver carries a number of them in his left gauntlet, and one in a holster on his right leg. Flechettes are one of his signature weapons and, similar to his arrows, comes in a variety of types.

Known types of flechettes[]

  • Tranquilizer flechette: This type of flechette acts as a tranquilizer. When applied to the neck of a target, it causes the victim to faint and become unconscious for 36 minutes. Used in several episodes, including by John Diggle in "Darkness on the Edge of Town".
  • Smoke flechette: This type has a device that releases a strong puff of smoke after exploding. Oliver used one in "Identity" to distract and escape the police. He also used this flechette to get away from the police when fighting Bronze Tiger.
  • Immediate nerve sever: This flechette is used to block the nerve. Oliver used this to stop the Dodger from detonating a bomb collar he placed on Felicity Smoak.

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  • Oliver's normal flechettes use a modified Slick Trick Grizztrick 2 broadhead.[1]