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"You don't have to do this, Lawton."
"We're partners, right? You've always had my back, and I've got yours.
Iris West-Allen and Floyd Lawton[src]

Floyd Lawton, mockingly nicknamed Deadshot, is a police detective of the Central City Police Department on Earth-2. He is the partner of Iris West-Allen.


At some point, Floyd Lawton became a police officer at Central City Police Department of Earth-2. He rose through the ranks of police, despite his low proficiency with firearms, eventually becoming a detective and a loyal partner of Iris West-Allen. During the temporary return of Harry Wells to Earth-2, hunted by Zoom, Floyd was met at the police station by the dimension-traveling Barry Allen, who, for a moment, confused Floyd for his Earth-1 doppelgänger, calling him "Deadshot". Floyd was not amused and chastised Barry for calling him that embarrassing nickname.

Reverb blasts Floyd Lawton.

After Killer Frost and Deathstorm killed Joseph West, Lawton followed Detective West-Allen to help apprehend them. After Cisco Ramon met his doppelgänger, Floyd attempted to shoot Reverb, but missed him with every shot. He was attacked by Reverb's powers in return and thrown into a pile of metal pipes.[1]


"That's not funny, Allen. I hate that nickname. Okay, look, I know I'm not... I'm not the best shot in the department, but..."
Barry Allen and Floyd Lawton[src]

Unlike his ruthless and professional Earth-1 counterpart, Lawton is shown to be incredibly insecure and clumsy to the point that he is nicknamed "Deadshot" out of irony for his poor marksmanship. This was a stark contrast to his Earth-1 counterpart, who was nicknamed "Deadshot" because he never misses. Despite his weak performance, Lawton is shown to be a very loyal teammate and dedicated to his job.


"Oh, and just for the record, my marksmanship proficiency ratings went up by two points last month. All right? Two points."
—Floyd Lawton[src]
  • Keen intellect/Skilled detective: As a police detective, Floyd is a capable partner of Iris West-Allen, helping her to track down Killer Frost and Deathstorm.
  • Basic marksmanship: Floyd knows how to fire a gun, but his marksmanship is incredibly poor, a stark contrast to his alternate self from Earth-1. Although Floyd improved his original results by two percent, he nervously missed every shot he fired at Reverb.


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Behind the scenes

  • He is the first doppelgänger of an Arrow character that has appeared on The Flash.